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7.1.6 Events from ghostscript

If the final destination is a pixmap, the client will get a property notify event when ghostscript reads the GHOSTVIEW property causing it to be deleted.

Ghostscript sends events to the window where it read the GHOSTVIEW property. These events are of type ClientMessage. The message_type is set to either PAGE or DONE. The first long data value gives the window to be used to send replies to ghostscript. The second long data value gives the primary drawable. If rendering to a pixmap, it is the primary drawable. If rendering to a window, the backing pixmap is the primary drawable. If no backing pixmap is employed, then the window is the primary drawable. This field is necessary to distinguish multiple ghostscripts rendering to separate pixmaps where the GHOSTVIEW property was placed on the same window.

The PAGE message indicates that a "page" has completed. Ghostscript will wait until it receives a ClientMessage whose message_type is NEXT before continuing.

The DONE message indicates that ghostscript has finished processing.