LibCVS Specification

$Date: 2005/08/15 21:21:36 $

LibCVS specification is a GNU project which defines an API for accessing CVS repositories. There are several implementations currently in progress.

In addition to defining the API, it acts as a communication hub for the developers of the various implementations, to discuss issues around LibCVS implementation, and CVS interoperability in general.


This project was originally hosted at, which also included several implementations under a single project. The specification has now been split off into its own project, hosted here. The implementation projects are also migrating to Savannah.


There are also some non-LibCVS libraries which may be of interest.


The specification is still in Alpha state, so only the most recent version is available. When a library makes it to production quality, the matching specification will be assigned a version number and made an official version.

Latest Version (Alpha)

Developers' Guide

The following documents are geared to help developers implementing the LibCVS specification. They accumulate the experience of all the developers who have worked on LibCVS implementations, and are a work in progress.