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python2-seaborn 0.7.1 — Statistical data visualization

Seaborn is a library for making attractive and informative statistical graphics in Python. It is built on top of matplotlib and tightly integrated with the PyData stack, including support for numpy and pandas data structures and statistical routines from scipy and statsmodels.

python2-setproctitle 1.1.10 — Setproctitle implementation for Python to customize the process title

The library allows a process to change its title (as displayed by system tools such as ps and top).

Changing the title is mostly useful in multi-process systems, for example when a master process is forked: changing the children's title allows to identify the task each process is busy with. The technique is used by PostgreSQL and the OpenSSH Server for example.

python2-setuptools 31.0.0 — Library designed to facilitate packaging Python projects

Setuptools is a fully-featured, stable library designed to facilitate packaging Python projects, where packaging includes: Python package and module definitions, distribution package metadata, test hooks, project installation, platform-specific details, Python 3 support.

python2-setuptools-scm 1.15.0 — Manage Python package versions in SCM metadata

Setuptools_scm handles managing your Python package versions in software configuration management (SCM) metadata instead of declaring them as the version argument or in a SCM managed file.

python2-setuptools-scm-git-archive 1.0 — Setuptools_scm plugin for git archives

The setuptools_scm_git_archive package is a plugin to setuptools_scm, which supports obtaining versions from git archives that belong to tagged versions.

python2-sge-pygame 1.5.1 — 2D game engine for Python

The SGE Game Engine ("SGE", pronounced like "Sage") is a general-purpose 2D game engine. It takes care of several details fro you so you can focus on the game itself. This makes more rapid game development possible, and it also makes the SGE easy to learn.

python2-sh 1.11 — Python subprocess interface

Abstracts process invocation by providing a function interface for programs.

python2-shedskin 0.9.4 — Experimental Python-2 to C++ Compiler

This is an experimental compiler for a subset of Python. It generates C++ code and a Makefile.

python2-simplegeneric 0.8.1 — Python module for simple generic functions

The simplegeneric module lets you define simple single-dispatch generic functions, akin to Python’s built-in generic functions like len(), iter() and so on. However, instead of using specially-named methods, these generic functions use simple lookup tables, akin to those used by e.g. pickle.dump() and other generic functions found in the Python standard library.

python2-simplejson 3.10.0 — Json library for Python

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a subset of JavaScript syntax (ECMA-262 3rd edition) used as a lightweight data interchange format.

Simplejson exposes an API familiar to users of the standard library marshal and pickle modules. It is the externally maintained version of the json library contained in Python 2.6, but maintains compatibility with Python 2.5 and (currently) has significant performance advantages, even without using the optional C extension for speedups. Simplejson is also supported on Python 3.3+.

python2-singledispatch — Backport of singledispatch feature from Python 3.4

This library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6-3.3.

python2-sip 4.19.3 — Python binding creator for C and C++ libraries

SIP is a tool to create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries. It was originally developed to create PyQt, the Python bindings for the Qt toolkit, but can be used to create bindings for any C or C++ library.

SIP comprises a code generator and a Python module. The code generator processes a set of specification files and generates C or C++ code, which is then compiled to create the bindings extension module. The SIP Python module provides support functions to the automatically generated code.

python2-six 1.10.0 — Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities

Six is a Python 2 and 3 compatibility library. It provides utility functions for smoothing over the differences between the Python versions with the goal of writing Python code that is compatible on both Python versions. Six supports every Python version since 2.5. It is contained in only one Python file, so it can be easily copied into your project.

python2-slowaes 0.1a1 — Implementation of AES in Python

This package contains an implementation of AES in Python. This implementation is slow (hence the project name) but still useful when faster ones are not available.

python2-smmap2 2.0.3 — Python sliding window memory map manager

smmap2 is a pure Python implementation of a sliding window memory map manager.

python2-snowballstemmer 1.2.1 — Snowball stemming library collection for Python

This package provides 16 word stemmer algorithms generated from Snowball algorithms. It includes the 15 original ones plus the Poerter English stemmer.

python2-sockjs-tornado 1.0.3 — SockJS python server implementation on top of Tornado framework

SockJS-tornado provides the server side counterpart to a SockJS client library, through the Tornado framework.

SockJS provides a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between a web browser and web server.

python2-socksipy-branch 1.01 — Python SOCKS module

SocksiPy - A Python SOCKS client module. It provides a socket-like interface that supports connections to any TCP service through the use of a SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy. The original version was developed by Dan Haim, this is a branch created by Mario Vilas to address some open issues, as the original project seems to have been abandoned circa 2007.

python2-spectra 0.0.8 — Color scales and color conversion

This package provides a Python library intended to make color math, color scales, and color space conversion easy. It has support for:

  1. Color scales

  2. Color ranges

  3. Color blending

  4. Brightening/darkening colors

  5. Saturating/desaturating colors

  6. Conversion to/from multiple color spaces.

python2-sphinx 1.5.1 — Python documentation generator

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create documentation for Python projects or other documents consisting of multiple reStructuredText sources.

python2-sphinx-alabaster-theme 0.7.9 — Configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme

Alabaster is a visually (c)lean, responsive, configurable theme for the Sphinx documentation system. It's the default theme of Sphinx.

python2-sphinx-cloud-sptheme 1.8.0 — 'Cloud' theme for Sphinx documenter

This package contains the "Cloud" theme for Sphinx and some related extensions.

python2-sphinx-me 0.3 — Create a Sphinx documentation shell

Create a Sphinx documentation shell for your project and include the README file as the documentation index. It handles extracting the required meta data such as the project name, author and version from your project for use in your Sphinx docs.

python2-sphinx-repoze-autointerface 0.8 — Auto-generate Sphinx API docs from Zope interfaces

This package defines an extension for the Sphinx documentation system. The extension allows generation of API documentation by introspection of zope.interface instances in code.

python2-sphinx-rtd-theme 0.2.4 — theme for Sphinx

A theme for Sphinx used by

python2-sphinxcontrib-programoutput 0.10 — Sphinx extension to include program output

A Sphinx extension to literally insert the output of arbitrary commands into documents, helping you to keep your command examples up to date.

python2-sql 0.9 — Library to write SQL queries in a pythonic way

python-sql is a library to write SQL queries, that transforms idiomatic python function calls to well-formed SQL queries.

python2-sqlalchemy 1.0.12 — Database abstraction library

SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that gives application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL. It provides a full suite of well known enterprise-level persistence patterns, designed for efficient and high-performing database access, adapted into a simple and Pythonic domain language.

python2-sqlalchemy-utils 0.32.13 — Various utility functions for SQLAlchemy

SQLAlchemy-utils provides various utility functions and custom data types for SQLAlchemy. SQLAlchemy is an SQL database abstraction library for Python.

You might also want to install the following optional dependencies:

  1. python-passlib

  2. python-babel

  3. python-cryptography

  4. python-pytz

  5. python-psycopg2

  6. python-furl

  7. python-flask-babel

python2-sqlparse 0.2.4 — Non-validating SQL parser

Sqlparse is a non-validating SQL parser for Python. It provides support for parsing, splitting and formatting SQL statements.

python2-statsmodels 0.8.0 — Statistical modeling and econometrics in Python

Statsmodels is a Python package that provides a complement to scipy for statistical computations including descriptive statistics and estimation and inference for statistical models.

python2-steadymark 0.7.3 — Markdown-based test runner for python

Steadymark allows documentation to be written in github-flavoured markdown. The documentation may contain snippets of code surrounded by python code blocks and Steadymark will find these snippets and run them, making sure that there are no old malfunctional examples in the documentation examples.

python2-stem 1.5.4 — Python controller library that allows applications to interact with Tor

Stem is a Python controller library for Tor. With it you can use Tor's control protocol to script against the Tor process and read descriptor data relays publish about themselves.

python2-stemming 1.0.1 — Python implementations of various stemming algorithms

Python implementations of the Porter, Porter2, Paice-Husk, and Lovins stemming algorithms for English. These implementations are straightforward and efficient, unlike some Python versions of the same algorithms available on the Web. This package is an extraction of the stemming code included in the Whoosh search engine.

python2-stevedore 1.12.0 — Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications

Python makes loading code dynamically easy, allowing you to configure and extend your application by discovering and loading extensions ("plugins") at runtime. Many applications implement their own library for doing this, using __import__ or importlib. Stevedore avoids creating yet another extension mechanism by building on top of setuptools entry points. The code for managing entry points tends to be repetitive, though, so stevedore provides manager classes for implementing common patterns for using dynamically loaded extensions.

python2-straight-plugin 1.4.1 — Simple namespaced plugin facility

Straight Plugin provides a type of plugin you can create from almost any existing Python modules, and an easy way for outside developers to add functionality and customization to your projects with their own plugins.

python2-subprocess32 3.2.7 — Backport of the subprocess module from Python 3.2

This is a backport of the subprocess standard library module from Python 3.2 and 3.3 for use on Python 2. It includes bugfixes and some new features. On POSIX systems it is guaranteed to be reliable when used in threaded applications. It includes timeout support from Python 3.3 but otherwise matches 3.2’s API.

python2-subunit 0.0.21 — Python implementation of the subunit protocol

Python-subunit is a Python implementation of the subunit test streaming protocol.

python2-sure 1.4.6 — Automated testing library in python for python

Sure is a python library that leverages a DSL for writing assertions. Sure is heavily inspired by RSpec Expectations and should.js.

python2-swagger-spec-validator 2.1.0 — Validation of Swagger specifications

swagger_spec_validator provides a library for validating Swagger API specifications.

python2-swiftclient 2.6.0 — OpenStack Object Storage API Client Library

OpenStack Object Storage (code-named Swift) creates redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of standardized servers to store petabytes of accessible data. It is not a file system or real-time data storage system, but rather a long-term storage system for a more permanent type of static data that can be retrieved, leveraged, and then updated if necessary. Primary examples of data that best fit this type of storage model are virtual machine images, photo storage, email storage and backup archiving. Having no central "brain" or master point of control provides greater scalability, redundancy and permanence.

python2-sympy 1.1.1 — Python library for symbolic mathematics

SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics. It aims to become a full-featured computer algebra system (CAS) while keeping the code as simple as possible in order to be comprehensible and easily extensible.

python2-tables 3.2.2 — Hierarchical datasets for Python

PyTables is a package for managing hierarchical datasets and designed to efficiently cope with extremely large amounts of data.

python2-tabulate 0.7.7 — Pretty-print tabular data

Tabulate is a library and command-line utility to pretty-print tabular data in Python.

python2-tblib 1.3.0 — Traceback serialization library

Traceback serialization allows you to:

  1. Pickle tracebacks and raise exceptions with pickled tracebacks in different processes. This allows better error handling when running code over multiple processes (imagine multiprocessing, billiard, futures, celery etc).

  2. Parse traceback strings and raise with the parsed tracebacks.

python2-tempdir 0.7.1 — Python library for managing temporary directories

This library manages temporary directories that are automatically deleted with all their contents when they are no longer needed. It is particularly convenient for use in tests.

python2-tempest-lib 1.0.0 — OpenStack functional testing library

Tempest-lib is a functional testing library for OpenStack. It provides common features used in Tempest.

python2-termcolor 1.1.0 — ANSII Color formatting for terminal output

This package provides ANSII Color formatting for output in terminals.

python2-terminado 0.6 — Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets

This package provides a Tornado websocket backend for the term.js Javascript terminal emulator library.

python2-testlib 0.6.5 — Python micro test suite harness

A micro unittest suite harness for Python.

python2-testpath 0.2 — Test utilities for code working with files and commands

Testpath is a collection of utilities for Python code working with files and commands. It contains functions to check things on the filesystem, and tools for mocking system commands and recording calls to those.

python2-testrepository 0.0.20 — Database for Python test results

Testrepository provides a database of test results which can be used as part of a developer's workflow to check things such as what tests have failed since the last commit or what tests are currently failing.

python2-testresources 0.2.7 — Pyunit extension for managing test resources

Testresources is an extension to Python's unittest to allow declarative use of resources by test cases.

python2-testscenarios 0.4 — Pyunit extension for dependency injection

Testscenarios provides clean dependency injection for Python unittest style tests.

python2-testtools 1.4.0 — Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework

Testtools extends the Python standard library unit testing framework to provide matchers, more debugging information, and cross-Python compatibility.

python2-texttable 0.8.7 — Python module for creating simple ASCII tables

Texttable is a Python module for creating simple ASCII tables.

python2-tlsh 3.4.4 — Fuzzy matching library for Python

Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hash (TLSH) is a fuzzy matching library. Given a byte stream with a minimum length of 256 bytes, TLSH generates a hash value which can be used for similarity comparisons. Similar objects have similar hash values, which allows for the detection of similar objects by comparing their hash values. The byte stream should have a sufficient amount of complexity; for example, a byte stream of identical bytes will not generate a hash value.

python2-tmx 1.10 — Python library for the Tiled TMX format

Python TMX reads and writes the Tiled TMX format in a simple way. This is useful for map editors or generic level editors, and it's also useful for using a map editor or generic level editor like Tiled to edit your game's levels.

python2-tornado 4.5.1 — Python web framework and asynchronous networking library

Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed. By using non-blocking network I/O, Tornado can scale to tens of thousands of open connections, making it ideal for long polling, WebSockets, and other applications that require a long-lived connection to each user.

python2-tox 2.8.1 — Virtualenv-based automation of test activities

Tox is a generic virtualenv management and test command line tool. It can be used to check that a package installs correctly with different Python versions and interpreters, or run tests in each type of supported environment, or act as a frontend to continuous integration servers.

python2-tqdm 4.15.0 — Fast, extensible progress meter

Make loops show a progress bar on the console by just wrapping any iterable with |tqdm(iterable)|. Offers many options to define design and layout.

python2-traceback2 1.4.0 — Backports of the traceback module

This module provides a standard interface to extract, format and print stack traces of Python programs. It exactly mimics the behavior of the Python interpreter when it prints a stack trace.

python2-tracing 0.10 — Python debug logging helper

python2-tracing is a python library for logging debug messages. It provides a way to turn debugging messages on and off, based on the filename they occur in. It is much faster than using logging.Filter to accomplish the same thing, which matters when code is run in production mode. The actual logging still happens using the logging library.

python2-traitlets 4.2.0 — Configuration system for Python applications

Traitlets is a framework that lets Python classes have attributes with type checking, dynamically calculated default values, and ‘on change’ callbacks. The package also includes a mechanism to use traitlets for configuration, loading values from files or from command line arguments. This is a distinct layer on top of traitlets, so you can use traitlets in your code without using the configuration machinery.

python2-translate-toolkit 2.1.0 — Tools and API for translation and localization engineering

Tools and API for translation and localization engineering. It contains several utilities, as well as an API for building localization tools.

python2-translitcodec 0.4.0 — Unicode to 8-bit charset transliteration codec

This package contains codecs for transliterating ISO 10646 texts into best-effort representations using smaller coded character sets (ASCII, ISO 8859, etc.).

python2-trollius-redis 0.1.4 — Port of asyncio-redis to trollius

trollius-redis is a Redis client for Python trollius. It is an asynchronious IO (PEP 3156) implementation of the Redis protocol.

python2-ttystatus 0.35 — Python library for showing progress reporting and status updates on terminals

python2-ttystatus is a python library for showing progress reporting and status updates on terminals, for command line programs. Output is automatically adapted to the width of the terminal: truncated if it does not fit, and resized if the terminal size changes.

python2-twine 1.9.1 — Collection of utilities for interacting with PyPI

twine currently supports registering projects and uploading distributions. It authenticates the user over HTTPS, allows them to pre-sign their files and supports any packaging format (including wheels).

python2-twisted 17.1.0 — Asynchronous networking framework written in Python

Twisted is an extensible framework for Python programming, with special focus on event-based network programming and multiprotocol integration.

python2-twobitreader 3.1.4 — Python library for reading .2bit files

twobitreader is a Python library for reading .2bit files as used by the UCSC genome browser.

python2-ufolib 2.1.1 — Low-level UFO reader and writer

UfoLib reads and writes Unified Font Object (UFO) files. UFO is a file format that stores fonts source files.

python2-ukpostcodeparser 1.0.3 — UK Postcode parser for Python

This library provides the parse_uk_postcode function for parsing UK postcodes.

python2-unicodecsv 0.14.1 — Unicode CSV module for Python 2

Unicodecsv is a drop-in replacement for Python 2.7's CSV module, adding support for Unicode strings.

python2-unidecode 0.04.21 — ASCII transliterations of Unicode text

Unidecode provides ASCII transliterations of Unicode text. Unidecode is useful when integrating with legacy code that doesn't support Unicode, or for ease of entry of non-Roman names on a US keyboard, or when constructing ASCII machine identifiers from human-readable Unicode strings that should still be somewhat intelligible.

python2-uniseg 0.7.1 — Python library to determine Unicode text segmentations

Uniseg is a Python package used to determine Unicode text segmentations. Supported segmentations include:

  1. Code point (any value in the Unicode codespace)

  2. Grapheme cluster (user-perceived character made of a single or multiple Unicode code points, e.g. "G" + acute-accent)

  3. Word break

  4. Sentence break

  5. Line break

python2-unittest2 1.1.0 — Python unit testing library

Unittest2 is a replacement for the unittest module in the Python standard library.

python2-uritemplate 3.0.0 — Library to deal with URI Templates

uritemplate provides Python library to deal with URI Templates.

python2-url 0.2.0 — URL Parsing

Library for parsing urls.

python2-urllib3 1.18.1 — HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling

Urllib3 supports features left out of urllib and urllib2 libraries. It can reuse the same socket connection for multiple requests, it can POST files, supports url redirection and retries, and also gzip and deflate decoding.

python2-urwid 1.3.1 — Console user interface library for Python

Urwid is a curses-based UI/widget library for Python. It includes many features useful for text console applications.

python2-urwidtrees 1.0.2 — Tree widgets for urwid

Urwidtrees is a Widget Container API for the urwid toolkit. Use it to build trees of widgets.

python2-utils 2.1.0 — Convenient utilities not included with the standard Python install

Python Utils is a collection of small Python functions and classes which make common patterns shorter and easier.

python2-validate-email 1.3 — Verifies if an email address is valid and really exists

validate_email can be used to verify if an email address is valid and really exists.

python2-validictory 1.0.1 — General purpose Python data validator

It allows validation of arbitrary Python data structures.

The schema format is based on the JSON Schema proposal (, so combined with json the library is also useful as a validator for JSON data.

python2-vcversioner — Python library for version number discovery

Vcversioner is a Python library that inspects tagging information in a variety of version control systems in order to discover version numbers.

python2-verboselogs 1.7 — Verbose logging level for Python's logging module

The verboselogs package extends Python's logging module to add the log levels NOTICE, SPAM, SUCCESS and VERBOSE.

python2-virtualenv 15.0.3 — Virtual Python environment builder

Virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments.

python2-vobject 0.9.5 — Parse and generate vCard and vCalendar files

Vobject is intended to be a full featured Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files. Currently, iCalendar files are supported and well tested. vCard 3.0 files are supported, and all data should be imported, but only a few components are understood in a sophisticated way.

python2-waf 1.9.8 — Python-based build system

Waf is a Python-based framework for configuring, compiling and installing applications.

python2-waitress 0.8.10 — Waitress WSGI server

Waitress is meant to be a production-quality pure-Python WSGI server with very acceptable performance.

python2-warpedlmm 0.21 — Implementation of warped linear mixed models

WarpedLMM is a Python implementation of the warped linear mixed model, which automatically learns an optimal warping function (or transformation) for the phenotype as it models the data.

python2-wcwidth 0.1.7 — Measure number of terminal column cells of wide-character codes

Wcwidth measures the number of terminal column cells of wide-character codes. It is useful for those implementing a terminal emulator, or programs that carefully produce output to be interpreted by one. It is a Python implementation of the wcwidth and wcswidth C functions specified in POSIX.1-2001 and POSIX.1-2008.

python2-webencodings 0.5 — Character encoding aliases for legacy web content

In order to be compatible with legacy web content when interpreting something like Content-Type: text/html; charset=latin1, tools need to use a particular set of aliases for encoding labels as well as some overriding rules. For example, US-ASCII and iso-8859-1 on the web are actually aliases for windows-1252, and an UTF-8 or UTF-16 BOM takes precedence over any other encoding declaration. The WHATWG Encoding standard defines all such details so that implementations do not have to reverse-engineer each other.

This module implements the Encoding standard and has encoding labels and BOM detection, but the actual implementation for encoders and decoders is Python’s.

python2-webob 1.5.1 — WSGI request and response object

WebOb provides wrappers around the WSGI request environment, and an object to help create WSGI responses.

python2-websocket-client 0.37.0 — WebSocket client for Python

The Websocket-client module provides the low level APIs for WebSocket usage in Python programs.

python2-webtest 2.0.20 — Helper to test WSGI applications

Webtest allows you to test your Python web applications without starting an HTTP server. It supports anything that supports the minimum of WSGI.

python2-werkzeug 0.11.15 — Utilities for WSGI applications

One of the most advanced WSGI utility modules. It includes a powerful debugger, full-featured request and response objects, HTTP utilities to handle entity tags, cache control headers, HTTP dates, cookie handling, file uploads, a powerful URL routing system and a bunch of community-contributed addon modules.

python2-wheel 0.30.0a0 — Format for built Python packages

A wheel is a ZIP-format archive with a specially formatted filename and the .whl extension. It is designed to contain all the files for a PEP 376 compatible install in a way that is very close to the on-disk format. Many packages will be properly installed with only the Unpack step and the unpacked archive preserves enough information to Spread (copy data and scripts to their final locations) at any later time. Wheel files can be installed with a newer pip or with wheel's own command line utility.

python2-whoosh 2.7.4 — Full text indexing, search, and spell checking library

Whoosh is a fast, pure-Python full text indexing, search, and spell checking library.