libcdio-paranoia  10.2+0.94+2git
overlap.h File Reference

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void offset_add_value (cdrom_paranoia_t *p, offsets *o, long value, void(*callback)(long int, paranoia_cb_mode_t))
void offset_clear_settings (offsets *o)
void offset_adjust_settings (cdrom_paranoia_t *p, void(*callback)(long, paranoia_cb_mode_t))
void i_paranoia_trim (cdrom_paranoia_t *p, long beginword, long endword)
void paranoia_resetall (cdrom_paranoia_t *p)
void paranoia_resetcache (cdrom_paranoia_t *p)

Function Documentation

void i_paranoia_trim ( cdrom_paranoia_t p,
long  beginword,
long  endword 
void offset_add_value ( cdrom_paranoia_t p,
offsets o,
long  value,
void(*)(long int, paranoia_cb_mode_t callback 
void offset_adjust_settings ( cdrom_paranoia_t p,
void(*)(long, paranoia_cb_mode_t callback 
void offset_clear_settings ( offsets o)
void paranoia_resetall ( cdrom_paranoia_t p)
void paranoia_resetcache ( cdrom_paranoia_t p)