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4.5 Coding Style

In general our code follows the GNU Coding Standards (see GNU Coding Standards). However, they do not say much about Scheme, so here are some additional rules.

4.5.1 Programming Paradigm

Scheme code in Mes is written in a purely functional style.

4.5.2 Formatting Code

When writing Scheme code, we follow common wisdom among Scheme programmers. In general, we follow the Riastradh’s Lisp Style Rules. This document happens to describe the conventions mostly used in Guileā€™s code too. It is very thoughtful and well written, so please do read it.

If you do not use Emacs, please make sure to let your editor knows these rules.

Additionally, in Mes we prefer to format if statements like this

(if foo? trivial-then
    (let ((bar (the-longer …)))