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C.2 Index for many concepts

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Index Entry  Section

argument currying: Composition
arguments to macros: Macro Arguments
arguments to macros: Arguments
arguments to macros, special: Pseudo Arguments
arguments, joining: Shift
arguments, more than nine: Arguments
arguments, more than nine: Shift
arguments, more than nine: Improved foreach
arguments, quoted macro: Quoting Arguments
arguments, reversing: Shift
arithmetic: Arithmetic
arrays: Define
avoiding quadratic behavior: Improved foreach

basic regular expressions: Regexp
basic regular expressions: Patsubst
blind macro: Inhibiting Invocation
blind macro: Ifelse
blind macro: Composition
bug reports: Bugs
builtins, indirect call of: Builtin
builtins, special tokens: Defn

call of builtins, indirect: Builtin
call of macros, indirect: Indir
case statement: Ifelse
changing comment delimiters: Changecom
changing quote delimiters: Changequote
changing syntax: Changeword
characters, translating: Translit
command line: Invoking m4
command line, file names on the: Command line files
command line, macro definitions on the: Preprocessor features
command line, options: Invoking m4
commands, exit status from shell: Sysval
commands, running shell: Shell commands
comment delimiters, changing: Changecom
comments: Comments
comments, copied to output: Changecom
comparing strings: Ifelse
compatibility: Compatibility
composing macros: Composition
concatenating arguments: Shift
conditional, short-circuiting: Shift
conditionals: Ifdef
controlling debugging output: Debug Levels
copying macros: Composition
counting loops: Forloop
currying arguments: Composition

debugging macros: Debugging
debugging output, controlling: Debug Levels
debugging output, saving: Debug Output
decrement operator: Incr
deferring expansion: M4wrap
deferring output: Diversions
defining new macros: Definitions
definition stack: Pushdef
definition stack: Stacks
definitions, displaying macro: Defn
definitions, displaying macro: Dumpdef
deleting macros: Undefine
deleting whitespace in input: Dnl
delimiters, changing: Changequote
delimiters, changing: Changecom
discarding diverted text: Cleardivert
discarding input: Ifelse
discarding input: Dnl
discarding input: Divert
displaying macro definitions: Dumpdef
diversion numbers: Divnum
diverted text, discarding: Cleardivert
diverting output to files: Divert
dumping into frozen file: Using frozen files

error messages, printing: Errprint
errors, fatal: Operation modes
evaluation, of integer expressions: Eval
examples, understanding: Manual
executing shell commands: Shell commands
exit status from shell commands: Sysval
exiting from m4: M4exit
expansion of macros: Macro expansion
expansion, deferring: M4wrap
expansion, tracing macro: Trace
expressions, evaluation of integer: Eval
expressions, regular: Regexp
expressions, regular: Patsubst
extracting substrings: Substr

fast loading of frozen files: Using frozen files
fatal errors: Operation modes
FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
file format, frozen file: Frozen file format
file inclusion: File Inclusion
file inclusion: Undivert
file inclusion: Undivert
file names, on the command line: Command line files
files, diverting output to: Divert
files, names of temporary: Mkstemp
for each loops: Foreach
for loops: Forloop
formatted output: Format
Free Documentation License (FDL), GNU: GNU Free Documentation License
frozen file format: Frozen file format
frozen files for fast loading: Using frozen files

General Public License (GPL), GNU: GNU General Public License
GNU extensions: Inhibiting Invocation
GNU extensions: Define
GNU extensions: Arguments
GNU extensions: Indir
GNU extensions: Builtin
GNU extensions: Debug Levels
GNU extensions: Debug Output
GNU extensions: Search Path
GNU extensions: Divert
GNU extensions: Undivert
GNU extensions: Undivert
GNU extensions: Regexp
GNU extensions: Patsubst
GNU extensions: Format
GNU extensions: Eval
GNU extensions: Esyscmd
GNU extensions: Mkstemp
GNU extensions: Using frozen files
GNU extensions: Extensions
GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
GNU General Public License: GNU General Public License
GNU M4, history of: History
GPL, GNU General Public License: GNU General Public License

history of m4: History

included files, search path for: Search Path
inclusion, of files: File Inclusion
inclusion, of files: Undivert
inclusion, of files: Undivert
increment operator: Incr
indirect call of builtins: Builtin
indirect call of macros: Indir
initialization, frozen state: Using frozen files
input location: Preprocessor features
input location: Location
input tokens: Syntax
input, discarding: Ifelse
input, discarding: Dnl
input, discarding: Divert
input, saving: M4wrap
integer arithmetic: Arithmetic
integer expression evaluation: Eval
invoking m4: Invoking m4
invoking macros: Invocation
iterating over lists: Foreach

joining arguments: Shift

length of strings: Len
lexical structure of words: Changeword
License, code: Copying This Package
License, manual: Copying This Manual
limit, nesting: Limits control
literal output: Pseudo Arguments
local variables: Pushdef
location, input: Preprocessor features
location, input: Location
loops: Shift
loops, counting: Forloop
loops, list iteration: Foreach

M4PATH: Search Path
macro composition: Composition
macro definitions, on the command line: Preprocessor features
macro expansion, tracing: Trace
macro invocation: Invocation
macro, blind: Inhibiting Invocation
macro, blind: Ifelse
macro, blind: Composition
macros, arguments to: Macro Arguments
macros, arguments to: Arguments
macros, copying: Composition
macros, debugging: Debugging
macros, displaying definitions: Defn
macros, displaying definitions: Dumpdef
macros, expansion of: Macro expansion
macros, how to define new: Definitions
macros, how to delete: Undefine
macros, how to rename: Defn
macros, indirect call of: Indir
macros, quoted arguments to: Quoting Arguments
macros, recursive: Shift
macros, special arguments to: Pseudo Arguments
macros, temporary redefinition of: Pushdef
manipulating quotes: Shift
messages, printing error: Errprint
more than nine arguments: Arguments
more than nine arguments: Shift
more than nine arguments: Improved foreach
multibranches: Ifelse

names: Names
nesting limit: Limits control
nine arguments, more than: Arguments
nine arguments, more than: Shift
nine arguments, more than: Improved foreach
numbers: Manual

options, command line: Invoking m4
output, diverting to files: Divert
output, formatted: Format
output, literal: Pseudo Arguments
output, saving debugging: Debug Output
overview of m4: Intro

pattern substitution: Patsubst
platform macros: Platform macros
positional parameters, more than nine: Arguments
POSIX: Extensions
POSIXLY_CORRECT: Incompatibilities
preprocessor features: Preprocessor features
printing error messages: Errprint
pushdef stack: Pushdef
pushdef stack: Stacks

quadratic behavior, avoiding: Improved foreach
quote delimiters, changing: Changequote
quote manipulation: Shift
quoted macro arguments: Quoting Arguments
quoted string: Quoted strings
quoting rule of thumb: Quoting Arguments

recursive macros: Shift
redefinition of macros, temporary: Pushdef
regular expressions: Changeword
regular expressions: Regexp
regular expressions: Patsubst
reloading a frozen file: Using frozen files
renaming macros: Defn
renaming macros: Composition
reporting bugs: Bugs
rescanning: Limits control
rescanning: Inhibiting Invocation
rescanning: Pseudo Arguments
rescanning: Defn
rescanning: Other Incompatibilities
reversing arguments: Shift
rule of thumb, quoting: Quoting Arguments
running shell commands: Shell commands

saving debugging output: Debug Output
saving input: M4wrap
search path for included files: Search Path
shell commands, exit status from: Sysval
shell commands, running: Shell commands
short-circuiting conditional: Shift
special arguments to macros: Pseudo Arguments
stack, macro definition: Pushdef
stack, macro definition: Stacks
standard error, output to: Dumpdef
standard error, output to: Trace
standard error, output to: Errprint
status of shell commands: Sysval
status, setting m4 exit: M4exit
string, quoted: Quoted strings
strings, length of: Len
substitution by regular expression: Patsubst
substrings, extracting: Substr
substrings, locating: Index macro
suggestions, reporting: Bugs
suppressing warnings: Macro Arguments
switch statement: Ifelse
synchronization lines: Preprocessor features
syntax, changing: Changeword

temporary file names: Mkstemp
temporary redefinition of macros: Pushdef
TMPDIR: Diversions
tokens: Syntax
tokens, builtin macro: Defn
tokens, special: Other tokens
tracing macro expansion: Trace
translating characters: Translit

undefining macros: Undefine
UNIX commands, exit status from: Sysval
UNIX commands, running: Shell commands

variables, local: Pushdef

warnings, suppressing: Macro Arguments
words: Names
words, lexical structure of: Changeword

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