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ocaml-sexplib0 0.11.0 — Library containing the definition of S-expressions and some base converters

Part of Jane Street's Core library The Core suite of libraries is an industrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library that was developed by Jane Street, the largest industrial user of OCaml.

ocaml-spawn 0.12.0 — Spawning sub-processes

Spawn is a small library exposing only one functionality: spawning sub-process.

It has three main goals:

  • provide missing features of Unix.create_process such as providing a working directory,

  • provide better errors when a system call fails in the sub-process. For instance if a command is not found, you get a proper Unix.Unix_error exception,

  • improve performances by using vfork when available. It is often claimed that nowadays fork is as fast as vfork, however in practice fork takes time proportional to the process memory while vfork is constant time. In application using a lot of memory, vfork can be thousands of times faster than fork.

ocaml-splittable-random 0.11.0 — PRNG that can be split into independent streams

This package provides a splittable PRNG functions like a PRNG that can be used as a stream of random values; it can also be split to produce a second, independent stream of random values.

This library implements a splittable pseudo-random number generator that sacrifices cryptographic-quality randomness in favor of performance.

ocaml-sqlite3 4.1.2 — SQLite3 Bindings for OCaml

SQLite3-OCaml is an OCaml library with bindings to the SQLite3 client API. Sqlite3 is a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine with outstanding performance for many use cases. These bindings are written in a way that enables a friendly coexistence with the old (version 2) SQLite and its OCaml wrapper ocaml-sqlite.

ocaml-ssl 0.5.5 — OCaml bindings for OpenSSL

OCaml-SSL is a set of bindings for OpenSSL, a library for communicating through Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted connections.

ocaml-stdio 0.11.0 — Standard IO library for OCaml

Stdio implements simple input/output functionalities for OCaml. It re-exports the input/output functions of the OCaml standard libraries using a more consistent API.

ocaml-stringext 1.4.3 — Extra string functions for OCaml

Provides a single module named Stringext that provides a grab bag of often used but missing string functions from the stdlib. E.g, split, full_split, cut, rcut, etc..

ocaml-timed 1.0 — Timed references for imperative state

Timed references for imperative state. This module provides an alternative type for references (or mutable cells) supporting undo/redo operations. In particular, an abstract notion of time is used to capture the state of the references at any given point, so that it can be restored. Note that usual reference operations only have a constant time / memory overhead (compared to those of the standard library).

Moreover, we provide an alternative implementation based on the references of the standard library (Pervasives module). However, it is less efficient than the first one.

ocaml-topkg 0.8.1 — Transitory OCaml software packager

Topkg is a packager for distributing OCaml software. It provides an API to describe the files a package installs in a given build configuration and to specify information about the package's distribution, creation and publication procedures.

ocaml-tsdl 0.9.1 — Thin bindings to SDL for OCaml

Tsdl is an OCaml library providing thin bindings to the cross-platform SDL C library.

ocaml-typerep 0.11.0 — Typerep is a library for runtime types

Typerep is a library for runtime types.

ocaml-uchar 0.0.2 — Compatibility library for OCaml's Uchar module

The uchar package provides a compatibility library for the `Uchar` module introduced in OCaml 4.03.

ocaml-ulex 1.2 — Lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml

Lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml.

ocaml-utop 2.2.0 — Improved interface to the OCaml toplevel

UTop is an improved toplevel for OCaml. It can run in a terminal or in Emacs. It supports line editing, history, real-time and context sensitive completion, colors, and more.

ocaml-uuidm 0.9.6 — Universally unique identifiers for OCaml

Uuidm is an OCaml module implementing 128 bits universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) version 3, 5 (named based with MD5, SHA-1 hashing) and 4 (random based) according to RFC 4122.

ocaml-uutf 1.0.1 — Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml

Uutf is a non-blocking streaming codec to decode and encode the UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16LE and UTF-16BE encoding schemes. It can efficiently work character by character without blocking on IO. Decoders perform character position tracking and support newline normalization.

Functions are also provided to fold over the characters of UTF encoded OCaml string values and to directly encode characters in OCaml Buffer.t values.

ocaml-variantslib 0.11.0 — OCaml variants as first class values

The Core suite of libraries is an alternative to OCaml's standard library.

ocaml-xmlm 1.3.0 — Streaming XML codec for OCaml

Xmlm is a streaming codec to decode and encode the XML data format. It can process XML documents without a complete in-memory representation of the data.

ocaml-yojson 1.4.1 — Low-level JSON library for OCaml

Yojson is an optimized parsing and printing library for the JSON format. It addresses a few shortcomings of json-wheel including 2x speedup, polymorphic variants and optional syntax for tuples and variants. ydump is a pretty printing command-line program provided with the yojson package. The program atdgen can be used to derive OCaml-JSON serializers and deserializers from type definitions.

ocaml-zarith 1.4.1 — Implements arbitrary-precision integers

Implements arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers. It uses GMP to efficiently implement arithmetic over big integers. Small integers are represented as Caml unboxed integers, for speed and space economy.

ocaml-zed 1.6 — Abstract engine for text editing in OCaml

Zed is an abstract engine for text edition. It can be used to write text editors, edition widgets, readlines, etc. You just have to connect an engine to your inputs and rendering functions to get an editor.

ocaml4.02-alcotest 0.7.2 — Lightweight OCaml test framework

Alcotest exposes simple interface to perform unit tests. It exposes a simple TESTABLE module type, a check function to assert test predicates and a run function to perform a list of unit -> unit test callbacks. Alcotest provides a quiet and colorful output where only faulty runs are fully displayed at the end of the run (with the full logs ready to inspect), with a simple (yet expressive) query language to select the tests to run.

ocaml4.02-astring 0.8.3 — Alternative String module for OCaml

Astring exposes an alternative String module for OCaml. This module balances minimality and expressiveness for basic, index-free, string processing and provides types and functions for substrings, string sets and string maps. The String module exposed by Astring has exception safe functions, removes deprecated and rarely used functions, alters some signatures and names, adds a few missing functions and fully exploits OCaml's newfound string immutability.

ocaml4.02-async 113.33.03 — Monadic concurrency library

Async is a library for concurrent programming in OCaml.

ocaml4.02-async-extra 113.33.03 — Extra functionnalities for the async library

Async_extra provides additional functionnalities for the async library.

ocaml4.02-async-kernel 113.33.03 — Monadic concurrency library

Async-kernel is a library for concurrent programming in OCaml.

ocaml4.02-async-rpc-kernel 113.33.03 — Platform-independent core of the Async RPC library

Async_rpc_kernel is the platform-independent core of the Async RPC library.

ocaml4.02-async-unix 113.33.03 — Asynchronous execution library for Unix

Async_unix is an asynchronous execution library for Unix.

ocaml4.02-base64 2.1.2 — Base64 encoding for OCaml

Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation. It is specified in RFC 4648.

ocaml4.02-batteries 2.5.3 — Development platform for the OCaml programming language

Define a standard set of libraries which may be expected on every compliant installation of OCaml and organize these libraries into a hierarchy of modules.

ocaml4.02-bin-prot 113.33.03 — Binary protocol generator

This library contains functionality for reading and writing OCaml-values in a type-safe binary protocol. It is extremely efficient, typically supporting type-safe marshalling and unmarshalling of even highly structured values at speeds sufficient to saturate a gigabit connection. The protocol is also heavily optimized for size, making it ideal for long-term storage of large amounts of data.

ocaml4.02-bisect 1.3.1 — Code coverage tool for the OCaml language

Bisect is a code coverage tool for the OCaml language. It is a camlp4-based tool that allows to instrument your application before running tests. After application execution, it is possible to generate a report in HTML format that is the replica of the application source code annotated with code coverage information.

ocaml4.02-bitstring 2.1.1 — Bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml

Adds Erlang-style bitstrings and matching over bitstrings as a syntax extension and library for OCaml. You can use this module to both parse and generate binary formats, files and protocols. Bitstring handling is added as primitives to the language, making it exceptionally simple to use and very powerful.

ocaml4.02-bos 0.1.4 — Basic OS interaction for OCaml

Bos provides support for basic and robust interaction with the operating system in OCaml. It has functions to access the process environment, parse command line arguments, interact with the file system and run command line programs.

ocaml4.02-camlzip 1.0.6 — Provides easy access to compressed files

Provides easy access to compressed files in ZIP, GZIP and JAR format. It provides functions for reading from and writing to compressed files in these formats.

ocaml4.02-camomile 1.0.1 — Comprehensive Unicode library

Camomile is a Unicode library for OCaml. Camomile provides Unicode character type, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 strings, conversion to/from about 200 encodings, collation and locale-sensitive case mappings, and more. The library is currently designed for Unicode Standard 3.2.

ocaml4.02-cmdliner 1.0.2 — Declarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml

Cmdliner is a module for the declarative definition of command line interfaces. It provides a simple and compositional mechanism to convert command line arguments to OCaml values and pass them to your functions. The module automatically handles syntax errors, help messages and UNIX man page generation. It supports programs with single or multiple commands and respects most of the POSIX and GNU conventions.

ocaml4.02-core 113.33.03 — Alternative to OCaml's standard library

The Core suite of libraries is an alternative to OCaml's standard library that was developed by Jane Street.

ocaml4.02-core-kernel 113.33.03 — Portable standard library for OCaml

Core is an alternative to the OCaml standard library.

Core_kernel is the system-independent part of Core. It is aimed for cases when the full Core is not available, such as in Javascript.

ocaml4.02-cppo 1.6.5 — Equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs

Cppo is an equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs. It allows the definition of simple macros and file inclusion. Cpp ois:

  1. more OCaml-friendly than cpp

  2. easy to learn without consulting a manual

  3. reasonably fast

  4. simple to install and to maintain.

ocaml4.02-cstruct 2.3.1 — Access C structures via a camlp4 extension

Cstruct is a library and syntax extension to make it easier to access C-like structures directly from OCaml. It supports both reading and writing to these structures, and they are accessed via the Bigarray module.

ocaml4.02-csv 1.6 — Pure OCaml functions to read and write CSV

Comma separated values (CSV) is a simple tabular format supported by all major spreadsheets. This library implements pure OCaml functions to read and write files in this format as well as some convenience functions to manipulate such data.

ocaml4.02-easy-format 1.2.0 — Interface to the Format module

Easy-format is a high-level and functional interface to the Format module of the OCaml standard library.

ocaml4.02-ezjsonm 0.4.3 — Read and write JSON data

Ezjsonm provides more convenient (but far less flexible) input and output functions that go to and from [string] values than jsonm. This avoids the need to write signal code, which is useful for quick scripts that manipulate JSON.

ocaml4.02-fieldslib 113.33.03 — Syntax extension to record fields

Syntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values.

ocaml4.02-fileutils 0.5.3 — Pure OCaml functions to manipulate real file and filename

Library to provide pure OCaml functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename.

ocaml4.02-findlib 1.8.0 — Management tool for OCaml libraries

The "findlib" library provides a scheme to manage reusable software components (packages), and includes tools that support this scheme. Packages are collections of OCaml modules for which metainformation can be stored. The packages are kept in the file system hierarchy, but with strict directory structure. The library contains functions to look the directory up that stores a package, to query metainformation about a package, and to retrieve dependency information about multiple packages. There is also a tool that allows the user to enter queries on the command-line. In order to simplify compilation and linkage, there are new frontends of the various OCaml compilers that can directly deal with packages.

ocaml4.02-fmt 0.8.5 — OCaml Format pretty-printer combinators

Fmt exposes combinators to devise Format pretty-printing functions.

ocaml4.02-fpath 0.7.1 — File system paths for OCaml

Fpath is an OCaml module for handling file system paths with POSIX or Windows conventions. Fpath processes paths without accessing the file system and is independent from any system library.

ocaml4.02-graph 1.8.8 — Graph library for OCaml

OCamlgraph is a generic graph library for OCaml.

ocaml4.02-hex 1.0.0 — Minimal library providing hexadecimal converters

Hex is a minimal library providing hexadecimal converters.

ocaml4.02-js-build-tools 113.33.06 — Collection of tools to help building Jane Street Packages

This package contains tools to help building Jane Street packages, but can be used for other purposes. It contains:

  1. an oasis2opam-install tool to produce a .install file from the oasis build log

  2. a js_build_tools ocamlbuild plugin with various goodies.

ocaml4.02-jsonm 1.0.1 — Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml

Jsonm is a non-blocking streaming codec to decode and encode the JSON data format. It can process JSON text without blocking on IO and without a complete in-memory representation of the data.

ocaml4.02-lablgtk 2.18.5 — GTK+ bindings for OCaml

LablGtk is an OCaml interface to GTK+ 1.2 and 2.x. It provides a strongly-typed object-oriented interface that is compatible with the dynamic typing of GTK+. Most widgets and methods are available. LablGtk also provides bindings to gdk-pixbuf, the GLArea widget (in combination with LablGL), gnomecanvas, gnomeui, gtksourceview, gtkspell, libglade (and it an generate OCaml code from .glade files), libpanel, librsvg and quartz.

ocaml4.02-lambda-term 1.13 — Terminal manipulation library for OCaml

Lambda-Term is a cross-platform library for manipulating the terminal. It provides an abstraction for keys, mouse events, colors, as well as a set of widgets to write curses-like applications. The main objective of Lambda-Term is to provide a higher level functional interface to terminal manipulation than, for example, ncurses, by providing a native OCaml interface instead of bindings to a C library.

ocaml4.02-logs 0.6.2 — Logging infrastructure for OCaml

Logs provides a logging infrastructure for OCaml. Logging is performed on sources whose reporting level can be set independently. Log message report is decoupled from logging and is handled by a reporter.

ocaml4.02-lwt 4.1.0 — Cooperative threads and I/O in monadic style

Lwt provides typed, composable cooperative threads. These make it easy to run normally-blocking I/O operations concurrently in a single process. Also, in many cases, Lwt threads can interact without the need for locks or other synchronization primitives.

ocaml4.02-lwt-log 1.1.0 — Logging library

This package provides a deprecated logging component for ocaml lwt.

ocaml4.02-menhir 20161115 — Parser generator

Menhir is a parser generator. It turns high-level grammar specifications, decorated with semantic actions expressed in the OCaml programming language into parsers, again expressed in OCaml. It is based on Knuth’s LR(1) parser construction technique.

ocaml4.02-mtime 0.8.3 — Monotonic wall-clock time for OCaml

Access monotonic wall-clock time. It allows to measure time spans without being subject to operating system calendar time adjustments.

ocaml4.02-oasis 0.4.11 — Integrates a configure, build, install system in OCaml projects

OASIS is a tool to integrate a configure, build and install system in your OCaml projects. It helps to create standard entry points in your build system and allows external tools to analyse your project easily.

ocaml4.02-ocamlmod 0.0.9 — Generate modules from OCaml source files

Generate modules from OCaml source files.

ocaml4.02-ocplib-endian 1.0 — Optimised functions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings and bigarrays

Optimised functions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings and bigarrays, based on new primitives added in version 4.01. It works on strings, bytes and bigstring (Bigarrys of chars), and provides submodules for big- and little-endian, with their unsafe counter-parts.

ocaml4.02-ocurl 0.8.2 — OCaml bindings for libcurl

Client-side URL transfer library, supporting HTTP and a multitude of other network protocols (FTP/SMTP/RTSP/etc).

ocaml4.02-omake 0.10.2 — Build system designed for scalability and portability

Similar to make utilities you may have used, but it features many additional enhancements, including:

  1. Support for projects spanning several directories or directory hierarchies.

  2. Fast, reliable, automated, scriptable dependency analysis using MD5 digests, with full support for incremental builds.

  3. Dependency analysis takes the command lines into account — whenever the command line used to build a target changes, the target is considered out-of-date.

  4. Fully scriptable, includes a library that providing support for standard tasks in C, C++, OCaml, and LaTeX projects, or a mixture thereof.

ocaml4.02-ounit 2.0.8 — Unit testing framework for OCaml

Unit testing framework for OCaml. It is similar to JUnit and other XUnit testing frameworks.

ocaml4.02-pcre 7.2.3 — Bindings to the Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions library

Pcre-ocaml offers library functions for string pattern matching and substitution, similar to the functionality offered by the Perl language.

ocaml4.02-piqi 0.7.6 — Protocol serialization system for OCaml

Piqi is a multi-format data serialization system for OCaml. It provides a uniform interface for serializing OCaml data structures to JSON, XML and Protocol Buffers formats.

ocaml4.02-piqilib 0.6.14 — Data serialization and conversion library

Piqilib is the common library used by the piqi command-line tool and piqi-ocaml.

ocaml4.02-ppx-assert 113.33.03 — Assert-like extension nodes that raise useful errors on failure

Assert-like extension nodes that raise useful errors on failure.

ocaml4.02-ppx-bench 113.33.03 — Syntax extension for writing in-line benchmarks in ocaml code

Syntax extension for writing in-line benchmarks in ocaml code.

ocaml4.02-ppx-bin-prot 113.33.03 — Generation of bin_prot readers and writers from types

Generation of binary serialization and deserialization functions from type definitions.

ocaml4.02-ppx-compare 113.33.03 — Generation of comparison functions from types

Generation of fast comparison functions from type expressions and definitions. Ppx_compare is a ppx rewriter that derives comparison functions from type representations. The scaffolded functions are usually much faster than ocaml's Scaffolding functions also gives you more flexibility by allowing you to override them for a specific type and more safety by making sure that you only compare comparable values.

ocaml4.02-ppx-core 113.33.03 — Standard library for ppx rewriters

Ppx_core is a standard library for OCaml AST transformers. It contains:

  1. various auto-generated AST traversal using an open recursion scheme

  2. helpers for building AST fragments

  3. helpers for matching AST fragments

  4. a framework for dealing with attributes and extension points.

ocaml4.02-ppx-custom-printf 113.33.03 — Printf-style format-strings for user-defined string conversion

Extensions to printf-style format-strings for user-defined string conversion.

ocaml4.02-ppx-deriving 4.1 — Type-driven code generation for OCaml >=4.02

Ppx_deriving provides common infrastructure for generating code based on type definitions, and a set of useful plugins for common tasks.

ocaml4.02-ppx-driver 113.33.03 — Feature-full driver for OCaml AST transformers

A driver is an executable created from a set of OCaml AST transformers linked together with a command line frontend. The aim is to provide a tool that can be used to:

  1. easily view the pre-processed version of a file, no need to construct a complex command line: ppx will do

  2. use a single executable to run several transformations: no need to fork many times just for pre-processing

  3. improved errors for misspelled/misplaced attributes and extension points.

ocaml4.02-ppx-enumerate 113.33.03 — Generate a list containing all values of a finite type

Ppx_enumerate is a ppx rewriter which generates a definition for the list of all values of a type (for a type which only has finitely many values).

ocaml4.02-ppx-expect 113.33.03 — Cram like framework for OCaml

Expect-test is a framework for writing tests in OCaml, similar to Cram. Expect-tests mimic the existing inline tests framework with the let%expect_test construct. The body of an expect-test can contain output-generating code, interleaved with %expect extension expressions to denote the expected output.

ocaml4.02-ppx-fail 113.33.03 — Add location to calls to failwiths

Syntax extension that makes [failwiths] always include a position.

ocaml4.02-ppx-fields-conv 113.33.03 — Generation of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml records

Ppx_fields_conv is a ppx rewriter that can be used to define first class values representing record fields, and additional routines, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values.

ocaml4.02-ppx-here 113.33.03 — Expands [%here] into its location

Expands [%here] into its location.

ocaml4.02-ppx-inline-test 113.33.03 — Syntax extension for writing in-line tests in ocaml code

Syntax extension for writing in-line tests in ocaml code.

ocaml4.02-ppx-jane 113.33.03 — Standard Jane Street ppx rewriters

Ppx_jane is a ppx_driver including all standard ppx rewriters.

ocaml4.02-ppx-let 113.33.03 — Monadic let-bindings

A ppx rewriter for monadic and applicative let bindings, match expressions, and if expressions.

ocaml4.02-ppx-optcomp 113.33.03 — Optional compilation for OCaml

Ppx_optcomp stands for Optional Compilation. It is a tool used to handle optional compilations of pieces of code depending of the word size, the version of the compiler, ...

ocaml4.02-ppx-pipebang 113.33.03 — Inline reverse application operators `|>` and `|!`

A ppx rewriter that inlines reverse application operators |> and |!.

ocaml4.02-ppx-sexp-conv 113.33.03 — Generation of S-expression conversion functions from type definitions

Generation of S-expression conversion functions from type definitions.

ocaml4.02-ppx-sexp-message 113.33.03 — A ppx rewriter for easy construction of s-expressions

Ppx_sexp_message aims to ease the creation of s-expressions in OCaml. This is mainly motivated by writing error and debugging messages, where one needs to construct a s-expression based on various element of the context such as function arguments.

ocaml4.02-ppx-sexp-value 113.33.03 — Simplify building s-expressions from ocaml values

A ppx rewriter that simplifies building s-expressions from ocaml values.

ocaml4.02-ppx-tools 5.0+4.02.0 — Tools for authors of ppx rewriters and other syntactic tools

Tools for authors of ppx rewriters and other syntactic tools.

ocaml4.02-ppx-type-conv 113.33.03 — Support Library for type-driven code generators

The type_conv library factors out functionality needed by different preprocessors that generate code from type specifications.

ocaml4.02-ppx-typerep-conv 113.33.03 — Generation of runtime types from type declarations

Automatic generation of runtime types from type definitions.

ocaml4.02-ppx-variants-conv 113.33.03 — Generation of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml variant types

Generation of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml variant types.

ocaml4.02-qcheck — QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml

QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml. This module allows to check invariants (properties of some types) over randomly generated instances of the type. It provides combinators for generating instances and printing them.

ocaml4.02-qtest 2.8 — Inline (Unit) Tests for OCaml

Qtest extracts inline unit tests written using a special syntax in comments. Those tests are then run using the oUnit framework and the qcheck library. The possibilities range from trivial tests -- extremely simple to use -- to sophisticated random generation of test cases.

ocaml4.02-re 1.8.0 — Regular expression library for OCaml

Pure OCaml regular expressions with:

  1. Perl-style regular expressions (module Re_perl)

  2. Posix extended regular expressions (module Re_posix)

  3. Emacs-style regular expressions (module Re_emacs)

  4. Shell-style file globbing (module Re_glob)

  5. Compatibility layer for OCaml's built-in Str module (module Re_str)

ocaml4.02-react 1.2.0 — Declarative events and signals for OCaml

React is an OCaml module for functional reactive programming (FRP). It provides support to program with time varying values: declarative events and signals. React doesn't define any primitive event or signal, it lets the client choose the concrete timeline.

ocaml4.02-result 1.2 — Compatibility Result module

Uses the new result type defined in OCaml >= 4.03 while staying compatible with older version of OCaml should use the Result module defined in this library.

ocaml4.02-rresult 0.5.0 — Result value combinators for OCaml

Handle computation results and errors in an explicit and declarative manner, without resorting to exceptions. It defines combinators to operate on the result type available from OCaml 4.03 in the standard library.

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