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17 telnet: User interface to TELNET

Login to a remote system HOST, optionally using a (non-standard) service port PORT.


telnet [OPTION...] [HOST [PORT]]

17.1 Command line options


Use only IPv4.


Use only IPv6.


Use an 8-bit data path.


Attempt automatic login.

-b address

Bind to specific local address.


Do not read the user’s file $HOME/.telnetrc.


Turn on socket level debugging.

-e char

Use char as escape character.


Do not use an escape character.

-k realm

Request Kerberos realm realm instead of whatever is declared as default realm in the system’s or user’s settings.


Do not automatically login to the remote system.

-l user

Attempt automatic login as user.


Use an 8-bit data path for output only.

-n file

Record trace information into file.


Display a user-interface similar to that of rlogin.


If possible, encrypt the data stream.

-X atype

Disable authentication of type atype. Use this option multiple times if more than one type is to be disabled. Standard choices are ‘null’, ‘kerberos_v4’, and ‘kerberos_v5’.

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