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5.24 mod-caca

5.24.1 Overview

View lcov test coverage results on (as there are many sub-directories in this module, please refer to the test coverage directory index for complete information).

5.24.2 API

Function: void mod_caca_is_GPL_compatible ()

Defined to tell mod_caca is compatible with GNU General Public License Of course it is. This function does nothing, but the fact it’s declared makes its GPL compatibility obvious. Having this declared is required.

Return value: none

Function: lw6sys_module_pedigree_t * mod_caca_get_pedigree (lw6sys_context_t * sys_context)

sys_context: global system context

Returns the pedigree for mod-caca, giving details about the module, including name, description, licence, date/time of compilation.

Return value: dynamically allocated object.

Function: lw6gfx_backend_t * mod_caca_create_backend (lw6sys_context_t * sys_context)

sys_context: global system context

Creates a mod-caca backend.

Return value: backend pointer.