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13 rexec: a remote execution program

rexec is a program that executes a program on another host.


rexec --user=login --password=pass --host=host  \
      [OPTION] command

13.1 Command line options


Use only IPv4 connections as all times.


Use only IPv6 connections.


Allow any address family for connections. This is the default.


Specify the TCP port to use for stderr redirection, in case it is not specified a random port will be used.


Specify the host with whom to connect: symbolic name or address.


If specified, an error stream will not be created.


Specify the password for logging-in. The special value consisting of a single dash ‘-’ will make rexec read a single line from stdin. This input is then used as password and is passed as such to the remote server. Thus it is possible to hide vital access information slightly better than the full disclosure implicit in the text of a command line option.


Specify to which numerical port a connection shall be sought. If it is not specified, then use port 512/tcp by default.


Specify the user with whom to log into the server.

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