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emacs-academic-phrases 0.1-1.0823ed8 — Bypass that mental block when writing your papers

When writing your academic paper, you might get stuck trying to find the right phrase that captures your intention. This package tries to alleviate that problem by presenting you with a list of phrases organized by the topic or by the paper section that you are writing. This package has around 600 phrases so far.

Using this package is easy, just call academic-phrases to get a list of phrases organized by topic, or call academic-phrases-by-section to browse the phrases by the paper section and fill-in the blanks if required.

emacs-ace-window 0.9.0 — Quickly switch windows in Emacs

ace-window is meant to replace other-window. In fact, when there are only two windows present, other-window is called. If there are more, each window will have its first character highlighted. Pressing that character will switch to that window.

emacs-adaptive-wrap 0.5.1 — Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix

This Emacs package provides the adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode minor mode which sets the wrap-prefix property on the fly so that single-long-line paragraphs get word-wrapped in a way similar to what you'd get with M-q using adaptive-fill-mode, but without actually changing the buffer's text.

emacs-add-hooks 3.1.1 — Emacs function for setting multiple hooks

This package provides a add-hooks function tidies up duplicate hook and function names further into a single declarative call.

emacs-adoc-mode 0.6.6 — AsciiDoc mode for Emacs

This package provides an Emacs major mode for editing AsciiDoc files. It focuses on highlighting the document to improve readability.

emacs-ag 0.47 — Front-end for ag (the-silver-searcher) for Emacs

This package provides the ability to use the silver searcher, a code searching tool, sometimes abbreviated to ag. Features include version control system awareness, use of Perl compatible regular expressions, editing the search results directly and searching file names rather than the contents of files.

emacs-agda2-mode — Emacs mode for Agda

This Emacs mode enables interactive development with Agda. It also aids the input of Unicode characters.

emacs-aggressive-indent 1.8.3 — Minor mode to aggressively keep your code always indented

aggressive-indent-mode is a minor mode that keeps your code always indented. It reindents after every change, making it more reliable than electric-indent-mode.

emacs-ahungry-theme 1.10.0 — Ahungry color theme for Emacs

Ahungry theme for Emacs provides bright and bold colors. If you load it from a terminal, you will be able to make use of the transparent background. If you load it from a GUI, it will default to a dark background.

emacs-alect-themes 0.9 — Low contrast, light, dark and black color theme for Emacs

emacs-alect-themes provides configurable light, dark and black color themes for Emacs. The themes are intended to be used with GUI.

emacs-alert 1.2 — Growl-style notification system for Emacs

Alert is a Growl-workalike for Emacs which uses a common notification interface and multiple, selectable "styles", whose use is fully customizable by the user.

emacs-all-the-icons 3.2.0 — Collect icon fonts and propertize them within Emacs

All-the-icons is a utility package to collect various icon fonts and propertize them within Emacs. Icon fonts allow you to propertize and format icons the same way you would normal text. This enables things such as better scaling of and anti aliasing of the icons.

emacs-amx 3.2 — Alternative interface for M-x

Amx is an alternative interface for M-x in Emacs. It provides several enhancements over the ordinary execute-extended-command, such as prioritizing your most-used commands in the completion list and showing keyboard shortcuts, and it supports several completion systems for selecting commands, such as ido and ivy.

emacs-anaphora 1.0.4 — Anaphoric expressions for Emacs Lisp

emacs-anaphora implements anaphoric expressions for Emacs Lisp.

Anaphoric expressions implicitly create one or more temporary variables which can be referred to during the expression. This technique can improve clarity in certain cases. It also enables recursion for anonymous functions.

emacs-ansi 0.4.1 — Convert strings to ANSI

emacs-ansi defines functions that turns simple strings to ANSI strings. Turning a string into an ANSI string can be to add color to a text, add color in the background of a text or adding a style, such as bold, underscore or italic.

emacs-ansible-doc 0.4-1.86083a7 — Ansible documentation for Emacs

This package provides an Ansible documentation for GNU Emacs.

ansible-doc allows you to view the documentation of an Ansible module and ansible-doc-mode minor mode adds documentation lookup to YAML Mode. You could enable the mode with (add-hook 'yaml-mode-hook #'ansible-doc-mode).

emacs-anzu 0.62 — Show number of matches in mode-line while searching

Anzu provides a minor mode which displays "current match/total matches" in the mode line in various search modes. This is an Emacs port of Anzu.zim.

emacs-arduino-mode 0-0.3e2bad4 — Emacs major mode for editing Arduino sketches

Emacs major mode for editing Arduino sketches.

emacs-async 1.9.3 — Asynchronous processing in Emacs

This package provides the ability to call asynchronous functions and processes. For example, it can be used to run dired commands (for copying, moving, etc.) asynchronously using dired-async-mode. Also it is used as a library for other Emacs packages.

emacs-atom-one-dark-theme 0.4.0-0.1f1185b — Atom One Dark color theme for Emacs

An Emacs port of the Atom One Dark theme from

emacs-auctex 12.1.0 — Integrated environment for TeX

This is a GNU package.

AUCTeX is a comprehensive customizable integrated environment for writing input files for TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, Texinfo, and docTeX using Emacs or XEmacs.

emacs-auto-complete 1.5.1 — Intelligent auto-completion extension for Emacs

Auto-Complete is an intelligent auto-completion extension for Emacs. It extends the standard Emacs completion interface and provides an environment that allows users to concentrate more on their own work. Its features are: a visual interface, reduce overhead of completion by using statistic method, extensibility.

emacs-auto-yasnippet 0.3.0-1.d1ccfea — Quickly create disposable yasnippets

This package provides a hybrid of keyboard macros and yasnippet. You create the snippet on the go, usually to be used just in the one place. It's fast, because you're not leaving the current buffer, and all you do is enter the code you'd enter anyway, just placing ~ where you'd like yasnippet fields and mirrors to be.

emacs-autothemer 0.2.2 — Conveniently create Emacs themes

Autothemer provides a thin layer on top of deftheme and custom-theme-set-faces that creates a new custom color theme, based on a set of simplified face specifications and a user-supplied color palette

emacs-avy 0.4.0 — Tree-based completion for Emacs

This package provides a generic completion method based on building a balanced decision tree with each candidate being a leaf. To traverse the tree from the root to a desired leaf, typically a sequence of read-key can be used.

In order for read-key to make sense, the tree needs to be visualized appropriately, with a character at each branch node. So this completion method works only for things that you can see on your screen, all at once, such as the positions of characters, words, line beginnings, links, or windows.

emacs-base16-theme 2.1 — Base16 color themes for Emacs

Base16 provides carefully chosen syntax highlighting and a default set of sixteen colors suitable for a wide range of applications. Base16 is not a single theme but a set of guidelines with numerous implementations.

emacs-bash-completion 2.1.0 — Bash completion for the shell buffer

bash-completion defines dynamic completion hooks for shell-mode and shell-command prompts that are based on Bash completion.

emacs-bbdb 3.1.2 — Contact management utility for Emacs

BBDB is the Insidious Big Brother Database for GNU Emacs. It provides an address book for email and snail mail addresses, phone numbers and the like. It can be linked with various Emacs mail clients (Message and Mail mode, Rmail, Gnus, MH-E, and VM). BBDB is fully customizable.

emacs-beginend 2.0.0 — Redefine M-< and M-> for Emacs modes

beginend redefines M-< and M-> keybindings for Emacs modes so that point moves to meaningful locations. Redefined keys are still accessible by pressing the same key again.

emacs-benchmark-init 1.0 — Benchmark Emacs require and load calls

benchmark-init provides a way to keep track of where time is being spent during Emacs startup in order to optimize startup time.

emacs-better-defaults 0.1.3 — Better defaults for Emacs

Better defaults attempts to address the most obvious deficiencies of the Emacs default configuration in uncontroversial ways that nearly everyone can agree upon.

emacs-biblio 0.2 — Browse and import bibliographic references

This package provides an extensible Emacs package for browsing and fetching references.

biblio.el makes it easy to browse and gather bibliographic references and publications from various sources, by keywords or by DOI. References are automatically fetched from well-curated sources, and formatted as BibTeX.

emacs-blimp 0.0.0-1.e420763 — Emacs wrapper around all Imagemagick commands

Blimp (Bustling Image Manipulation Package) is a complete wrapper around all Imagemagick commands with descriptions, autocompletion (for some commands) and hints displayed in prompt using eimp.el to execute its commands and resize images.

emacs-bongo 1.0 — Media player for Emacs

This package provides a flexible media player for Emacs. Bongo supports multiple backends such as vlc, mpg123, ogg123, speexdec, timidity, mikmod and afplay.

emacs-browse-at-remote 0.10.0 — Open github/gitlab/bitbucket/stash page from Emacs

This Emacs package allows you to open a target page on github/gitlab (or bitbucket) by calling browse-at-remote command. It supports dired buffers and opens them in tree mode at destination.

emacs-bui 1.2.1 — Buffer interface library for Emacs

BUI (Buffer User Interface) is a library for making list and info interfaces to display an arbitrary data of the same type, for example: packages, buffers, files, etc.

emacs-build-farm 0.2.2 — Emacs interface for Hydra and Cuirass build farms

This Emacs package provides an interface for Hydra and Cuirass (build farms used by Nix and Guix). It allows you to look at various data related to the build farm projects, jobsets, builds and evaluations. The entry point is M-x build-farm command.

emacs-butler 0.2.4 — Emacs client for Jenkins

Butler provides an interface to connect to Jenkins continuous integration servers. Users can specify a list of server in the butler-server-list variable and then use M-x butler-status to view the build status of those servers' build jobs, and possibly to trigger build jobs.

emacs-buttercup 1.16 — Behavior driven emacs lisp testing framework

Buttercup is a behavior-driven development framework for testing Emacs Lisp code. It allows to group related tests so they can share common set-up and tear-down code, and allows the programmer to "spy" on functions to ensure they are called with the right arguments during testing.

emacs-calfw 1.6 — Calendar framework for Emacs

This package displays a calendar view with various schedule data in the Emacs buffer.

emacs-cdlatex 4.7 — Fast Emacs input methods for LaTeX environments and math

CDLaTeX is an Emacs minor mode supporting fast insertion of environment templates and math in LaTeX. Similar commands are also offered as part of the AUCTeX package, but it is not the same - CDLaTeX focuses on speediness for inserting LaTeX constructs.

emacs-cider 0.20.0 — Clojure development environment for Emacs

CIDER (Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks) aims to provide an interactive development experience similar to the one you'd get when programming in Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp (with SLIME or Sly), Scheme (with Geiser) and Smalltalk.

CIDER is the successor to the now deprecated combination of using SLIME + swank-clojure for Clojure development.

There are plenty of differences between CIDER and SLIME, but the core ideas are pretty much the same (and SLIME served as the principle inspiration for CIDER).

emacs-circe 2.10 — Client for IRC in Emacs

Circe is a Client for IRC in Emacs. It integrates well with the rest of the editor, using standard Emacs key bindings and indicating activity in channels in the status bar so it stays out of your way unless you want to use it.

emacs-cl-generic 0.3 — Forward cl-generic compatibility for Emacs before version 25

This package provides a subset of the features of the cl-generic package introduced in Emacs-25, for use on previous emacsen.

emacs-clang-format 7.0.1 — Format code using clang-format

This package allows to filter code through clang-format to fix its formatting. clang-format is a tool that formats C/C++/Obj-C code according to a set of style options, see

emacs-clang-rename 7.0.1 — Rename every occurrence of a symbol using clang-rename

This package renames every occurrence of a symbol at point using clang-rename.

emacs-clojure-mode 5.6.1 — Major mode for Clojure code

This Emacs package provides font-lock, indentation, navigation and basic refactoring for the Clojure programming language. It is recommended to use clojure-mode with paredit or smartparens.

emacs-closql 1.0.0 — Store EIEIO objects using EmacSQL

This package allows to store uniform EIEIO objects in an EmacSQL database. SQLite is used as backend. This library imposes some restrictions on what kind of objects can be stored; it isn't intended to store arbitrary objects. All objects have to share a common superclass and subclasses cannot add any additional instance slots.

emacs-cmake-mode 3.13.1 — Emacs major mode for editing Cmake expressions

cmakeos-mode provides an Emacs major mode for editing Cmake files. It supports syntax highlighting, indenting and refilling of comments.

emacs-cnfonts 0.9.1 — Emacs Chinese fonts setup tool

cnfonts is a Chinese fonts setup tool, allowing for easy configuration of Chinese fonts.

emacs-column-marker 9 — Emacs mode for highlighting columns

With column-marker.el you can highlight any number of text columns. Three such highlight column markers are provided by default. This is especially useful for languages like COBOL or Fortran where certain columns have special meaning. It is also handy for aligning text across long vertical distances. Multi-column characters, such as TAB are treated correctly.

emacs-commander 0.7.0 — Emacs command line parser

emacs-commander provides command line parsing for Emacs.

emacs-company 0.9.7 — Modular text completion framework

Company is a modular completion mechanism. Modules for retrieving completion candidates are called back-ends, modules for displaying them are front-ends. Company comes with many back-ends, e.g. company-elisp. These are distributed in separate files and can be used individually.

emacs-company-irony 1.1.0 — C++ completion backend for Company using irony-mode

This backend for company-mode allows for C++ code completion with irony-mode using clang-tooling.

emacs-company-lua 0.1-1.0be8122 — Company backend for Lua

This package provides Company backend for Lua programming language.

emacs-company-quickhelp 2.3.0 — Popup documentation for completion candidates

company-quickhelp shows documentation for the completion candidate when using the Company text completion framework.

emacs-company-restclient 0.1.0 — Company-mode completion back-end for restclient-mode

company-mode back-end for restclient-mode.

It provides auto-completion for HTTP methods and headers in restclient-mode. Completion source is given by know-your-http-well.

emacs-constants 2.6 — Enter definition of constants into an Emacs buffer

This package provides functions for inserting the definition of natural constants and units into an Emacs buffer.

emacs-crux 0.3.0-1.4f5c8fe — Collection of useful functions for Emacs

crux provides a collection of useful functions for Emacs.

emacs-csv-mode 1.7 — Major mode for editing comma/char separated values

This Emacs package implements CSV mode, a major mode for editing records in a generalized CSV (character-separated values) format.

emacs-ctable 0.1.2-1.b8830d1 — Table component for Emacs Lisp

This program is a table component for Emacs Lisp. Other programs can use this table component for the application UI.

emacs-cyberpunk-theme 1.19 — Cyberpunk theme for emacs built-in color theme support

Cyberpunk color theme for the emacs 24+ built-in color theme support known loosely as deftheme. Many mode-specific customizations are included.

emacs-d-mode 2.0.9 — Emacs major mode for editing D code

This package provides an Emacs major mode for highlighting code written in the D programming language. This mode is currently known to work with Emacs 24 and 25.

emacs-daemons 2.0.0 — Emacs UI for managing init system services

This is an Emacs mode to give you a UI for managing init system daemons (services) for those getting tired of typing out sudo service my_thing reload all the time. It offers a consistent UI over different init systems.

emacs-danneskjold-theme 0.0.0-1.8733d2f — High-contrast Emacs theme

danneskjold-theme is a high-contrast theme for Emacs.

emacs-darkroom 0.1 — Remove visual distractions and focus on writing

darkroom-mode makes visual distractions disappear. The mode-line is temporarily elided, text is enlarged and margins are adjusted so that it's centered on the window.

darkroom-tentative-mode is similar, but it doesn't immediately turn-on darkroom-mode, unless the current buffer lives in the sole window of the Emacs frame (i.e. all other windows are deleted). Whenever the frame is split to display more windows and more buffers, the buffer exits darkroom-mode. Whenever they are deleted, the buffer re-enters darkroom-mode.

emacs-dash 2.15.0 — Modern list library for Emacs

This package provides a modern list API library for Emacs.

emacs-dashboard 1.2.4 — Startup screen extracted from Spacemacs

This package provides an extensible Emacs dashboard, with sections for bookmarks, projectil projects, org-agenda and more.

emacs-datetime 0.3 — Library to work with dates in Emacs

Parsing, formatting, matching and recoding timestamps and date-time format strings library for Emacs.

emacs-debbugs 0.16 — Access the Debbugs bug tracker in Emacs

This package lets you access the GNU Bug Tracker from within Emacs.

For instance, it defines the command M-x debbugs-gnu for listing bugs, and the command M-x debbugs-gnu-search for bug searching. If you prefer the listing of bugs as TODO items of org-mode, you could use M-x debbugs-org and related commands.

A minor mode debbugs-browse-mode let you browse URLs to the GNU Bug Tracker as well as bug identifiers prepared for bug-reference-mode.

emacs-debpaste 0.1.5 — Manipulate pastes from the Debian Pastezone

Debpaste is an Emacs interface for the Debian Pastezone, allowing you to receive, post, and delete pastes. It communicates with the server using XML-RPC.

emacs-dedicated 1.0.0 — Emacs minor mode for toggling a windows's "dedicated" flag

This simple Emacs minor mode allows you to toggle a window's "dedicated" flag. When a window is "dedicated", Emacs will not select files into that window. This can be quite handy since many commands will use another window to show results (compilation mode, starting info, and so on). A dedicated window won't be used for such a purpose. For details, please read the source file.

emacs-dedukti-mode 0-0.d7c3505 — Emacs major mode for Dedukti files

This package provides an Emacs major mode for editing Dedukti files.

emacs-default-encrypt 4.3 — Automatically encrypt or sign Gnus messages in Emacs

DefaultEncrypt is designed to be used with Gnus in Emacs. It automatically encrypts messages that you send (e.g., email) when public keys for all recipients are available, and it protects you from accidentally sending un-encrypted messages. It can also be configured to automatically sign messages that you send. For details and instructions on how to use DefaultEncrypt, please refer to the home page or read the comments in the source file, jl-encrypt.el.

emacs-default-text-scale 0.1-1.968e985 — Adjust the font size in all Emacs frames

This package provides commands for increasing or decreasing the default font size in all GUI Emacs frames.

emacs-deferred 0.5.1 — Simple asynchronous functions for Emacs Lisp

The deferred.el library provides support for asynchronous tasks. The API is almost the same as that of JSDeferred, a JavaScript library for asynchronous tasks.

emacs-deft 0.8 — Quickly browse, filter, and edit plain text notes

Deft is an Emacs mode for quickly browsing, filtering, and editing directories of plain text notes, inspired by Notational Velocity.

emacs-desktop-environment 0.2.0-1.a9eba14 — Control your GNU/Linux desktop environment from Emacs

This package helps you control your GNU/Linux desktop from Emacs. With desktop-environment, you can control the brightness and volume as well as take screenshots and lock your screen. The package depends on the availability of shell commands to do the hard work for us. These commands can be changed by customizing the appropriate variables.

emacs-diff-hl 1.8.5 — Highlight uncommitted changes using VC

diff-hl-mode highlights uncommitted changes on the side of the window (using the fringe, by default), allows you to jump between the hunks and revert them selectively.

emacs-diminish 0.45 — Diminish minor modes with no modeline display

emacs-diminish implements hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays (lighters) of minor modes.

emacs-dired-du 0.5.1 — Dired with recursive directory sizes

Display the recursive size of directories in Dired. This file defines a minor mode dired-du-mode to show the recursive size of directories in Dired buffers. If du program is available, then the directory sizes are obtained with it. Otherwise, the directory sizes are obtained with Lisp. The former is faster and provide a more precise value. For directories where the user doesn't have read permission, the recursive size is not obtained. Once this mode is enabled, every new Dired buffer displays recursive dir sizes.

emacs-dired-hacks 0.0.1-1.eda6800 — Collection of useful dired additions

Collection of Emacs dired mode additions:

  • dired-avfs

  • dired-columns

  • dired-filter

  • dired-hacks-utils

  • dired-images

  • dired-list

  • dired-narrow

  • dired-open

  • dired-rainbow

  • dired-ranger

  • dired-subtree

  • dired-tagsistant

emacs-dired-sidebar 0.0.1-0.06bd0d4 — Sidebar for Emacs using Dired

This package provides a sidebar for Emacs similar to NeoTree or treemacs, but leveraging Dired to do the job of display.

emacs-direnv 1.2.0 — Direnv integration for Emacs

This package provides support for invoking direnv to get the environment for the current file and updating the environment within Emacs to match.

Direnv can be invoked manually, and a global minor mode is included that will update the environment when the active buffer changes.

Using emacs-direnv means that programs started from Emacs will use the environment set through Direnv.

emacs-disable-mouse 0.2 — Disable mouse commands globally

Provides disable-mouse-mode and global-disable-mouse-mode, pair of minor modes which suppress all mouse events by intercepting them and running a customisable handler command (ignore by default).

emacs-discover-my-major 1.0 — Discover key bindings for the current Emacs major mode

This package provides allows to discover key bindings and their meaning for the current Emacs major-mode.

emacs-disk-usage 1.3.0 — Sort and browse disk usage listings with Emacs

Disk Usage is a file system analyzer: it offers a tabulated view of file listings sorted by size. Directory sizes are computed recursively. The results are cached for speed.

emacs-docker 1.2.0 — Manage docker from Emacs

This package provides an Emacs interface for Docker.

emacs-docker-tramp 0.1 — TRAMP integration for docker containers

This package provides a TRAMP method for Docker containers.

emacs-dockerfile-mode 1.2-1.7223d92 — Major mode for editing Dockerfile

This package provides a major mode dockerfile-mode for use with the standard Dockerfile file format.

emacs-download-region 0.0.1-1.eb9e557 — In buffer download manager for Emacs

download-region provides in buffer downloading manager for Emacs.

emacs-dream-theme 0.0.0-1.107a11d — High-contrast Emacs theme

dream-theme is a dark, clean theme for Emacs. It is inspired by zenburn, sinburn and similar themes, but slowly diverging from them.

emacs-dtrt-indent 0.8 — Minor mode that guesses the indentation offset

This package provides a minor mode that guesses the indentation offset originally used for creating source code files and transparently adjusts the corresponding settings in Emacs, making it more convenient to edit foreign files.

emacs-dts-mode 0.1.0-1.9ee0854 — Emacs minor mode for editing device tree files

This package provides an Emacs minor mode for highlighting device tree files.

emacs-dumb-jump 0.5.2 — Jump to definition for multiple languages without configuration

Dumb Jump is an Emacs "jump to definition" package with support for multiple programming languages that favors "just working" over speed or accuracy. This means minimal --- and ideally zero --- configuration with absolutely no stored indexes (tags) or persistent background processes. Dumb Jump performs best with The Silver Searcher ag or ripgrep rg installed.

emacs-e2wm 1.4 — Equilibrium Emacs Window Manager

E2WM is a window manager for Emacs. It enables to customize the place of pop-up window, how the windows are split, how the buffers are located in the windows, keybinds to manipulate windows and buffers, etc. It also has plug-ins to help your Emacs life.

emacs-easy-kill 0.9.3 — Kill and mark things easily in Emacs

This package provides commands easy-kill and easy-mark to let users kill or mark things easily.

emacs-ebuild-mode 1.37 — Major modes for Gentoo package files

This Emacs package provides modes for ebuild, eclass, eblit, GLEP42 news items, openrc and runscripts.

emacs-edbi 0.1.3-1.6f50aaf — Database Interface for Emacs Lisp

This program connects the database server through Perl's DBI, and provides DB-accessing API and the simple management UI.

emacs-edbi-sqlite 0.1.1-1.52cb9ca — Open SQLite files in Emacs

This package is a convenience wrapper for edbi to open SQLite databases.

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