In the past few months the Hurd got quite many commits.

I want to write a bit about the changes they brought, and what they mean to the Hurd.

If some of my comments seem too 'simple' to you, just ignore them :)

First we got many Bug fixes from Samuel Thibault, mainly in libpthread (multithreading), ext2fs and libdiskfs (both filesystem interaction).

Then hurd-l4 (the port of the Hurd on the L4 kernel) seems to get quite much love by Neal H. Walfield (neal) at the moment. Quite much is saying a bit to little: hurd-l4 looks steamingly active in the commits :)

And there is the PyHurd project. It attempts to create a full binding to the GNU/Hurd API, so people should someday be able to, for example, create translators in Python.

There's been more - a lot more in fact, but much of it is above my coding horizon, and this entry shall end someplace (it's late - too late :) ).

Best wishes, Arne