StringList Member List

This is the complete list of members for StringList, including all inherited members.

Add(char *)StringList
Add(String *obj)StringList [inline]
List::Add(Object *)List [virtual]
AppendList(List &list)List
Assign(char *, int pos)StringList
Assign(String *obj, int pos)StringList [inline]
List::Assign(Object *, int position)List [virtual]
compare(const Object &)Object [inline, virtual]
Copy() const List [virtual]
Count() const List [inline]
Create(const char *str, char sep= '\t')StringList
Create(const String &str, char sep= '\t')StringList [inline]
Create(const char *str, const char *sep)StringList
Create(const String &str, const char *sep)StringList [inline]
cursorList [protected]
Destroy()List [virtual]
Get_Next()List [inline]
Get_Next(ListCursor &cursor) const List
headList [protected]
Index(Object *)List
Insert(char *, int pos)StringList
Insert(String *obj, int pos)StringList [inline]
List::Insert(Object *, int position)List [virtual]
Join(char) const StringList
Next(Object *current)List
Nth(ListCursor &cursor, int n) const List
Nth(int n) const List [inline]
Nth(int n)List [inline]
numberList [protected]
Object()Object [inline]
operator=(List *list)List [inline]
operator=(List &list)List
operator[](int n)StringList
List::operator[](int n) const List [inline]
Pop(int action=LIST_REMOVE_DESTROY)List [virtual]
Previous(Object *current)List
Push(Object *o)List [inline, virtual]
Release()List [virtual]
Remove(Object *)List [virtual]
Remove(int position, int action=LIST_REMOVE_DESTROY)List [virtual]
Shift(int action=LIST_REMOVE_DESTROY)List [inline, virtual]
Sort(int direction=0)StringList
Start_Get()List [inline]
Start_Get(ListCursor &cursor0) const List [inline]
StringList(const char *str, char sep= '\t')StringList [inline]
StringList(const String &str, char sep= '\t')StringList [inline]
StringList(const char *str, const char *sep)StringList [inline]
StringList(const String &str, const char *sep)StringList [inline]
tailList [protected]
Unshift(Object *o)List [inline, virtual]
~List()List [virtual]
~Object()Object [inline, virtual]

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