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1.2 Project status

1.2.1 What works, and what does not (yet)

As of today, the game is in beta state. It can be installed, and you can toy arround with. You can even play with. It is still far from being complete as some key features are still missing.

What works:

In the near future:

In the long run:

You might be interested in checking the following URLs, which give a view on opened tasks and bugs:

1.2.2 What has changed since Liquid War 5.x?

Liquid War 6 is a complete rewrite of Liquid War 5. The rewrite started in 2005. So a good question is “was the rewrite worth it?”...

Here’s a list of key improvements:

The most interesting change is still to come, and concerns network games.

Stay tuned.

1.2.3 Revision history

Liquid War 6 releases are “codenamed” after famous, historical, real or mythical characters. Here is a short revision history. For details, see the ChangeLog and NEWS files distributed with the game. Additionnally, there’s an ever-increasing “stamp” number which is incremented each time a build is done with a different source. Latest versions use the stamp as the revision number (the version 3rd number).

1.2.4 Road map

The game will probably be labelled “6.0.0” when network mode is up and running. Until then there will probably be other improvements concerning gameplay and appearance (“eye candy”). There’s a balance to keep between the major goals such as “make that network thingy work” and the very real fact that “hacking must be fun”.

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