libcdio-paranoia  10.2+0.94+2git
Data Fields
sort_info Struct Reference

#include <isort.h>

Data Fields

int16_t * vector
long * abspos
long size
long maxsize
long sortbegin
long lo
long hi
int val
sort_link_t ** head
long * bucketusage
long lastbucket

Field Documentation

long* sort_info::abspos

Referenced by sort_setup().

long* sort_info::bucketusage
sort_link_t** sort_info::head
long sort_info::hi
long sort_info::lastbucket
long sort_info::lo

Referenced by sort_getmatch(), and sort_setup().

long sort_info::maxsize

Referenced by sort_alloc().

sort_link_t* sort_info::revindex

Referenced by sort_alloc(), and sort_free().

long sort_info::size
long sort_info::sortbegin
int sort_info::val

Referenced by sort_getmatch().

int16_t* sort_info::vector

Referenced by sort_alloc(), sort_free(), and sort_setup().

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