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rdma-core 14 — Utilities and libraries for working with RDMA devices

This package provides userspace components for the InfiniBand subsystem of the Linux kernel. Specifically it contains userspace libraries for the following device nodes:

  1. /dev/infiniband/uverbsX (libibverbs)

  2. /dev/infiniband/rdma_cm (librdmacm)

  3. /dev/infiniband/umadX (libibumad)

The following service daemons are also provided:

  1. srp_daemon (for the ib_srp kernel module)

  2. iwpmd (for iWARP kernel providers)

  3. ibacm (for InfiniBand communication management assistant)

rdmd 2.077.1 — Specialized equivalent to 'make' for the D language

rdmd is a companion to the dmd compiler that simplifies the typical edit-compile-link-run or edit-make-run cycle to a rapid edit-run cycle. Like make and other tools, rdmd uses the relative dates of the files involved to minimize the amount of work necessary. Unlike make, rdmd tracks dependencies and freshness without requiring additional information from the user.

rdup 1.1.15 — Provide a list of files to backup

Rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the plan9 way of doing backups. Rdup itself does not backup anything, it only print a list of absolute file names to standard output. Auxiliary scripts are needed that act on this list and implement the backup strategy.

re2 2018-09-01 — Fast, safe, thread-friendly regular expression engine

RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl and Python. It is a C++ library.

re2c 1.1.1 — Lexer generator for C/C++

re2c generates minimalistic hard-coded state machine (as opposed to full-featured table-based lexers). Flexible API allows generated code to be wired into virtually any environment. Instead of exposing traditional yylex() style API, re2c exposes its internals. Be sure to take a look at examples, they cover a lot of real-world cases and shed some light on dark corners of re2c API.

readline 6.2 — Edit command lines while typing, with history support

This is a GNU package.

The GNU readline library allows users to edit command lines as they are typed in. It can maintain a searchable history of previously entered commands, letting you easily recall, edit and re-enter past commands. It features both Emacs-like and vi-like keybindings, making its usage comfortable for anyone.

readline 7.0.3 — Edit command lines while typing, with history support

This is a GNU package.

The GNU readline library allows users to edit command lines as they are typed in. It can maintain a searchable history of previously entered commands, letting you easily recall, edit and re-enter past commands. It features both Emacs-like and vi-like keybindings, making its usage comfortable for anyone.

recode 3.7.1 — Text encoding converter

The Recode library converts files between character sets and usages. It recognises or produces over 200 different character sets (or about 300 if combined with an iconv library) and transliterates files between almost any pair. When exact transliteration are not possible, it gets rid of offending characters or falls back on approximations. The recode program is a handy front-end to the library.

recordmydesktop — Desktop session video recorder

recordMyDesktop is a command-line tool that captures the activity in your graphical desktop and encodes it as a video. This is a useful tool for making screencasts.

recordproto 1.14.2 — Xorg RecordProto protocol headers

Record Extension defines a protocol for the recording and playback of user actions in the X Window System.

recutils 1.7 — Manipulate plain text files as databases

This is a GNU package.

GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries for creating and manipulating text-based, human-editable databases. Despite being text-based, databases created with Recutils carry all of the expected features such as unique fields, primary keys, time stamps and more. Many different field types are supported, as is encryption.

red-eclipse 1.6.0 — Arena shooter derived from the Cube 2 engine

Red Eclipse is an arena shooter, created from the Cube2 engine. Offering an innovative parkour system and distinct but all potent weapons, Red Eclipse provides fast paced and accessible gameplay.

redis 4.0.10 — Key-value cache and store

Redis is an advanced key-value cache and store. Redis supports many data structures including strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs.

redland 1.0.17 — RDF library

The Redland RDF Library (librdf) provides the RDF API and triple stores.

redshift 1.12 — Adjust the color temperature of your screen

Redshift adjusts the color temperature according to the position of the sun. A different color temperature is set during night and daytime. During twilight and early morning, the color temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature to allow your eyes to slowly adapt. At night the color temperature should be set to match the lamps in your room.

reducelcs 1.0-1.474f88d — Approximate Longest Commons Subsequence computation tool

reduceLCS is an implementation of the Reduce-Expand algorithm for LCS. It is a fast program to compute the approximate Longest Commons Subsequence of a set of strings.

remind 3.1.15 — Sophisticated calendar and alarm program

Remind allows you to remind yourself of upcoming events and appointments. Each reminder or alarm can consist of a message sent to standard output, or a program to be executed. It also features: sophisticated date calculation, moon phases, sunrise/sunset, Hebrew calendar, alarms, PostScript output and proper handling of holidays.

rename 1.00 — Perl extension for renaming multiple files

This package provides a Perl interface (Perl::Rename) as well as a command-line utility (rename) that can rename multiple files at once based on a Perl regular expression.

renderproto 0.11.1 — Xorg RenderProto protocol headers

Rendering Extension defines a protcol for a digital image composition as the foundation of a new rendering model within the X Window System.

rep-gtk — GTK+ binding for librep

Rep-GTK is a GTK+ (and GLib, GDK) binding to the librep, and one of the backend of Sawfish.

reposurgeon 3.43 — Edit version-control repository history

Reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata and removing commits. It works with any version control system that can export and import Git fast-import streams, including Git, Mercurial, Fossil, Bazaar, CVS, RCS, and Src. It can also read Subversion dump files directly and can thus be used to script production of very high-quality conversions from Subversion to any supported Distributed Version Control System (DVCS).

reptyr 0.6.2 — Tool for reparenting a running program to a new terminal

reptyr is a utility for taking an existing running program and attaching it to a new terminal. Started a long-running process over ssh, but have to leave and don't want to interrupt it? Just start a screen, use reptyr to grab it, and then kill the ssh session and head on home.

resourceproto 1.2.0 — Xorg ResourceProto protocol headers

Resource Extension defines a protocol that allows a client to query the X server about its usage of various resources.

rest 0.8.1 — RESTful web api query library

This is a GNU package.

This library was designed to make it easier to access web services that claim to be "RESTful". It includes convenience wrappers for libsoup and libxml to ease remote use of the RESTful API.

restic 0.9.2 — Backup program with multiple revisions, encryption and more

Restic is a program that does backups right and was designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Easy: Doing backups should be a frictionless process, otherwise you might be tempted to skip it. Restic should be easy to configure and use, so that, in the event of a data loss, you can just restore it. Likewise, restoring data should not be complicated.

  • Fast: Backing up your data with restic should only be limited by your network or hard disk bandwidth so that you can backup your files every day. Nobody does backups if it takes too much time. Restoring backups should only transfer data that is needed for the files that are to be restored, so that this process is also fast.

  • Verifiable: Much more important than backup is restore, so restic enables you to easily verify that all data can be restored.

  • Secure: Restic uses cryptography to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of your data. The location the backup data is stored is assumed not to be a trusted environment (e.g. a shared space where others like system administrators are able to access your backups). Restic is built to secure your data against such attackers.

  • Efficient: With the growth of data, additional snapshots should only take the storage of the actual increment. Even more, duplicate data should be de-duplicated before it is actually written to the storage back end to save precious backup space.

retroarch 1.7.5 — Reference frontend for the libretro API

Libretro is a simple but powerful development interface that allows for the easy creation of emulators, games and multimedia applications that can plug straight into any libretro-compatible frontend. RetroArch is the official reference frontend for the libretro API, currently used by most as a modular multi-system game/emulator system.

retux 1.3.5 — Action platformer game

ReTux is an action platformer loosely inspired by the Mario games, utilizing the art assets from the SuperTux project.

rev-plugins 0.7.1 — LADSPA reverb plugin

This package provides a stereo reverb LADSPA plugin based on the well-known greverb.

rfkill 0.5 — Tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices

rfkill is a simple tool for accessing the rfkill device interface, which is used to enable and disable wireless networking devices, typically WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile broadband.

rhash 1.3.6 — Utility for computing hash sums

RHash is a console utility for calculation and verification of magnet links and a wide range of hash sums like CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, SHA3, AICH, ED2K, Tiger, DC++ TTH, BitTorrent BTIH, GOST R 34.11-94, RIPEMD-160, HAS-160, EDON-R, Whirlpool and Snefru.

rhythmbox 3.4.2 — Music player for GNOME

This is a GNU package.

Rhythmbox is a music playing application for GNOME. It supports playlists, song ratings, and any codecs installed through gstreamer.

ribodiff 0.2.2 — Detect translation efficiency changes from ribosome footprints

RiboDiff is a statistical tool that detects the protein translational efficiency change from Ribo-Seq (ribosome footprinting) and RNA-Seq data. It uses a generalized linear model to detect genes showing difference in translational profile taking mRNA abundance into account. It facilitates us to decipher the translational regulation that behave independently with transcriptional regulation.

ribotaper 1.3.1 — Define translated ORFs using ribosome profiling data

Ribotaper is a method for defining translated open reading frames (ORFs) using ribosome profiling (ribo-seq) data. This package provides the Ribotaper pipeline.

ripit 3.9.0 — Command-line program to extract audio CDs

RipIT is used to extract audio from CDs.

ripperx 2.8.0 — GTK program to rip and encode CD audio tracks

RipperX is a GTK program to rip CD audio tracks and encode them to the Ogg, MP3, or FLAC formats. Its goal is to be easy to use, requiring only a few mouse clicks to convert an entire album. It supports CDDB lookups for album and track information.

ristretto 0.8.3 — Fast and lightweight picture-viewer

The Ristretto Image Viewer is an application that can be used to view, and scroll through images. It can be used to run a slideshow of images, open images with other applications like an image-editor or configure an image as the desktop wallpaper.

ritornello 1.0.0 — Control-free peak caller for ChIP-seq data

Ritornello is a ChIP-seq peak calling algorithm based on signal processing that can accurately call binding events without the need to do a pair total DNA input or IgG control sample. It has been tested for use with narrow binding events such as transcription factor ChIP-seq.

rk3399-cortex-m0 1 — PMU Cortex M0 firmware for RK3399 Q7 (Puma)

Cortex-M0 firmware used with the RK3399 to implement power-management functionality and helpers (e.g. DRAM frequency switching support).

rkflashtool 0.0.0-1.094bd64 — Tools for flashing Rockchip devices

Allows flashing of Rockchip based embedded linux devices. The list of currently supported devices is: RK2818, RK2918, RK2928, RK3026, RK3036, RK3066, RK312X, RK3168, RK3188, RK3288, RK3368.

rlwrap 0.43 — Wrapper to allow the editing of keyboard commands

Rlwrap is a 'readline wrapper', a small utility that uses the GNU readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any command. You should consider rlwrap especially when you need user-defined completion (by way of completion word lists) and persistent history, or if you want to program 'special effects' using the filter mechanism.

rmath-standalone 3.5.0 — Standalone R math library

This package provides the R math library as an independent package.

rng-tools 6.5 — Random number generator daemon

Monitor a hardware random number generator, and supply entropy from that to the system kernel's /dev/random machinery.

roary 3.12.0 — High speed stand-alone pan genome pipeline

Roary is a high speed stand alone pan genome pipeline, which takes annotated assemblies in GFF3 format (produced by the Prokka program) and calculates the pan genome. Using a standard desktop PC, it can analyse datasets with thousands of samples, without compromising the quality of the results. 128 samples can be analysed in under 1 hour using 1 GB of RAM and a single processor. Roary is not intended for metagenomics or for comparing extremely diverse sets of genomes.

robocut 1.0.11 — Graphical program to drive plotting cutters

Robocut is a simple graphical program that allows you to cut graphics with Graphtec and Sihouette plotting cutters using an SVG file as its input.

rocksdb 5.12.4 — Persistent key-value store for fast storage

RocksDB is a library that forms the core building block for a fast key-value server, especially suited for storing data on flash drives. It has a Log-Structured-Merge-Database (LSM) design with flexible tradeoffs between Write-Amplification-Factor (WAF), Read-Amplification-Factor (RAF) and Space-Amplification-Factor (SAF). It has multi-threaded compactions, making it specially suitable for storing multiple terabytes of data in a single database. RocksDB is partially based on LevelDB.

roffit 0.11-1.e5228388e — Convert nroff files to HTML

Roffit is a program that reads an nroff file and outputs an HTML file. It is typically used to display man pages on a web site.

rofi 1.5.1 — Application launcher

Rofi is a minimalist application launcher. It memorizes which applications you regularly use and also allows you to search for an application by name.

roguebox-adventures 2.2.1 — A classical roguelike/sandbox game

RogueBox Adventures is a graphical roguelike with strong influences from sandbox games like Minecraft or Terraria. The main idea of RogueBox Adventures is to offer the player a kind of roguelike toy-world. This world can be explored and changed freely.

rosegarden 18.06 — Music composition and editing environment based around a MIDI sequencer

Rosegarden is a music composition and editing environment based around a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation and includes basic support for digital audio.

rottlog 0.72.2 — Log rotation and management

This is a GNU package.

GNU Rot[t]log is a program for managing log files. It is used to automatically rotate out log files when they have reached a given size or according to a given schedule. It can also be used to automatically compress and archive such logs. Rot[t]log will mail reports of its activity to the system administrator.

rpcbind 0.2.4 — Server to convert RPC program numbers into universal addresses

Rpcbind is a server that converts RPC program numbers into universal addresses.

rpm 4.14.2 — The RPM Package Manager

The RPM Package Manager (RPM) is a command-line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating computer software packages. Each software package consists of an archive of files along with information about the package like its version, a description. There is also a library permitting developers to manage such transactions from C or Python.

rrdtool 1.7.0 — Time-series data storage and display system

The Round Robin Database Tool (RRDtool) is a system to store and display time-series data (e.g. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). It stores the data in Round Robin Databases (RRDs), a very compact way that will not expand over time. RRDtool processes the extracted data to enforce a certain data density, allowing for useful graphical representation of data values.

rsem 1.3.1 — Estimate gene expression levels from RNA-Seq data

RSEM is a software package for estimating gene and isoform expression levels from RNA-Seq data. The RSEM package provides a user-friendly interface, supports threads for parallel computation of the EM algorithm, single-end and paired-end read data, quality scores, variable-length reads and RSPD estimation. In addition, it provides posterior mean and 95% credibility interval estimates for expression levels. For visualization, it can generate BAM and Wiggle files in both transcript-coordinate and genomic-coordinate.

rseqc 2.6.1 — RNA-seq quality control package

RSeQC provides a number of modules that can comprehensively evaluate high throughput sequence data, especially RNA-seq data. Some basic modules inspect sequence quality, nucleotide composition bias, PCR bias and GC bias, while RNA-seq specific modules evaluate sequencing saturation, mapped reads distribution, coverage uniformity, strand specificity, etc.

rsnapshot 1.4.2 — Deduplicating snapshot backup utility based on rsync

rsnapshot is a file system snapshot utility based on rsync. rsnapshot makes it easy to make periodic snapshots of local machines, and remote machines over SSH. To reduce the disk space required for each backup, rsnapshot uses hard links to deduplicate identical files.

rsound 1.1 — Networked audio system

RSound allows you to send audio from an application and transfer it directly to a different computer on your LAN network. It is an audio daemon with a much different focus than most other audio daemons.

rss-bridge 2018-03-11 — Generate Atom feeds for social networking websites

rss-bridge generates Atom feeds for social networking websites lacking feeds. Supported websites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

rsync 3.1.3 — Remote (and local) file copying tool

Rsync is a fast and versatile file copying tool. It can copy locally, to/from another host over any remote shell, or to/from a remote rsync daemon. Its delta-transfer algorithm reduces the amount of data sent over the network by sending only the differences between the source files and the existing files in the destination.

rtags 2.18 — Indexer for the C language family with Emacs integration

RTags is a client/server application that indexes C/C++ code and keeps a persistent file-based database of references, declarations, definitions, symbolnames etc. There’s also limited support for ObjC/ObjC++. It allows you to find symbols by name (including nested class and namespace scope). Most importantly we give you proper follow-symbol and find-references support.

rtl-sdr 0.5.3 — Software defined radio driver for Realtek RTL2832U

DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap software defined radio, since the chip allows transferring the raw I/Q samples to the host. rtl-sdr provides drivers for this purpose.

rtmidi 2.1.0 — Cross-platform MIDI library for C++

RtMidi is a set of C++ classes (RtMidiIn, RtMidiOut, and API specific classes) that provide a common cross-platform API for realtime MIDI input/output.

rtorrent 0.9.6 — BitTorrent client with ncurses interface

rTorrent is a BitTorrent client with an ncurses interface. It supports full encryption, DHT, PEX, and Magnet Links. It can also be controlled via XML-RPC over SCGI.

rubber 1.1 — Wrapper for LaTeX and friends

Rubber is a program whose purpose is to handle all tasks related to the compilation of LaTeX documents. This includes compiling the document itself, of course, enough times so that all references are defined, and running BibTeX to manage bibliographic references. Automatic execution of dvips to produce PostScript documents is also included, as well as usage of pdfLaTeX to produce PDF documents.

rubberband 1.8.1 — Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library

Rubber Band is a library and utility program that permits changing the tempo and pitch of an audio recording independently of one another.

ruby 2.3.7 — Programming language interpreter

Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

ruby 2.1.10 — Programming language interpreter

Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

ruby 1.8.7-p374 — Programming language interpreter

Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

ruby 2.2.10 — Programming language interpreter

Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

ruby 2.4.3 — Programming language interpreter

Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

ruby-activesupport 5.2.1 — Ruby on Rails utility library

ActiveSupport is a toolkit of support libraries and Ruby core extensions extracted from the Rails framework. It includes support for multibyte strings, internationalization, time zones, and testing.

ruby-addressable 2.5.2 — Alternative URI implementation

Addressable is a replacement for the URI implementation that is part of Ruby's standard library. It more closely conforms to RFC 3986, RFC 3987, and RFC 6570 (level 4), providing support for IRIs and URI templates.

ruby-ae 1.8.2 — Assertions library

Assertive Expressive (AE) is an assertions library specifically designed for reuse by other test frameworks.

ruby-afm 0.2.2 — Read Adobe Font Metrics (afm) files

This library provides methods to read Adobe Font Metrics (afm) files and use the data therein.

ruby-ansi 1.5.0 — ANSI escape code related libraries

This package is a collection of ANSI escape code related libraries enabling ANSI colorization and stylization of console output. Included in the library are the Code module, which defines ANSI codes as constants and methods, a Mixin module for including color methods, a Logger, a ProgressBar, and a String subclass. The library also includes a Terminal module which provides information about the current output device.

ruby-arel 8.0.0 — SQL AST manager for Ruby

Arel is an SQL Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) manager for Ruby. It simplifies the generation of complex SQL queries and adapts to various relational database implementations.

ruby-ascii85 1.0.3 — Encode and decode Ascii85 binary-to-text encoding

This library provides methods to encode and decode Ascii85 binary-to-text encoding. The main modern use of Ascii85 is in PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) file formats.

ruby-asciidoctor — Converter from AsciiDoc content to other formats

Asciidoctor is a text processor and publishing toolchain for converting AsciiDoc content to HTML5, DocBook 5 (or 4.5), PDF, and other formats.

ruby-asciimath 1.0.4 — AsciiMath parsing and conversion library

A pure Ruby AsciiMath parsing and conversion library. AsciiMath is an easy-to-write markup language for mathematics.

ruby-atoulme-antwrap 0.7.5 — Ruby wrapper for the Ant build tool

Antwrap is a Ruby module that wraps the Apache Ant build tool. Antwrap can be used to invoke Ant tasks from a Ruby or a JRuby script.

ruby-atoulme-saikuro 1.2.1 — Cyclomatic complexity analyzer

Saikuro is a Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer. When given Ruby source code Saikuro will generate a report listing the cyclomatic complexity of each method found. In addition, Saikuro counts the number of lines per method and can generate a listing of the number of tokens on each line of code.

ruby-bacon 1.2.0 — Small RSpec clone

Bacon is a small RSpec clone providing all essential features.

ruby-bacon-bits 0.1.0 — Extensions to Bacon, for disabling tests, before and after blocks and more

This extends the bacon testing framework with useful extensions to disable tests, have before and after blocks that run once and more.

ruby-bio-commandeer 0.4.0 — Simplified running of shell commands from within Ruby

Bio-commandeer provides an opinionated method of running shell commands from within Ruby. The advantage of bio-commandeer over other methods of running external commands is that when something goes wrong, messages printed to the STDOUT and STDERR streams are reported, giving extra detail to ease debugging.

ruby-bio-kseq 0.0.2 — Ruby bindings for the kseq.h FASTA/Q parser

Bio::Kseq provides ruby bindings to the kseq.h FASTA and FASTQ parsing code. It provides a fast iterator over sequences and their quality scores.

ruby-bio-logger 1.0.1 — Log4r wrapper for Ruby

Bio-logger is a wrapper around Log4r adding extra logging features such as filtering and fine grained logging.

ruby-blankslate 3.1.3 — Abstract base class with no predefined methods

BlankSlate provides an abstract base class with no predefined methods (except for __send__ and __id__). BlankSlate is useful as a base class when writing classes that depend upon method_missing (e.g. dynamic proxies).

ruby-bond 0.5.1 — Bond can provide custom autocompletion for arguments, methods and more

Bond can autocomplete argument(s) to methods, uniquely completing per module, per method and per argument. Bond provides a configuration system and a DSL for creating custom completions and completion rules. Bond can also load completions that ship with gems. Bond is able to offer more than irb's completion since it uses the full line of input when completing as opposed to irb's last-word approach.

ruby-brass 1.2.1 — Basic foundational assertions framework

BRASS (Bare-Metal Ruby Assertion System Standard) is a basic foundational assertions framework for other assertion and test frameworks to make use of.

ruby-builder 3.2.3 — Ruby library to create structured data

Builder provides a number of builder objects that make it easy to create structured data. Currently the following builder objects are supported: XML Markup and XML Events.

ruby-byebug 9.0.6 — Debugger for Ruby 2

Byebug is a Ruby 2 debugger implemented using the Ruby 2 TracePoint C API for execution control and the Debug Inspector C API for call stack navigation. The core component provides support that front-ends can build on. It provides breakpoint handling and bindings for stack frames among other things and it comes with a command line interface.

ruby-cane 3.0.0 — Code quality threshold checking

Cane fails your build if code quality thresholds are not met.

ruby-childprocess 0.9.0 — Control external programs running in the background, in Ruby

childprocess provides a gem to control external programs running in the background, in Ruby.

ruby-childprocess 0.6.3 — Control external programs running in the background, in Ruby

childprocess provides a gem to control external programs running in the background, in Ruby.

ruby-ci-reporter 2.0.0 — Generate XML reports of runs test

CI::Reporter is an add-on to Ruby testing frameworks that allows you to generate XML reports of your test runs. The resulting files can be read by a continuous integration system that understands Ant's JUnit report format.

ruby-clap 1.0.0 — Command line argument parsing for simple applications

Clap provides command line argument parsing features. It covers the simple case of executing code based on the flags or parameters passed.

ruby-code-statistics 0.2.13 — Port of the rails 'rake stats' method

This gem is a port of the rails 'rake stats' method so it can be made more robust and work for non rails projects.

ruby-coderay 1.1.2 — Ruby syntax highlighting library

Coderay is a Ruby library that provides syntax highlighting for select languages.

ruby-colorator 1.1.0 — Terminal color library

Colorator is a Ruby gem that helps you colorize your text for the terminal.

ruby-command-line-reporter 3.3.6 — Report production while executing Ruby scripts

This gem provides a DSL that makes it easy to write reports of various types in ruby. It eliminates the need to litter your source with puts statements, instead providing a more readable, expressive interface to your application.