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14 Acknowledgements

The punycode implementation was taken from the IETF IDN Punycode specification, by Adam M. Costello. The TLD code was contributed by Thomas Jacob. The Java implementation was contributed by Oliver Hitz. The C# implementation was contributed by Alexander Gnauck. The Unicode tables were provided by Unicode, Inc. Some functions for dealing with Unicode (see nfkc.c and toutf8.c) were borrowed from GLib, downloaded from The manual borrowed text from Libgcrypt by Werner Koch.

Inspiration for many things that, consciously or not, have gone into this package is due to a number of free software package that the author has been exposed to. The author wishes to acknowledge the free software community in general, for giving an example on what role software development can play in the modern society.

Several people reported bugs, sent patches or suggested improvements, see the file THANKS in the top-level directory of the source code.