__db_jumptab Struct Reference

#include <os_jump.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file os_jump.h.

Public Member Functions

int j_yield __P ((void))
ssize_t j_write __P ((int, const void *, size_t))
int j_unmap __P ((void *, size_t))
int j_unlink __P ((const char *))
int j_sleep __P ((u_long, u_long))
int j_seek __P ((int, size_t, db_pgno_t, u_int32_t, int, int))
int j_rename __P ((const char *, const char *))
void *j_realloc __P ((void *, size_t))
ssize_t j_read __P ((int, void *, size_t))
int j_open __P ((const char *, int,...))
int j_map __P ((char *, size_t, int, int, void **))
void *j_malloc __P ((size_t))
int j_ioinfo __P ((const char *, int, u_int32_t *, u_int32_t *, u_int32_t *))
int j_fsync __P ((int))
void j_free __P ((void *))
int j_exists __P ((const char *, int *))
int j_dirlist __P ((const char *, char ***, int *))
void j_dirfree __P ((char **, int))
int j_close __P ((int))

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