WordDBCaches Member List

This is the complete list of members for WordDBCaches, including all inherited members.

Add(char *key, int key_size, char *data, int data_size)WordDBCaches
AddFile(String &filename)WordDBCaches
cacheWordDBCaches [private]
CacheCompare(int(*compare)(WordContext *, const WordDBCacheEntry *, const WordDBCacheEntry *))WordDBCaches [inline]
CacheWrite(const String &filename)WordDBCaches
file_maxWordDBCaches [private]
filesWordDBCaches [private]
Full() const WordDBCaches [inline]
lockWordDBCaches [private]
Merge(const String &filea, const String &fileb, const String &tmpname)WordDBCaches
Merge(WordDB &db)WordDBCaches
ReadEntry(FILE *fp, WordDBCacheEntry &entry, unsigned char *&buffer, unsigned int &buffer_size)WordDBCaches
sizeWordDBCaches [private]
size_maxWordDBCaches [private]
WordDBCaches(WordList *nwords, int nfile_max, int size_hint, int nsize_max)WordDBCaches [inline]
wordsWordDBCaches [private]
WriteEntry(FILE *fp, WordDBCacheEntry &entry, unsigned char *&buffer, unsigned int &buffer_size)WordDBCaches
~WordDBCaches()WordDBCaches [inline]

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