WordDBEncoded Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file WordDBCompress.cc.

Public Member Functions

void AllocateStrings (unsigned int size)
void AllocateValues (int what, unsigned int size)
void CheckStrings (int index)
void CheckValues (int what, int index)
void Clear ()
void Get (WordBitCompress &stream)
void Init ()
void PushString (const unsigned char *string, int length)
void PushValue (int what, unsigned int value)
void Put (WordBitCompress &stream)
unsigned char * ShiftString (int length)
unsigned int ShiftValue (int what)
 WordDBEncoded ()
 ~WordDBEncoded ()

Public Attributes

unsigned char * strings
int strings_idx
int strings_length
int strings_size
unsigned int * values [WORD_CMPR_VAL_ARRAY_SIZE]
int values_idx [WORD_CMPR_VAL_ARRAY_SIZE]
int values_length [WORD_CMPR_VAL_ARRAY_SIZE]
int values_size [WORD_CMPR_VAL_ARRAY_SIZE]

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