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emacs-helm-make 0.1.0-1.feae8df — Select a Makefile target with helm

helm-make or helm-make-projectile will give you a helm selection of directory Makefile's targets. Selecting a target will call compile on it.

emacs-helm-mode-manager 1.0.0 — Switch and toggle Emacs major and minor modes using Helm

This package provides a Helm interface for toggling Emacs major or minor mode.

  • helm-switch-major-mode list of all major modes

  • helm-enable-minor-mode list of all inactive minor modes

  • helm-disable-minor-mode list of all ACTIVE minor modes

Hitting RET enables the mode, C-z shows the mode documentation.

emacs-helm-mu 20180513-1.77e6fea — Helm sources for searching emails and contacts

Helm sources for searching emails and contacts using mu and mu4e. Mu is an indexer for maildirs and mu4e is a mutt-like MUA for Emacs build on top of mu. Mu is highly efficient making it possible to get instant results even for huge maildirs. It also provides search operators, e.g: from:Peter to:Anne flag:attach search term.

emacs-helm-pass 20180416-1.ebcbef1 — Helm interface to pass, the standard Unix password manager

Users of helm-pass may also be interested in functionality provided by other Emacs packages dealing with pass:

  • emacs-password-store, which helm-pass relies on.

  • emacs-pass, a major mode for pass.

  • auth-source-pass.el: integration of Emacs' auth-source with pass, included in Emacs 26+).

emacs-helm-projectile 0.14.0 — Helm integration for Projectile

This Emacs library provides a Helm interface for Projectile.

emacs-helm-shell-history 0.1-1.110d3c3 — Find shell history with Emacs Helm

This package provides an Emacs Helm interface to search throw a shell history.

emacs-helm-swoop 1.7.4 — Filter and jump to lines in an Emacs buffer using Helm

This package builds on the Helm interface to provide several commands for search-based navigation of buffers.

emacs-helm-system-packages 1.10.0 — Helm System Packages is an interface to your package manager

List all available packages in Helm (with installed packages displayed in their own respective face). Fuzzy-search, mark and execute the desired action over any selections of packages: Install, uninstall, display packages details (in Org Mode) or insert details at point, find files owned by packages... And much more, including performing all the above over the network.

emacs-helpful 0.1 — More contextual information in Emacs help

helpful is an alternative to the built-in Emacs help that provides much more contextual information.

  • Show the source code for interactively defined functions (unlike the built-in Help).

  • Fall back to the raw sexp if no source is available.

  • Show where a function is being called.

  • Docstrings will Highlight the summary (the first sentence), include cross-references, hide superfluous puncuation.

  • Show you the properties that have been applied to the current symbol. This provides visibility of features like edebug or byte-code optimisation.

  • Provide a separate helpful-command function to view interactive functions.

  • Display any keybindings that apply to interactive functions.

  • Trace, disassemble functions from inside Helpful. This is discoverable and doesn't require memorisation of commands.

emacs-hierarchy 0.7.0 — Library to create and display hierarchy structures

This package provides an Emacs library to create, query, navigate and display hierarchy structures.

emacs-highlight-defined 0.1.5 — Syntax highlighting of known Elisp symbols

Minor mode providing syntax highlighting of known Emacs Lisp symbols. Currently the code distinguishes Lisp functions, built-in functions, macros, faces and variables. To enable call highlight-defined-mode.

emacs-highlight-escape-sequences 0.0.1-1.08d846a — Highlight escape sequences in Emacs

highlight-escape-sequences provides an Emacs minor mode to escape sequences in code.

emacs-highlight-numbers 0.2.3 — Highlight numbers in source code

highlight-numbers-mode provides a minor mode for syntax highlighting of numeric literals in source code.

It s customizable: it's easy to add or redefine what exactly consitutes a "number" in given major mode. See highlight-numbers-modelist.

emacs-highlight-sexp 1.0 — Minor mode that highlights the s-exp at the current position

This Emacs package highlights the s-exp at the current position.

emacs-highlight-stages 1.1.0-1.29cbc5b — Minor mode that highlights (quasi-quoted) expressions

highlight-stages provides an Emacs minor mode that highlights quasi-quoted expressions.

emacs-highlight-symbol 1.3 — Automatic and manual symbol highlighting for Emacs

Use highlight-symbol to toggle highlighting of the symbol at point throughout the current buffer. Use highlight-symbol-mode to keep the symbol at point highlighted.

The functions highlight-symbol-next, highlight-symbol-prev, highlight-symbol-next-in-defun and highlight-symbol-prev-in-defun allow for cycling through the locations of any symbol at point. Use highlight-symbol-nav-mode to enable key bindings M-p and M-p for navigation. When highlight-symbol-on-navigation-p is set, highlighting is triggered regardless of highlight-symbol-idle-delay.

highlight-symbol-query-replace can be used to replace the symbol.

emacs-hl-todo 1.8.0 — Emacs mode to highlight TODO and similar keywords

This package provides an Emacs mode to highlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings. This package also provides commands for moving to the next or previous keyword and to invoke occur with a regexp that matches all known keywords.

emacs-howm 1.4.4 — Note-taking tool for Emacs

Howm is a note-taking tool for Emacs. Like code{emacs-wiki.el

emacs-ht 2.1 — Hash table library for Emacs

This package simplifies the use of hash tables in elisp. It also provides functions to convert hash tables from and to alists and plists.

emacs-htmlize 1.53 — Convert buffer text and decorations to HTML

emacs-htmlize converts the buffer text and the associated decorations to HTML. Output to CSS, inline CSS and fonts is supported.

emacs-hy-mode 1.0.2 — Major mode for Hylang

This package provides a major mode for Hylang.

emacs-hydra 0.14.0 — Make Emacs bindings that stick around

This package can be used to tie related commands into a family of short bindings with a common prefix---a Hydra. Once you summon the Hydra (through the prefixed binding), all the heads can be called in succession with only a short extension. Any binding that isn't the Hydra's head vanquishes the Hydra. Note that the final binding, besides vanquishing the Hydra, will still serve its original purpose, calling the command assigned to it. This makes the Hydra very seamless; it's like a minor mode that disables itself automatically.

emacs-ibuffer-projectile 0.2-1.c18ac54 — Group ibuffer's list by projectile root

Adds functionality to Emacs ibuffer for grouping buffers by their projectile root directory.

emacs-idle-highlight 1.1.3 — Highlights all occurrences of the word the point is on

This Emacs package provides idle-highlight-mode that sets an idle timer to highlight all occurrences in the buffer of the word under the point.

emacs-ido-completing-read+ 3.12 — Replacement for completing-read using ido

The ido-completing-read+ function is a wrapper for ido-completing-read. Importantly, it detects edge cases that ordinary ido cannot handle and either adjusts them so ido can handle them, or else simply falls back to the standard Emacs completion function instead.

emacs-ido-ubiquitous 3.12 — Use ido (nearly) everywhere

Ido-ubiquitous enables ido-style completion for almost every function that uses the standard completion function completing-read.

emacs-ido-vertical-mode 0.1.6 — Makes ido-mode display vertically

Makes ido-mode display prospects vertically.

emacs-idris-mode 0.9.19 — Major mode for editing Idris code

This is an Emacs mode for editing Idris code. It requires the latest version of Idris, and some features may rely on the latest Git version of Idris.

emacs-iedit — Edit multiple regions in the same way simultaneously

This package is an Emacs minor mode and allows you to edit one occurrence of some text in a buffer (possibly narrowed) or region, and simultaneously have other occurrences edited in the same way.

You can also use Iedit mode as a quick way to temporarily show only the buffer lines that match the current text being edited. This gives you the effect of a temporary keep-lines or occur.

emacs-image+ 0.6.2-1.6834d0c — Image manipulation extensions for Emacs

Image+ provides keybindings allowing you to zoom in or zoom out of an image, rotate it, save modified images, and more.

emacs-inf-ruby 2.5.1 — Provides a REPL buffer connected to a Ruby subprocess in Emacs

inf-ruby provides a Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) buffer, allowing for easy interaction with a ruby subprocess. Features include support for detecting specific uses of Ruby, e.g. when using rails, and using a appropriate console.

emacs-interactive-align 0.1.0 — Interactive align-regexp command in Emacs

Interactive align-regexp command in Emacs

emacs-irfc 20130824.507 — Interface for IETF RFC document

This package provides an Emacs interface for IETF RFC document.

emacs-itail 0.0.1-1.6e43c20 — Interactive tail Emacs mode

itail provides interactive tail mode that allows you to filter the tail with unix pipes and highlight the contents of the tailed file. Works locally or on remote files using tramp.

emacs-ivy 0.10.0 — Incremental vertical completion for Emacs

This package provides ivy-read as an alternative to completing-read and similar functions. No attempt is made to determine the best candidate. Instead, the user can navigate candidates with ivy-next-line and ivy-previous-line. The matching is done by splitting the input text by spaces and re-building it into a regular expression.

emacs-ivy-yasnippet 0.1-1.59b32cf — Preview yasnippets with ivy

This package allows you to select yasnippet snippets using ivy completion. When current selection changes in the minibuffer, the snippet contents are temporarily expanded in the buffer. To use it, call M-x ivy-yasnippet (but make sure you have enabled yas-minor-mode first).

emacs-jinja2-mode 0.2 — Major mode for jinja2

Emacs major mode for jinja2 with: syntax highlighting, sgml/html integration, and indentation (working with sgml).

emacs-js2-mode 20150909 — Improved JavaScript editing mode for Emacs

Js2-mode provides a JavaScript major mode for Emacs that is more advanced than the built-in javascript-mode. Features include accurate syntax highlighting using a recursive-descent parser, on-the-fly reporting of syntax errors and strict-mode warnings, smart line-wrapping within comments and strings, and code folding.

emacs-json-mode 1.7.0 — Major mode for editing JSON files

json-mode extends the builtin js-mode syntax highlighting.

emacs-json-reformat 0.0.6 — Reformatting tool for JSON

json-reformat provides a reformatting tool for JSON.

emacs-json-snatcher 1.0.0 — Grabs the path to JSON values in a JSON file

emacs-json-snatcher grabs the path to JSON values in a JSON file.

emacs-julia-mode 0.3-1.115d4dc8 — Major mode for Julia

This Emacs package provides a mode for the Julia programming language.

emacs-key-chord 0.6 — Map pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to Emacs commands

emacs-key-chord provides key-chord-mode, a mode for binding key chords to commands. A key chord is defined as two keys pressed simultaneously or a single key quickly pressed twice.

emacs-keyfreq 20160516.716 — Track Emacs command frequencies

emacs-keyfeq tracks and shows how many times you used a command.

emacs-know-your-http-well 0.5.0 — Meaning of HTTP headers codes

Meaning of HTTP headers codes.

emacs-kv 0.0.19 — Key/Value data structures library for Emacs Lisp

emacs-kv is a collection of tools for dealing with key/value data structures such as plists, alists and hash-tables in Emacs Lisp.

emacs-lacarte 0.1 — Execute menu items as commands, with completion

Execute menu items as commands, with completion.

emacs-let-alist 1.0.5 — Easily let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names

This package offers a single macro, let-alist. This macro takes a first argument (whose value must be an alist) and a body.

emacs-lice-el 0.2-1.4339929 — License and header template for Emacs

lice.el provides following features:

  • License template management.

  • File header insertion.

emacs-linum-relative 0.5 — Relative line numbering for Emacs

emacs-linum-relative displays the relative line number on the left margin in Emacs.

emacs-lispy 0.26.0-0.c2a358a — Modal S-expression editing

Due to the structure of Lisp syntax it's very rare for the programmer to want to insert characters right before "(" or right after ")". Thus unprefixed printable characters can be used to call commands when the point is at one of these special locations. Lispy provides unprefixed keybindings for S-expression editing when point is at the beginning or end of an S-expression.

emacs-lispyville 0.1-0.b429185 — Minor mode for integrating Evil with lispy

LispyVille's main purpose is to provide a Lisp editing environment suited towards Evil users. It can serve as a minimal layer on top of lispy for better integration with Evil, but it does not require the use of lispy’s keybinding style. The provided commands allow for editing Lisp in normal state and will work even without lispy being enabled.

emacs-list-utils 0.4.4 — List-manipulation utility functions

This package provides a list manipulation library for Emacs.

emacs-load-relative 0.0.1-1.738896e — Relative loads for Emacs Lisp files

load-relative allows to write small Emacs functions or modules in a larger multi-file Emacs package and facilitate running from the source tree without having to install the code or fiddle with evil load-path.

emacs-loc-changes 1.2 — Keeps track of positions even after buffer changes

This Emacs package provides a mean to track important buffer positions after buffer changes.

emacs-log4e 0.3.0 — Logging framework for elisp

This package provides a logging framework for elisp. It allows you to deal with multiple log levels.

emacs-logview 0.9 — Emacs mode for viewing log files

logview provides an Emacs mode to view log files.

emacs-loop 1.3 — Imperative loop structures for Emacs

Loop structures familiar to users of other languages. This library adds a selection of popular loop structures as well as break and continue.

emacs-lua-mode 20151025.1-652e299cb — Major mode for lua

This Emacs package provides a mode for Lua programing language.

emacs-m-buffer-el 0.15 — List oriented buffer operations for Emacs

m-buffer provides a set of list-orientated functions for operating over the contents of Emacs buffers.

emacs-macrostep 0.9-1.424e373 — Interactive macro-expander for Emacs

macrostep is an Emacs minor mode for interactively stepping through the expansion of macros in Emacs Lisp source code. It lets you see exactly what happens at each step of the expansion process by pretty-printing the expanded forms inline in the source buffer, which is temporarily read-only while macro expansions are visible. You can expand and collapse macro forms one step at a time, and evaluate or instrument the expansions for debugging with Edebug as normal (but see “Bugs and known limitations”, below). Single-stepping through the expansion is particularly useful for debugging macros that expand into another macro form. These can be difficult to debug with Emacs’ built-in macroexpand, which continues expansion until the top-level form is no longer a macro call.

emacs-magit-org-todos-el 0.1.1-1.df20628 — Get into Emacs Magit status

This package allows you to get into your magit status.

If you have a file with TODO items in the root of your repository, magit-org-todos will create a section in your Magit status buffer with each of your todos.

emacs-magit-popup 2.12.3 — Define prefix-infix-suffix command combos

This library implements a generic interface for toggling switches and setting options and then invoking an Emacs command which does something with these arguments. The prototypical use is for the command to call an external process, passing on the arguments as command line arguments.

emacs-makey 0.3 — Emacs interactive command-line mode

This package provides an Emacs interactive command-line mode.

emacs-markdown-mode 2.3 — Emacs Major mode for Markdown files

Markdown-mode is a major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files in Emacs.

emacs-mbsync 0.0.1-1.42077e8 — Interface to mbsync for Emacs

This package allows to call the mbsync from within Emacs.

emacs-md4rd 0.0.1-1.be0fc49 — Emacs Mode for Reddit

This package allows to read Reddit from within Emacs interactively.

emacs-memoize 1.1 — Emacs lisp memoization library

emacs-memoize is an Emacs library for memoizing functions.

emacs-mew 6.7 — Emacs e-mail client

Mew (Messaging in the Emacs World) is a user interface for text messages, multimedia messages (MIME), news articles and security functionality including PGP, S/MIME, SSH, and SSL.

emacs-minimal 26.1 — The extensible text editor (used only for byte-compilation)

This is a GNU package.

GNU Emacs is an extensible and highly customizable text editor. It is based on an Emacs Lisp interpreter with extensions for text editing. Emacs has been extended in essentially all areas of computing, giving rise to a vast array of packages supporting, e.g., email, IRC and XMPP messaging, spreadsheets, remote server editing, and much more. Emacs includes extensive documentation on all aspects of the system, from basic editing to writing large Lisp programs. It has full Unicode support for nearly all human languages.

emacs-minitest 0.8.0-1.1aadb78 — Emacs minitest mode

The minitest mode provides commands to run the tests for the current file or line, as well as rerunning the previous tests, or all the tests for a project.

This package also includes relevant snippets for yasnippet.

emacs-mit-scheme-doc 20140203 — MIT-Scheme documentation lookup for Emacs

This package provides a set of Emacs functions to search definitions of identifiers in the MIT-Scheme documentation.

emacs-mmm-mode 0.5.5 — Allow multiple major modes in an Emacs buffer

MMM Mode is a minor mode that allows multiple major modes to coexist in a single buffer.

emacs-monroe 0.3.1 — Clojure nREPL client for Emacs

Monroe is a nREPL client for Emacs, focused on simplicity and easy distribution, primarily targeting Clojure users

emacs-move-text 2.0.8 — Move current line or region with M-up or M-down

This package provide functions to move the current line using M-up or M-down if a region is marked, it will move the region instead.

emacs-mu4e-alert 1.0 — Desktop notification for mu4e

This package provides desktop notifications for mu4e. Additionally it can display the number of unread emails in the mode-line.

emacs-mu4e-conversation 20180615-1.b60d6bd — Show a complete thread in a single buffer

This package offers an alternate view to mu4e e-mail display. It shows all e-mails of a thread in a single view, where each correspondant has their own face. Threads can be displayed linearly (in which case e-mails are displayed in chronological order) or as an Org document where the node tree maps the thread tree.

emacs-multiple-cursors 1.4.0 — Multiple cursors for Emacs

This package adds support to Emacs for editing text with multiple simultaneous cursors.

emacs-mustache 0.23 — Mustache templating library for Emacs

Mustache templating library for Emacs, mustache is a simple web template system, which is described as a logic-less system because it lacks any explicit control flow statements, both looping and conditional evaluation can be achieved using section tags processing lists and lambdas.

emacs-navi-mode 2.0-1.c1d38e8 — Emacs major-mode for easy buffer-navigation

This package provides an Emacs major-mode for easy buffer-navigation

emacs-neotree 0.5.2 — Folder tree view for Emacs

This Emacs package provides a folder tree view.

emacs-nginx-mode 1.1.4 — Emacs major mode for editing nginx config files

This package provides an Emacs major mode for editing nginx config files.

emacs-nix-mode 1.2.2 — Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions

nixos-mode provides an Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions. It supports syntax highlighting, indenting and refilling of comments.

emacs-nnreddit 0.0.1-1.9843f99 — Reddit backend for the Gnus newsreader backend for the Gnus newsreader.

emacs-no-x 26.1 — The extensible, customizable, self-documenting text editor (console only)

This is a GNU package.

GNU Emacs is an extensible and highly customizable text editor. It is based on an Emacs Lisp interpreter with extensions for text editing. Emacs has been extended in essentially all areas of computing, giving rise to a vast array of packages supporting, e.g., email, IRC and XMPP messaging, spreadsheets, remote server editing, and much more. Emacs includes extensive documentation on all aspects of the system, from basic editing to writing large Lisp programs. It has full Unicode support for nearly all human languages.

emacs-no-x-toolkit 26.1 — The extensible, customizable, self-documenting text editor (without an X toolkit)

This is a GNU package.

GNU Emacs is an extensible and highly customizable text editor. It is based on an Emacs Lisp interpreter with extensions for text editing. Emacs has been extended in essentially all areas of computing, giving rise to a vast array of packages supporting, e.g., email, IRC and XMPP messaging, spreadsheets, remote server editing, and much more. Emacs includes extensive documentation on all aspects of the system, from basic editing to writing large Lisp programs. It has full Unicode support for nearly all human languages.

emacs-noflet 20170629-1.7ae84dc — Locally override functions

emacs-noflet let's you locally override functions, in the manner of flet, but with access to the original function through the symbol: this-fn.

emacs-nov-el 0.2.2 — Major mode for reading EPUBs in Emacs

nov.el provides a major mode for reading EPUB documents.


  • Basic navigation (jump to TOC, previous/next chapter)

  • Remembering and restoring the last read position

  • Jump to next chapter when scrolling beyond end

  • Renders EPUB2 (.ncx) and EPUB3 (<nav>) TOCs

  • Hyperlinks to internal and external targets

  • Supports textual and image documents

  • View source of document files

  • Metadata display

  • Image rescaling

emacs-npm-mode 0.6.0 — Minor mode for working with npm projects

npm-mode provides a minor mode to work with npm projects.

emacs-oauth2 0.11 — OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol implementation

This package provides an Elisp implementation of the OAuth 2.0 draft. The main entry point is oauth2-auth-and-store which will return a token structure. This token structure can be then used with oauth2-url-retrieve-synchronously or oauth2-url-retrieve to retrieve any data that need OAuth authentication to be accessed. If the token needs to be refreshed, the code handles it automatically and stores the new value of the access token.

emacs-ob-ipython 20150704.8807064693 — Org-Babel functions for IPython evaluation

This package adds support to Org-Babel for evaluating Python source code using IPython.

emacs-olivetti 1.5.7 — Emacs minor mode for a nice writing environment

This package provides an Emacs minor mode that puts writing in the center.

emacs-on-screen 1.3.2 — Guide your eyes while scrolling

Scrolling can be distracting because your eyes may lose orientation. This library implements a minor mode that highlights the previously visible buffer part after each scroll.

emacs-org 9.1.13 — Outline-based notes management and organizer

Org is an Emacs mode for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, and project planning with a fast and effective lightweight markup language. It also is an authoring system with unique support for literate programming and reproducible research.

emacs-org-bullets 0.2.4 — Show bullets in org-mode as UTF-8 characters

This package provides an Emacs minor mode causing bullets in org-mode to be rendered as UTF-8 characters.

emacs-org-caldav 20180403 — Sync Org files with external calendars via the CalDAV protocol

Synchronize between events in Org-mode files and a CalDAV calendar. This code is still alpha.

emacs-org-contrib 20180507 — Contributed packages to Org mode

Org is an Emacs mode for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, and project planning with a fast and effective plain-text system.

This package is equivalent to org-plus-contrib, but only includes additional files that you would find in contrib/ from the git repository.

emacs-org-edit-latex 0.8.0 — Edit a latex fragment just like editing a src block

emacs-org-edit-latex is an extension for org-mode. It lets you edit a latex fragment in a dedicated buffer just like editing a src block.

emacs-org-mind-map 0.0.1-1.9d6e262 — Create Graphviz directed graphs from Org files

This package creates Graphviz directed graphs from Org files.

emacs-org-pomodoro 2.1.0 — Pomodoro technique for org-mode

emacs-org-pomodoro adds very basic support for Pomodoro technique in Emacs org-mode.

Run M-x org-pomodoro for the task at point or select one of the last tasks that you clocked time for. Each clocked-in pomodoro starts a timer of 25 minutes and after each pomodoro a break timer of 5 minutes is started automatically. Every 4 breaks a long break is started with 20 minutes. All values are customizable.