socketio is a translator designed for creating socket ports through the filesystem.

This is supposed to replace netio.


incubator, socketio/master


For example:

$ cat < ~/tmp/socketio/tcp/

Open Issues

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-30

<youpi> this was supposed to be much better than our current netio
<youpi> (which doesn't really have any documentation btw)
<teythoon> youpi: socketio looks nice. any reason in particular why you are
  working on it?
<youpi> teythoon: I was looking at the firewall stuff, and wondering about
  Zheng Da's work, and seen netio, thus wondered "what is it about
  already?" and found there was no documentation, so dug into the mailing
  list archives, only to find it was supposed to be precated in favour of
  socketio, etc. :)