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1.2 Features

This library might have a couple of advantages over other libraries doing a similar job.

It’s Free Software

Anybody can use, modify, and redistribute it under the terms of a free software license.

It’s thread-safe

No global state is kept in the library. All functions are re-entrant.

It’s portable

The code is intended to be written in pure ANSI C89. It has been tested on many Unix like operating systems, and Windows.

It’s modularized

The library is composed of several modules, and the only interaction between modules is through each modules’ public API. If you only need one piece of functionality, it is possible to take the files you need and incorporate them into your own project.

It’s not bloated

The design of the library is based on the smallest API necessary to implement the basic functionality. It has been carefully extended with a small number of high-level wrappers to make it comfortable to use the library. However, it does not implement additional functionality just for the sake of completeness.

It’s documented

Sadly, not all software comes with documentation these days. This one does.