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3.4 Options for Programs that Walk File and Directory Trees.

The programs mkid and xtokid accept the names of files and directories on the command line. Files are scanned if there is a scanner available and enabled for the file's source language. Directories are recursively descended, searching for files whose names match the rules listed in the language map file (see Language map).

The following option controls the file tree walker:

-p names
One or more file or directory names may appear in names. The file tree walker will stop short at these files and directories and their contents will not be scanned.
Rather than processing files named on the command line, process those named in file FILE; each name is terminated by a null byte. This is useful when the list of file names is so long that it may exceed a command line length limitation. One way to produce a list of null-byte-terminated file names is with gnu find, using its -print0 predicate. Do not specify any FILE on the command line when using this option.