6 Set up your mail server

This section describes some of the things you need to do to connect Mailman's email interface to your mail server. The instructions here are different for each mail server; if your mail server is not described in the following subsections, try to generalize from the existing documentation, and consider contributing documentation updates to the Mailman developers.

Under rare circumstances or due to mis-configuration, mail to the owner(s) of the 'mailman' site-list (see section 8) can bounce. In order to prevent a mail loop this mail is sent with envelope from mailman-loop which is normally aliased as

    mailman-loop: $varprefix/data/owner-bounces.mbox
but which can be aliased to any, always deliverable, local address or file. If you are using the Postfix MTA integrated as described in section 6.1, this alias will be generated automatically. In all other cases, you should install this alias along with your normal system aliases.