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3.2.1 Environment Variables

Here are the environment variables (see see Environment Variables in Guile Reference) that affect the run-time behavior of mes:


Set MES_BOOT to change the initial Scheme program that mes runs.


The initial size of the arena see 5.3 in SICP in cells. Default: 20,000.


The maximum size of the arena in cells. Default: 100,000,000.


The maximum size of a string. Default: 524,288.

  1. Informational:
    • included SCM modules and sources
    • result of program
    • gc stats at exit
  2. opened files
  3. runtime gc stats
  4. detailed info
    • parsed, expanded program
    • list of builtins
    • list of symbol
    • opened input strings
    • gc details
  5. usage of opened input strings

This variable may be used to augment the path that is searched for Scheme files when loading. Its value should be a colon-separated list of directories. If it contains the special path component ... (ellipsis), then the default path is put in place of the ellipsis, otherwise the default path is placed at the end. The result is stored in %load-path.

Mes uses GUILE_LOAD_PATH for compatibility with Guile.