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ruby-minitest-hooks 1.4.1 — Hooks for the minitest framework

Minitest-hooks adds around, before_all, after_all, around_all hooks for Minitest. This allows, for instance, running each suite of specs inside a database transaction, running each spec inside its own savepoint inside that transaction. This can significantly speed up testing for specs that share expensive database setup code.

ruby-minitest-moar 0.0.4 — Extra features and changes to MiniTest

MiniTest Moar add some additional features and changes some default behaviours in MiniTest. For instance, Moar replaces the MiniTest Object#stub with a global stub method.

ruby-minitest-pretty-diff 0.1-1.11f32e93 — Pretty-print hashes and arrays in MiniTest

minitest-pretty_diff monkey-patches MiniTest::Assertions#mu_pp to pretty-print hashes and arrays before diffing them. This makes it easier to spot differences between nested structures when tests fail.

ruby-minitest-rg 5.2.0 — Coloured output for Minitest

minitest-rg changes the colour of the output from Minitest.

ruby-minitest-sprint 1.1.0 — Fast test suite runner for minitest

Minitest-sprint is a test runner for minitest that makes it easier to re-run individual failing tests.

ruby-minitest-tu-shim 1.3.3 — Adapter library between minitest and test/unit

This library bridges the gap between the small and fast minitest and Ruby's large and slower test/unit.

ruby-mocha 1.1.0 — Mocking and stubbing library for Ruby

Mocha is a mocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbing of methods on real (non-mock) classes.

ruby-multi-json 1.12.2 — Common interface to multiple JSON libraries for Ruby

This package provides a common interface to multiple JSON libraries, including Oj, Yajl, the JSON gem (with C-extensions), the pure-Ruby JSON gem, NSJSONSerialization, gson.rb, JrJackson, and OkJson.

ruby-multipart-post 2.0.0 — Multipart POST library for Ruby

Multipart-Post Adds multipart POST capability to Ruby's net/http library.

ruby-nenv 0.3.0 — Ruby interface for modifying the environment

Nenv provides a convenient wrapper for Ruby's ENV to modify and inspect the environment.

ruby-net-http-digest-auth 1.4.1 — RFC 2617 HTTP digest authentication library

This library implements HTTP's digest authentication scheme based on RFC 2617. This enables the use of the digest authentication scheme instead of the more insecure basic authentication scheme.

ruby-net-http-persistent 3.0.0 — Persistent HTTP connection manager

Net::HTTP::Persistent manages persistent HTTP connections using Net::HTTP, supporting reconnection and retry according to RFC 2616.

ruby-net-ssh 4.1.0 — Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol

Net::SSH is a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol. It allows you to write programs that invoke and interact with processes on remote servers, via SSH2.

ruby-netrc 0.11.0 — Library to read and update netrc files

This library can read and update netrc files, preserving formatting including comments and whitespace.

ruby-nokogiri 1.8.0 — HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser for Ruby

Nokogiri (鋸) parses and searches XML/HTML, and features both CSS3 selector and XPath 1.0 support.

ruby-nokogiri-diff 0.2.0-1.a38491e4 — Calculate the differences between two XML/HTML documents

Nokogiri::Diff adds the ability to calculate the differences (added or removed nodes) between two XML/HTML documents.

ruby-nokogumbo 1.4.7-1.fb51ff29 — Ruby bindings to the Gumbo HTML5 parser

Nokogumbo allows a Ruby program to invoke the Gumbo HTML5 parser and access the result as a Nokogiri parsed document.

ruby-notiffany 0.1.1 — Wrapper libray for notification libraries

Notiffany is a Ruby wrapper libray for notification libraries such as Libnotify.

ruby-options 2.3.2 — Ruby library to parse options from *args cleanly

The options library helps with parsing keyword options in Ruby functions.

ruby-orderedhash 0.0.6 — Ruby library providing an order-preserving hash

Orderedhash is a Ruby library providing a hash implementation that preserves the order of items and features some array-like extensions.

ruby-ox 2.6.0 — Optimized XML library for Ruby

Optimized XML (Ox) is a fast XML parser and object serializer for Ruby written as a native C extension. It was designed to be an alternative to Nokogiri and other Ruby XML parsers for generic XML parsing and as an alternative to Marshal for Object serialization.

ruby-packnga 1.0.4 — Utility library to package internationalized libraries

Packnga is a library to translate to many languages using YARD.

ruby-permutation 0.1.8 — Library to perform operations with sequence permutations

This package provides a Ruby library to perform different operations with permutations of sequences, such as strings and arrays.

ruby-pg 0.21.0 — Ruby interface to PostgreSQL

Pg is the Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS. It works with PostgreSQL 8.4 and later.

ruby-pkg-config 1.2.5 — Detect libraries for compiling Ruby native extensions

pkg-config can be used in your extconf.rb to properly detect need libraries for compiling Ruby native extensions.

ruby-power-assert 0.2.7 — Assert library with descriptive assertion messages

Power-assert is an assertion library providing descriptive assertion messages for tests.

ruby-progress_bar 1.1.0 — Ruby library for displaying progress bars

ProgressBar is a simple library for displaying progress bars. The maximum value is configurable, and additional information can be displayed like the percentage completion, estimated time remaining, elapsed time and rate.

ruby-pry 0.11.1 — Ruby REPL

Pry is an IRB alternative and runtime developer console for Ruby. It features syntax highlighting, a plugin architecture, runtime invocation, and source and documentation browsing.

ruby-pry-editline 1.1.2 — Open the current REPL line in an editor

This gem provides a plugin for the Ruby REPL to enable opening the current line in an external editor.

ruby-pstree 0.1.0 — Create a process tree data structure

This library uses the output of the ps command to create a process tree data structure for the current host.

ruby-puma 3.9.1 — Simple, concurrent HTTP server for Ruby/Rack

Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications. Puma is intended for use in both development and production environments. In order to get the best throughput, it is highly recommended that you use a Ruby implementation with real threads like Rubinius or JRuby.

ruby-pygmentize 0.0.3 — Thin Ruby wrapper around pygmentize

Pygmentize provides a simple way to call pygmentize from within a Ruby application.

ruby-qed 2.9.2 — Test framework utilizing literate programming techniques

Quality Ensured Demonstrations (QED) is a test framework for Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) utilizing Literate Programming techniques. QED sits somewhere between lower-level testing tools like Test::Unit and requirement specifications systems like Cucumber.

ruby-rack 2.0.3 — Unified web application interface for Ruby

Rack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web applications in Ruby. By wrapping HTTP requests and responses, it unifies the API for web servers, web frameworks, and software in between into a single method call.

ruby-rake-compiler 1.0.4 — Building and packaging helper for Ruby native extensions

Rake-compiler provides a framework for building and packaging native C and Java extensions in Ruby.

ruby-rb-fsevent 0.10.2 — FSEvents API with signals catching

This library provides Ruby bindings for the Mac OSX FSEvents API.

ruby-rb-inotify 0.9.10 — Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify

rb-inotify is a simple wrapper over the inotify Linux kernel subsystem for monitoring changes to files and directories.

ruby-rc4 0.1.5 — Implementation of the RC4 algorithm

RubyRC4 is a pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm.

ruby-redcarpet 3.4.0 — Extensible Markdown to (X)HTML converter

Redcarpet is an extensible Ruby library for Markdown processing and conversion to (X)HTML.

ruby-redcloth 4.3.2 — Textile markup language parser for Ruby

RedCloth is a Ruby parser for the Textile markup language.

ruby-rjb 1.5.5 — Ruby-to-Java bridge using the Java Native Interface

RJB is a bridge program that connects Ruby and Java via the Java Native Interface.

ruby-rspec 3.5.0 — Behavior-driven development framework for Ruby

RSpec is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for Ruby. This meta-package includes the RSpec test runner, along with the expectations and mocks frameworks.

ruby-rspec 2.14.1 — Behavior-driven development framework for Ruby

RSpec is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for Ruby. This meta-package includes the RSpec test runner, along with the expectations and mocks frameworks.

ruby-rspec-core 2.14.8 — RSpec core library

Rspec-core provides the RSpec test runner and example groups.

ruby-rspec-core 3.5.4 — RSpec core library

Rspec-core provides the RSpec test runner and example groups.

ruby-rspec-expectations 2.14.5 — RSpec expectations library

Rspec-expectations provides a simple API to express expected outcomes of a code example.

ruby-rspec-expectations 3.5.0 — RSpec expectations library

Rspec-expectations provides a simple API to express expected outcomes of a code example.

ruby-rspec-mocks 3.5.0 — RSpec stubbing and mocking library

Rspec-mocks provides RSpec's "test double" framework, with support for stubbing and mocking.

ruby-rspec-mocks 2.14.6 — RSpec stubbing and mocking library

Rspec-mocks provides RSpec's "test double" framework, with support for stubbing and mocking.

ruby-rubygems-tasks 0.2.4 — Rake tasks for managing and releasing Ruby Gems

Rubygems-task provides Rake tasks for managing and releasing Ruby Gems.

ruby-rubytest 0.8.1 — Universal test harness for Ruby

Rubytest is a testing meta-framework for Ruby. It can handle any compliant test framework and can run tests from multiple frameworks in a single pass.

ruby-rubytest-cli 0.2.0 — Command-line interface for rubytest

Rubytest CLI is a command-line interface for running tests for Rubytest-based test frameworks. It provides the rubytest executable.

ruby-rubyzip 1.2.1 — Ruby module is for reading and writing zip files

The rubyzip module provides ways to read from and create zip files.

ruby-saikuro-treemap 0.2.0 — Generate complexity treemap based on saikuro analysis

This gem generates a treemap showing the complexity of Ruby code on which it is run. It uses Saikuro under the covers to analyze Ruby code complexity.

ruby-sanitize 4.0.0 — Whitelist-based HTML and CSS sanitizer

Sanitize is a whitelist-based HTML and CSS sanitizer. Given a list of acceptable elements, attributes, and CSS properties, Sanitize will remove all unacceptable HTML and/or CSS from a string.

ruby-sdoc 0.4.2 — Generate searchable RDoc documentation

SDoc is an RDoc documentation generator to build searchable HTML documentation for Ruby code.

ruby-sequel 4.49.0 — Database toolkit for Ruby

Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a concise DSL for constructing SQL queries and table schemas. It includes a comprehensive ORM layer for mapping records to Ruby objects and handling associated records.

ruby-shellany 0.0.1 — Capture command output

Shellany is a Ruby library providing functions to capture the output produced by running shell commands.

ruby-shindo 0.3.8 — Simple depth first Ruby testing

Shindo is a simple depth first testing library for Ruby.

ruby-shoulda 3.5.0 — Context framework and matchers for testing

shoulda is a meta-package combining shoulda-context and shoulda-matchers providing tools for writing tests.

ruby-shoulda-context 1.2.2 — Test::Unit context framework extracted from Shoulda

shoulda-context is the context framework extracted from Shoulda. Instead of writing Ruby methods with lots_of_underscores, shoulda-context adds context, setup, and should blocks combine to produce natural test method names.

ruby-shoulda-matchers 3.1.2 — Collection of testing matchers extracted from Shoulda

Shoulda Matchers provides RSpec- and Minitest-compatible one-liners that test common Rails functionality. These tests would otherwise be much longer, more complex, and error-prone.

ruby-shoulda-matchers 2.8.0 — Collection of testing matchers extracted from Shoulda

Shoulda Matchers provides RSpec- and Minitest-compatible one-liners that test common Rails functionality. These tests would otherwise be much longer, more complex, and error-prone.

ruby-simplecov 0.12.0 — Code coverage framework for Ruby

SimpleCov is a code coverage framework for Ruby with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites.

ruby-simplecov-html 0.10.1 — Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool

This package provides the default HTML formatter for the SimpleCov code coverage tool for Ruby version 1.9 and above.

ruby-slop 3.6.0 — Ruby command line option parser

Slop provides a Ruby domain specific language for gathering options and parsing command line flags.

ruby-slop 4.5.0 — Ruby command line option parser

Slop provides a Ruby domain specific language for gathering options and parsing command line flags.

ruby-spring 1.7.2 — Ruby on Rails application preloader

Spring is a Ruby on Rails application preloader. It speeds up development by keeping your application running in the background so the application does need to boot it every time you run a test, rake task or migration.

ruby-sqlite3 1.3.13 — Interface with SQLite3 databases

This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine.

ruby-systemu 2.6.5 — Capture of stdout/stderr and handling of child processes

Systemu can be used on any platform to return status, stdout, and stderr of any command. Unlike other methods like open3 and popen4 there is no danger of full pipes or threading issues hanging your process or subprocess.

ruby-tdiff 0.3.3-1.b662a604 — Calculate the differences between two tree-like structures

This library provides functions to calculate the differences between two tree-like structures. It is similar to Ruby's built-in TSort module.

ruby-term-ansicolor 1.6.0 — Ruby library to control the attributes of terminal output

This Ruby library uses ANSI escape sequences to control the attributes of terminal output.

ruby-test-unit 3.2.5 — Unit testing framework for Ruby

Test::Unit is unit testing framework for Ruby, based on xUnit principles. These were originally designed by Kent Beck, creator of extreme programming software development methodology, for Smalltalk's SUnit. It allows writing tests, checking results and automated testing in Ruby.

ruby-text 1.3.1 — Collection of text algorithms for Ruby

This package provides a collection of text algorithms: Levenshtein, Soundex, Metaphone, Double Metaphone, Porter Stemming.

ruby-thor 0.19.4 — Ruby toolkit for building command-line interfaces

Thor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.

ruby-thread-safe 0.3.6 — Thread-safe utilities for Ruby

The thread_safe library provides thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby.

ruby-timecop 0.9.1 — Test mocks for time-dependent functions

Timecop provides "time travel" and "time freezing" capabilities, making it easier to test time-dependent code. It provides a unified method to mock,, and in a single call.

ruby-tins 1.15.0 — Assorted tools for Ruby

Tins is a Ruby library providing assorted tools.

ruby-ttfunk 1.4.0 — Font metrics parser for the Prawn PDF generator

TTFunk is a TrueType font parser written in pure Ruby. It is used as part of the Prawn PDF generator.

ruby-turn 0.9.7 — Alternate set of alternative runners for MiniTest

TURN provides a set of alternative runners for MiniTest which are both colorful and informative. TURN displays each test on a separate line with failures being displayed immediately instead of at the end of the tests. Note that TURN is no longer being maintained.

ruby-tzinfo 1.2.3 — Time zone library for Ruby

TZInfo is a Ruby library that provides daylight savings aware transformations between times in different time zones.

ruby-tzinfo-data 1.2016.9 — Data from the IANA Time Zone database

This library provides TZInfo::Data, which contains data from the IANA Time Zone database packaged as Ruby modules for use with TZInfo.

ruby-unf 0.1.4 — Unicode Normalization Form support to Ruby and JRuby

ruby-unf is a wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support to both Ruby and JRuby. It uses unf_ext on CRuby and java.text.Normalizer on JRuby.

ruby-unf-ext — Unicode normalization form support library

This package provides unicode normalization form support for Ruby.

ruby-useragent 0.16.8 — HTTP user agent parser for Ruby

UserAgent is a Ruby library that parses and compares HTTP User Agents.

ruby-utils 0.9.0 — Command line tools for working with Ruby

This package provides assorted command line tools that may be useful when working with Ruby code.

ruby-xml-simple 1.1.5 — Simple Ruby library for XML processing

This library provides a simple API for XML processing in Ruby.

ruby-yard 0.9.6 — Documentation generation tool for Ruby

YARD is a documentation generation tool for the Ruby programming language. It enables the user to generate consistent, usable documentation that can be exported to a number of formats very easily, and also supports extending for custom Ruby constructs such as custom class level definitions.

rush 1.8 — Restricted user (login) shell

This is a GNU package.

GNU Rush is a restricted user shell, for systems on which users are to be provided with only limited functionality or resources. Administrators set user rights via a configuration file which can be used to limit, for example, the commands that can be executed, CPU time, or virtual memory usage.

rustc 1.22.1 — Compiler for the Rust progamming language

Rust is a systems programming language that provides memory safety and thread safety guarantees.

rxvt-unicode 9.22 — Rxvt clone with XFT and unicode support

Rxvt-unicode (urxvt) is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as an xterm replacement for users who do not require features such as Tektronix 4014 emulation and toolkit-style configurability. It supports unicode, XFT and may be extended with Perl plugins. It also comes with a client/daemon pair that lets you open any number of terminal windows from within a single process.