bt_cursor.c File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "db_int.h"
#include "db_page.h"
#include "db_shash.h"
#include "btree.h"
#include "lock.h"
#include "qam.h"
#include "common_ext.h"

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#define ACQUIRE(dbc, mode, lpgno, lock, fpgno, pagep, ret)
#define ACQUIRE_CUR(dbc, mode, ret)
#define ACQUIRE_CUR_SET(dbc, mode, p, ret)
#define ACQUIRE_WRITE_LOCK(dbc, ret)
#define DISCARD(dbc, ldiscard, lock, pagep, ret)
#define DISCARD_CUR(dbc, ret)
#define IS_CUR_DELETED(dbc)   IS_DELETED((dbc)->internal->page, (dbc)->internal->indx)
#define IS_CUR_DUPLICATE(dbc, orig_pgno, orig_indx)
#define IS_DELETED(page, indx)
#define IS_DUPLICATE(dbc, i1, i2)


static int __bam_c_close (DBC *dbc, db_pgno_t root_pgno, int *rmroot)
static int __bam_c_del (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_destroy (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_first (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_get (DBC *dbc, DBT *key, DBT *data, u_int32_t flags, db_pgno_t *pgnop)
static int __bam_c_getstack (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_last (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_next (DBC *dbc, int initial_move)
static int __bam_c_physdel (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_prev (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_c_put (DBC *dbc, DBT *key, DBT *data, u_int32_t flags, db_pgno_t *pgnop)
static void __bam_c_reset (BTREE_CURSOR *cp)
static int __bam_c_search (DBC *dbc, const DBT *key, u_int32_t flags, int *exactp)
static int __bam_c_writelock (DBC *dbc)
static int __bam_getboth_finddatum (DBC *dbc, DBT *data)
static int __bam_getbothc (DBC *dbc, DBT *data)
static int __bam_isopd (DBC *dbc, db_pgno_t *pgnop)
static int __bam_isopd __P ((DBC *, db_pgno_t *))
static int __bam_getboth_finddatum __P ((DBC *, DBT *))
static int __bam_c_search __P ((DBC *, const DBT *, u_int32_t, int *))
static void __bam_c_reset __P ((BTREE_CURSOR *))
static int __bam_c_next __P ((DBC *, int))
static int __bam_c_get __P ((DBC *, DBT *, DBT *, u_int32_t, db_pgno_t *))
static int __bam_c_del __P ((DBC *))
static int __bam_c_close __P ((DBC *, db_pgno_t, int *))
int CDB___bam_c_count (DBC *dbc, db_recno_t *recnop)
int CDB___bam_c_dup (DBC *orig_dbc, DBC *new_dbc)
int CDB___bam_c_init (DBC *dbc, DBTYPE dbtype)
int CDB___bam_c_refresh (DBC *dbc)
int CDB___bam_c_rget (DBC *dbc, DBT *data, u_int32_t flags)


static const char revid [] = "$Id: bt__cursor_8c.html,v 1.1 2008/06/08 10:13:31 sebdiaz Exp $"

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