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Appendix B Binding Index

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Index Entry  Section

": Strings

#: Syntax of numerical constants
#!optional: Additional Notations
#!optional: Lambda Expressions
#!rest: Additional Notations
#!rest: Lambda Expressions
#(: Vectors
#b: Syntax of numerical constants
#d: Syntax of numerical constants
#e: Syntax of numerical constants
#f: True and False
#f: Conditionals
#f: Booleans
#i: Syntax of numerical constants
#o: Syntax of numerical constants
#t: True and False
#t: Conditionals
#t: Booleans
#x: Syntax of numerical constants
#\: Characters
#\alarm: Characters
#\backspace: Characters
#\delete: Characters
#\escape: Characters
#\newline: Characters
#\null: Characters
#\return: Characters
#\space: Characters
#\space: Strings
#\tab: Characters

': Quoting
': Lists

(: Lists
(): Lists

): Lists

*: Procedure Call Syntax
*: Numerical operations
*: Regular S-Expressions
*: *Matcher
*: *Parser
**: Regular S-Expressions
**: Regular S-Expressions
**?: Regular S-Expressions
*?: Regular S-Expressions
*default-pathname-defaults*: Operations on Pathnames
*matcher: *Matcher
*parser: *Parser
*parser-canonicalize-symbols?*: Input Procedures
*parser-radix*: Input Procedures
*random-state*: Random Numbers
*unparse-with-maximum-readability?*: Output Procedures
*unparser-list-breadth-limit*: Output Procedures
*unparser-list-depth-limit*: Output Procedures
*unparser-radix*: Output Procedures
*unparser-string-length-limit*: Output Procedures

+: Procedure Call Syntax
+: Exactness
+: Numerical operations
+: Regular S-Expressions
+: *Matcher
+: *Parser
+?: Regular S-Expressions
+inf: Flonum Operations

,: Quoting
,: Lists
,@: Quoting
,@: Lists

-: Numerical operations
-1+: Numerical operations
->namestring: Filenames and Pathnames
->pathname: Filenames and Pathnames
->pathname: Working Directory
->truename: File Manipulation
-inf: Flonum Operations

.: Lists
...: Pattern Language

/: Implementation restrictions
/: Numerical operations

1+: Numerical operations
1d-table/alist: 1D Tables
1d-table/get: 1D Tables
1d-table/lookup: 1D Tables
1d-table/put!: 1D Tables
1d-table/remove!: 1D Tables
1d-table?: 1D Tables

2d-get: The Association Table
2d-get-alist-x: The Association Table
2d-get-alist-y: The Association Table
2d-put!: The Association Table
2d-remove!: The Association Table

8-bit-char-set?: Character Sets

<: Numerical operations
<=: Numerical operations
<xml-!attlist>: XML Structure
<xml-!element>: XML Structure
<xml-!entity>: XML Structure
<xml-!notation>: XML Structure
<xml-declaration>: XML Structure
<xml-document>: XML Structure
<xml-dtd>: XML Structure
<xml-element>: XML Structure
<xml-external-id>: XML Structure
<xml-parameter-!entity>: XML Structure
<xml-processing-instructions>: XML Structure
<xml-unparsed-!entity>: XML Structure

=: Equivalence Predicates
=: Equivalence Predicates
=: Numerical operations
=: Numerical operations
=: Strings
=>: Conditionals

>: Numerical operations
>=: Numerical operations

?: Regular S-Expressions
?: *Matcher
?: *Parser
??: Regular S-Expressions

\": Strings
\a: Strings
\b: Strings
\n: Strings
\r: Strings
\t: Strings
\x: Strings
\\: Strings
\|: Strings

`: Quoting
`: Lists

abort: Restarts
abort: Invoking Standard Restart Code
abs: Numerical operations
access: Assignments
access-condition: Generating Operations on Conditions
access-condition: Simple Condition Instance Operations
acos: Numerical operations
alist->hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
alist->rb-tree: Red-Black Trees
alist->wt-tree: Construction of Weight-Balanced Trees
alist-copy: Association Lists
alist?: Association Lists
allocate-host-address: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
alt: Regular S-Expressions
alt: *Matcher
alt: *Parser
and: Conditionals
and: Booleans
and-let*: and-let* (SRFI 2)
angle: Numerical operations
angle: Numerical operations
any: Reduction of Lists
any-char: Regular S-Expressions
append: Cutting and Pasting Lists
append!: Cutting and Pasting Lists
append-map: Mapping of Lists
append-map: Mapping of Lists
append-map!: Mapping of Lists
append-map!: Mapping of Lists
append-map*: Mapping of Lists
append-map*: Mapping of Lists
append-map*!: Mapping of Lists
append-map*!: Mapping of Lists
apply: Procedure Operations
apply-hook-extra: Application Hooks
apply-hook-procedure: Application Hooks
apply-hook?: Application Hooks
asin: Numerical operations
assoc: Association Lists
association-procedure: Association Lists
assq: Association Lists
assv: Association Lists
atan: Numerical operations
atan: Numerical operations
atan: Flonum Operations

beep: Output Procedures
begin: Sequencing
binary-port?: Ports
bind-cell-contents!: Parameters
bind-condition-handler: Error System
bind-condition-handler: Condition Signalling
bind-condition-handler: Condition Handling
bind-condition-handler: Condition Handling
bind-default-condition-handler: Condition Signalling
bind-default-condition-handler: Condition Handling
bind-default-condition-handler: Condition Handling
bit-string->signed-integer: Integer Conversions of Bit Strings
bit-string->unsigned-integer: Integer Conversions of Bit Strings
bit-string-allocate: Construction of Bit Strings
bit-string-and: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-and!: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-andc: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-andc!: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-append: Cutting and Pasting Bit Strings
bit-string-clear!: Selecting Bit String Components
bit-string-copy: Construction of Bit Strings
bit-string-fill!: Modification of Bit Strings
bit-string-length: Selecting Bit String Components
bit-string-move!: Modification of Bit Strings
bit-string-movec!: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-not: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-or: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-or!: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-ref: Selecting Bit String Components
bit-string-set!: Selecting Bit String Components
bit-string-xor: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-xor!: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string-zero?: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string=?: Bitwise Operations on Bit Strings
bit-string?: Selecting Bit String Components
bit-substring: Cutting and Pasting Bit Strings
bit-substring-find-next-set-bit: Selecting Bit String Components
bit-substring-move-right!: Modification of Bit Strings
bitless-char?: Character implementation
bitmap-from-dib: DIB procedures
bool: Windows Types
boolean/and: Booleans
boolean/or: Booleans
boolean?: Booleans
both: Strings
bound-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
bound-restarts: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
bracketed-print-method: Custom Output
break-on-signals: Condition Signalling
break-on-signals: Condition Handling
break-on-signals: Condition Handling
buffered-input-chars on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
buffered-output-chars on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
byte: Windows Types

caaaar: Pairs
caaadr: Pairs
caaar: Pairs
caadar: Pairs
caaddr: Pairs
caadr: Pairs
caar: Pairs
cadaar: Pairs
cadadr: Pairs
cadar: Pairs
caddar: Pairs
cadddr: Pairs
caddr: Pairs
cadr: Pairs
call-with-binary-input-file: File Ports
call-with-binary-input-file: File Ports
call-with-binary-output-file: File Ports
call-with-binary-output-file: File Ports
call-with-current-continuation: Continuations
call-with-input-file: File Ports
call-with-output-bytevector: Bytevector Ports
call-with-output-file: File Ports
call-with-output-string: String Ports
call-with-port: Ports
call-with-port: File Ports
call-with-port: File Ports
call-with-temporary-file-pathname: File Manipulation
call-with-truncated-output-port: Ports
call-with-truncated-output-port: String Ports
call-with-truncated-output-string: String Ports
call-with-truncated-output-string: String Ports
call-with-truncated-output-string: String Ports
call-with-values: Continuations
canonical-host-name: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
capture-syntactic-environment: SC Transformer Definition
car: Storage Model
car: Pairs
car: Streams
car+cdr: Pairs
case: Conditionals
case: Sequencing
cd: Working Directory
cdaaar: Pairs
cdaadr: Pairs
cdaar: Pairs
cdadar: Pairs
cdaddr: Pairs
cdadr: Pairs
cdar: Pairs
cddaar: Pairs
cddadr: Pairs
cddar: Pairs
cdddar: Pairs
cddddr: Pairs
cdddr: Pairs
cddr: Pairs
cdr: Entry Format
cdr: Pairs
cdr: Streams
ceiling: Numerical operations
ceiling->exact: Numerical operations
cell-contents: Parameters
cell?: Parameters
char: *Matcher
char: Windows Types
char*: Windows Types
char->digit: Characters
char->integer: Characters
char->name: Characters
char-alphabetic?: Characters
char-alphanumeric?: Characters
char-bits: Character implementation
char-bits-limit: Character implementation
char-ci: Regular S-Expressions
char-ci: *Matcher
char-ci-predicate: Character implementation
char-ci<=?: Characters
char-ci<?: Characters
char-ci=?: Characters
char-ci>=?: Characters
char-ci>?: Characters
char-code: Character implementation
char-code-limit: Character implementation
char-downcase: Characters
char-foldcase: Characters
char-general-category: Unicode
char-graphic?: Prompting
char-in: Regular S-Expressions
char-in-set?: Character Sets
char-lower-case?: Characters
char-not-in: Regular S-Expressions
char-numeric?: Characters
char-predicate: Character implementation
char-ready?: Input Procedures
char-ready? on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
char-set: Character Sets
char-set: *Matcher
char-set*: Character Sets
char-set->code-points: Character Sets
char-set-difference: Character Sets
char-set-intersection: Character Sets
char-set-intersection*: Character Sets
char-set-invert: Character Sets
char-set-predicate: Character Sets
char-set-union: Character Sets
char-set-union*: Character Sets
char-set:alphabetic: Character Sets
char-set:alphanumeric: Character Sets
char-set:lower-case: Character Sets
char-set:numeric: Character Sets
char-set:upper-case: Character Sets
char-set:whitespace: Character Sets
char-set:whitespace: Strings
char-set=?: Character Sets
char-set?: Character Sets
char-upcase: Characters
char-upper-case?: Characters
char-whitespace?: Characters
char-whitespace?: Strings
char<=?: Characters
char<?: Characters
char=?: Equivalence Predicates
char=?: Equivalence Predicates
char=?: Characters
char>=?: Characters
char>?: Characters
char?: Characters
chars-remaining on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
circular-list: Miscellaneous List Operations
circular-list?: Selecting List Components
clear: Output Procedures
close-all-open-files: File Ports
close-input-port: Ports
close-output-port: Ports
close-port: Ports
close-syntax: SC Transformer Definition
close-tcp-server-socket: TCP Sockets
code-point-general-category: Unicode
code-point-in-set?: Character Sets
compile-regsexp: Regsexp Procedures
compiled-procedure?: Procedure Operations
complex?: Numerical operations
compound-procedure?: Procedure Operations
compute-char-set: Character Sets
conc-name: Structure Definitions
cond: Entry Format
cond: Conditionals
cond: Sequencing
cond: Booleans
cond-expand: cond-expand (SRFI 0)
condition-accessor: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-accessor: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-accessor: Simple Condition Instance Operations
condition-constructor: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-constructor: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-predicate: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-predicate: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-signaller: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-signaller: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition-type/error?: Condition Types
condition-type/field-names: Condition Types
condition-type/generalizations: Condition Types
condition-type:arithmetic-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:bad-range-argument: Numerical operations
condition-type:bad-range-argument: Integer Conversions of Bit Strings
condition-type:bad-range-argument: Integer Conversions of Bit Strings
condition-type:bad-range-argument: Object Hashing
condition-type:bad-range-argument: Taxonomy
condition-type:breakpoint: Error System
condition-type:breakpoint: Taxonomy
condition-type:control-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:datum-out-of-range: Taxonomy
condition-type:derived-file-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:derived-port-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:divide-by-zero: Taxonomy
condition-type:error: Condition Handling
condition-type:error: Condition State
condition-type:error: Condition Types
condition-type:error: Taxonomy
condition-type:file-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:file-operation-error: Miscellaneous Pathnames
condition-type:file-operation-error: File Manipulation
condition-type:file-operation-error: File Manipulation
condition-type:file-operation-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:floating-point-overflow: Taxonomy
condition-type:floating-point-underflow: Taxonomy
condition-type:illegal-datum: Taxonomy
condition-type:inapplicable-object: Taxonomy
condition-type:macro-binding: Environment Operations
condition-type:no-such-restart: Invoking Standard Restart Code
condition-type:no-such-restart: Invoking Standard Restart Code
condition-type:no-such-restart: Taxonomy
condition-type:not-loading: Taxonomy
condition-type:port-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:primitive-procedure-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:serious-condition: Error System
condition-type:serious-condition: Taxonomy
condition-type:simple-condition: Error System
condition-type:simple-condition: Taxonomy
condition-type:simple-error: Condition Signalling
condition-type:simple-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:simple-warning: Condition Signalling
condition-type:simple-warning: Taxonomy
condition-type:subprocess-abnormal-termination: Subprocess Conditions
condition-type:subprocess-signalled: Subprocess Conditions
condition-type:subprocess-stopped: Subprocess Conditions
condition-type:system-call-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:unassigned-variable: Variable Bindings
condition-type:unassigned-variable: Environment Operations
condition-type:unassigned-variable: Taxonomy
condition-type:unbound-variable: Environment Concepts
condition-type:unbound-variable: Dynamic Binding
condition-type:unbound-variable: Taxonomy
condition-type:variable-error: Taxonomy
condition-type:warning: Error System
condition-type:warning: Taxonomy
condition-type:wrong-number-of-arguments: Lambda Expressions
condition-type:wrong-number-of-arguments: Lambda Expressions
condition-type:wrong-number-of-arguments: Arity
condition-type:wrong-number-of-arguments: Taxonomy
condition-type:wrong-type-argument: Entry Format
condition-type:wrong-type-argument: Taxonomy
condition-type:wrong-type-datum: Taxonomy
condition-type?: Condition Types
condition/continuation: Condition State
condition/error?: Condition State
condition/report-string: Simple Condition Instance Operations
condition/restarts: Generating Operations on Conditions
condition/restarts: Condition State
condition/restarts: Simple Condition Instance Operations
condition/type: Condition State
condition?: Condition State
conjugate: Numerical operations
cons: Pairs
cons*: Construction of Lists
cons-stream: Streams
console-i/o-port: Ports
constructor: Structure Definitions
continuation?: Continuations
continue: Restarts
continue: Invoking Standard Restart Code
copier: Structure Definitions
copy-area on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
copy-area on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
copy-bitmap: DIB procedures
copy-file: File Manipulation
cos: Numerical operations
create-dib: DIB procedures
create-image on graphics-device: Images
crop-bitmap: DIB procedures
current-error-port: Ports
current-file-time: File Manipulation
current-input-port: Ports
current-input-port: File Ports
current-output-port: Ports
current-output-port: File Ports
current-parser-macros: Parser-language Macros

day-of-week/long-string: External Representation of Time
day-of-week/short-string: External Representation of Time
debug: Prompting
decoded-time->file-time: Time-Format Conversion
decoded-time->string: Time-Format Conversion
decoded-time->universal-time: Time-Format Conversion
decoded-time/date-string: External Representation of Time
decoded-time/day: Decoded Time
decoded-time/day-of-week: Decoded Time
decoded-time/daylight-savings-time?: Decoded Time
decoded-time/hour: Decoded Time
decoded-time/minute: Decoded Time
decoded-time/month: Decoded Time
decoded-time/second: Decoded Time
decoded-time/time-string: External Representation of Time
decoded-time/year: Decoded Time
decoded-time/zone: Decoded Time
default-object?: Lambda Expressions
define: Environment Concepts
define: Definitions
define: Definitions
define: Internal Definitions
define: Sequencing
define: Environment Variables
define-*matcher-expander: Parser-language Macros
define-*matcher-macro: Parser-language Macros
define-*parser-expander: Parser-language Macros
define-*parser-macro: Parser-language Macros
define-color on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
define-print-method: Custom Output
define-record-type: define-record-type (SRFI 9)
define-similar-windows-type: Windows Types
define-structure: Structure Definitions
define-structure: Records
define-syntax: Syntactic Binding Constructs
define-windows-type: Windows Types
del-assoc: Association Lists
del-assoc!: Association Lists
del-assq: Association Lists
del-assq!: Association Lists
del-assv: Association Lists
del-assv!: Association Lists
delay: Lexical Binding
delay: Promises
delete: Filtering Lists
delete!: Filtering Lists
delete!: Filtering Lists
delete-association-procedure: Association Lists
delete-dib: DIB procedures
delete-directory: File Manipulation
delete-file: File Manipulation
delete-file-no-errors: File Manipulation
delete-matching-items: Filtering Lists
delete-matching-items!: Filtering Lists
delete-member-procedure: Filtering Lists
delq: Filtering Lists
delq!: Filtering Lists
delv: Filtering Lists
delv: Filtering Lists
delv!: Filtering Lists
denominator: Numerical operations
dib: Device Independent Bitmap Utilities
dib-blt: DIB procedures
dib-from-bitmap: DIB procedures
dib-height: DIB procedures
dib-set-pixels-unaligned: DIB procedures
dib-width: DIB procedures
digit->char: Characters
digit-value: Characters
directory-namestring: Operations on Pathnames
directory-pathname: Operations on Pathnames
directory-pathname-as-file: Operations on Pathnames
directory-pathname?: Operations on Pathnames
directory-read: Directory Reader
discard-chars on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
discard-matched: *Matcher
discard-matched: *Parser
discard-parser-buffer-head!: Parser Buffers
discretionary-flush-output: Output Procedures
discretionary-flush-output on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
display: Output Procedures
display: Error Messages
do: Environment Concepts
do: Sequencing
do: Iteration
dotted-list?: Selecting List Components
draw-arc: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
draw-arc on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
draw-circle: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
draw-circle on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
draw-ellipse on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
draw-image on graphics-device: Images
draw-subimage on graphics-device: Images
dynamic-wind: Continuations

eighth: Selecting List Components
else: Entry Format
else: Conditionals
else: Conditionals
encapsulate: *Parser
end-of-input: *Matcher
enough-namestring: Operations on Pathnames
enough-pathname: Operations on Pathnames
entity-extra: Application Hooks
entity-procedure: Application Hooks
entity?: Application Hooks
enumerate-graphics-types: Opening and Closing of Graphics Devices
environment: Subprocess Options
environment-assign!: Environment Operations
environment-assignable?: Environment Operations
environment-assigned?: Environment Operations
environment-bindings: Environment Operations
environment-bound-names: Environment Operations
environment-bound?: Environment Operations
environment-definable?: Environment Operations
environment-define: Environment Operations
environment-define-macro: Environment Operations
environment-has-parent?: Environment Operations
environment-lookup: Environment Operations
environment-lookup-macro: Environment Operations
environment-macro-names: Environment Operations
environment-parent: Environment Operations
environment-reference-type: Environment Operations
environment?: Environment Operations
eof-object: Input Procedures
eof-object?: Input Procedures
eof? on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
ephemeron-broken?: Ephemerons
ephemeron-datum: Ephemerons
ephemeron-key: Ephemerons
ephemeron?: Ephemerons
epoch: Universal Time
eq-hash: Address Hashing
eq-hash-mod: Construction of Hash Tables
eq-hash-mod: Address Hashing
eq?: Equivalence Predicates
eq?: Equivalence Predicates
eq?: Filtering Lists
eq?: Filtering Lists
eq?: Searching Lists
eq?: Symbols
eq?: Symbols
eq?: Association Lists
eq?: Association Lists
eq?: Association Lists
eq?: The Association Table
eq?: Construction of Hash Tables
eq?: Construction of Hash Tables
eq?: Construction of Hash Tables
eq?: Construction of Hash Tables
eq?: Construction of Hash Tables
eq?: Object Hashing
eq?: The Named Restart Abstraction
equal-hash: Address Hashing
equal-hash-mod: Construction of Hash Tables
equal-hash-mod: Address Hashing
equal?: Quoting
equal?: Equivalence Predicates
equal?: Equivalence Predicates
equal?: Filtering Lists
equal?: Filtering Lists
equal?: Searching Lists
equal?: Association Lists
equal?: Association Lists
equal?: Association Lists
equal?: Construction of Hash Tables
equal?: Construction of Hash Tables
eqv-hash: Address Hashing
eqv-hash-mod: Address Hashing
eqv?: Storage Model
eqv?: Conditionals
eqv?: Equivalence Predicates
eqv?: Equivalence Predicates
eqv?: Pairs
eqv?: Filtering Lists
eqv?: Filtering Lists
eqv?: Searching Lists
eqv?: Association Lists
eqv?: Association Lists
eqv?: Association Lists
eqv?: Construction of Hash Tables
eqv?: Construction of Hash Tables
eqv?: Construction of Hash Tables
eqv?: Construction of Hash Tables
er-macro-transformer: Explicit Renaming
error: Errors
error: Error System
error: Condition Signalling
error: Condition Signalling
error: Condition Handling
error: Condition Handling
error-irritant/noise: Error Messages
error:bad-range-argument: Taxonomy
error:datum-out-of-range: Taxonomy
error:derived-file: Taxonomy
error:derived-port: Taxonomy
error:divide-by-zero: Taxonomy
error:file-operation: Taxonomy
error:no-such-restart: Taxonomy
error:wrong-number-of-arguments: Taxonomy
error:wrong-type-argument: Taxonomy
error:wrong-type-datum: Taxonomy
eval: Environment Operations
even?: Numerical operations
every: Reduction of Lists
exact: Exactness
exact: Numerical operations
exact->inexact: Numerical operations
exact-integer?: Numerical operations
exact-nonnegative-integer?: Numerical operations
exact-rational?: Numerical operations
exact?: Numerical operations
except-last-pair: Cutting and Pasting Lists
except-last-pair!: Cutting and Pasting Lists
exp: Numerical operations
expt: Numerical operations
extend-top-level-environment: Top-level Environments

false: Booleans
false?: Booleans
fifth: Selecting List Components
file-access: File Manipulation
file-access-time: File Manipulation
file-access-time-direct: File Manipulation
file-access-time-indirect: File Manipulation
file-attributes: File Manipulation
file-attributes-direct: File Manipulation
file-attributes-indirect: File Manipulation
file-attributes/access-time: File Manipulation
file-attributes/change-time: File Manipulation
file-attributes/gid: File Manipulation
file-attributes/inode-number: File Manipulation
file-attributes/length: File Manipulation
file-attributes/mode-string: File Manipulation
file-attributes/modes: File Manipulation
file-attributes/modification-time: File Manipulation
file-attributes/n-links: File Manipulation
file-attributes/type: File Manipulation
file-attributes/uid: File Manipulation
file-directory?: File Manipulation
file-eq?: File Manipulation
file-error?: File Ports
file-error?: File Ports
file-error?: File Ports
file-executable?: File Manipulation
file-exists-direct?: File Manipulation
file-exists-indirect?: File Manipulation
file-exists?: File Manipulation
file-length: File Manipulation
file-modes: File Manipulation
file-modification-time: File Manipulation
file-modification-time-direct: File Manipulation
file-modification-time-indirect: File Manipulation
file-namestring: Operations on Pathnames
file-pathname: Operations on Pathnames
file-readable?: File Manipulation
file-regular?: File Manipulation
file-symbolic-link?: File Manipulation
file-time->global-decoded-time: Time-Format Conversion
file-time->global-time-string: Time-Format Conversion
file-time->local-decoded-time: Time-Format Conversion
file-time->local-time-string: Time-Format Conversion
file-time->universal-time: Time-Format Conversion
file-touch: File Manipulation
file-type-direct: File Manipulation
file-type-indirect: File Manipulation
file-writeable?: File Manipulation
fill-circle: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
fill-circle on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
fill-polygon: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
fill-polygon on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
fill-with: Strings
filter: Filtering Lists
filter!: Filtering Lists
find: Searching Lists
find-color on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
find-matching-item: Searching Lists
find-module: Windows Foreign Procedures
find-restart: Restarts
find-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
find-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
find-tail: Searching Lists
first: Selecting List Components
fix:*: Fixnum Operations
fix:+: Fixnum Operations
fix:-: Fixnum Operations
fix:-1+: Fixnum Operations
fix:1+: Fixnum Operations
fix:<: Fixnum Operations
fix:<=: Fixnum Operations
fix:=: Fixnum Operations
fix:>: Fixnum Operations
fix:>=: Fixnum Operations
fix:and: Fixnum Operations
fix:andc: Fixnum Operations
fix:divide: Fixnum Operations
fix:fixnum?: Fixnum Operations
fix:gcd: Fixnum Operations
fix:lsh: Fixnum Operations
fix:negative?: Fixnum Operations
fix:not: Fixnum Operations
fix:or: Fixnum Operations
fix:positive?: Fixnum Operations
fix:quotient: Fixnum Operations
fix:remainder: Fixnum Operations
fix:xor: Fixnum Operations
fix:zero?: Fixnum Operations
flo:*: Flonum Operations
flo:+: Flonum Operations
flo:-: Flonum Operations
flo:/: Flonum Operations
flo:<: Flonum Operations
flo:=: Flonum Operations
flo:>: Flonum Operations
flo:abs: Flonum Operations
flo:acos: Flonum Operations
flo:asin: Flonum Operations
flo:atan: Flonum Operations
flo:atan2: Flonum Operations
flo:ceiling: Flonum Operations
flo:ceiling->exact: Flonum Operations
flo:cos: Flonum Operations
flo:exp: Flonum Operations
flo:expt: Flonum Operations
flo:finite?: Flonum Operations
flo:flonum?: Flonum Operations
flo:floor: Flonum Operations
flo:floor->exact: Flonum Operations
flo:log: Flonum Operations
flo:negate: Flonum Operations
flo:negative?: Flonum Operations
flo:positive?: Flonum Operations
flo:random-unit: Random Numbers
flo:round: Flonum Operations
flo:round->exact: Flonum Operations
flo:sin: Flonum Operations
flo:sqrt: Flonum Operations
flo:tan: Flonum Operations
flo:truncate: Flonum Operations
flo:truncate->exact: Flonum Operations
flo:zero?: Flonum Operations
flonum-parser-fast?: Numerical input and output
flonum-unparser-cutoff: Numerical input and output
floor: Numerical operations
floor->exact: Numerical operations
fluid-let: Dynamic Binding
fluid-let: Definitions
fluid-let: Internal Definitions
fluid-let: Sequencing
flush-output: Output Procedures
flush-output on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
flush-output-port: Output Procedures
flush-output-port: Output Procedures
fold-left: Reduction of Lists
fold-right: Reduction of Lists
font-structure on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
for-all?: Reduction of Lists
for-each: Mapping of Lists
force: Promises
force: Streams
format: Format
format-error-message: Error Messages
fourth: Selecting List Components
fresh-line: Output Procedures
fresh-line on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations

gcd: Numerical operations
gdi32.dll: Windows Foreign Procedures
ge: Initial and Current Environments
ge: REPL Environment
general-car-cdr: Pairs
generate-uninterned-symbol: Symbols
get-default on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
get-host-by-address: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
get-host-by-name: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
get-host-name: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
get-output-bytevector: Bytevector Ports
get-output-bytevector: Bytevector Ports
get-output-string: String Ports
get-output-string: String Ports
get-parser-buffer-pointer: Parser Buffers
get-parser-buffer-tail: Parser Buffers
get-universal-time: Universal Time
global-decoded-time: Decoded Time
global-parser-macros: Parser-language Macros
grapheme-cluster-length: Strings
grapheme-cluster-slice: Strings
graphics-bind-drawing-mode: Characteristics of Graphics Output
graphics-bind-line-style: Characteristics of Graphics Output
graphics-clear: Drawing Graphics
graphics-clear: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
graphics-clear: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
graphics-close: Opening and Closing of Graphics Devices
graphics-coordinate-limits: Coordinates for Graphics
graphics-device-coordinate-limits: Coordinates for Graphics
graphics-disable-buffering: Buffering of Graphics Output
graphics-drag-cursor: Drawing Graphics
graphics-draw-line: Drawing Graphics
graphics-draw-point: Drawing Graphics
graphics-draw-text: Drawing Graphics
graphics-enable-buffering: Buffering of Graphics Output
graphics-erase-point: Drawing Graphics
graphics-flush: Buffering of Graphics Output
graphics-move-cursor: Drawing Graphics
graphics-operation: Custom Graphics Operations
graphics-reset-clip-rectangle: Clipping of Graphics Output
graphics-set-clip-rectangle: Clipping of Graphics Output
graphics-set-coordinate-limits: Coordinates for Graphics
graphics-set-drawing-mode: Characteristics of Graphics Output
graphics-set-line-style: Characteristics of Graphics Output
graphics-type-available?: Opening and Closing of Graphics Devices
group: Regular S-Expressions
group-ref: Regular S-Expressions
guarantee-procedure-of-arity: Arity

handle: Windows Types
hard-link-file: File Manipulation
hash: Object Hashing
hash-by-equal: Address Hashing
hash-by-eqv: Address Hashing
hash-by-identity: Address Hashing
hash-object: Object Hashing
hash-table->alist: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-clean!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-clear!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-constructor: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-delete!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-entry-type:datum-ephemeral: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:datum-weak: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:key&datum-ephemeral: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:key&datum-weak: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:key-ephemeral: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:key-weak: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:key/datum-weak: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-entry-type:strong: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table-grow-size: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table-intern!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-keys: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-ref: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-ref/default: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-rehash-size: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table-rehash-threshold: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table-set!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-shrink-size: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table-size: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-update!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-update!/default: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-values: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table-walk: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/clean!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/clear!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/constructor: Construction of Hash Tables
hash-table/count: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/datum-list: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/for-each: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/get: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/intern!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/key-list: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/lookup: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/make: Object Hashing
hash-table/modify!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/put!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/rehash-size: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table/rehash-threshold: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table/remove!: Basic Hash Table Operations
hash-table/size: Resizing of Hash Tables
hash-table?: Basic Hash Table Operations
hbitmap: Windows Types
hbrush: Windows Types
hcursor: Windows Types
hdc: Windows Types
hicon: Windows Types
hinstance: Windows Types
hmenu: Windows Types
host-address-any: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
host-address-loopback: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
host-namestring: Operations on Pathnames
host=?: Miscellaneous Pathnames
host?: Miscellaneous Pathnames
hpalette: Windows Types
hpen: Windows Types
hrgn: Windows Types
hwnd: Windows Types

i/o-port-type?: Textual Port Types
i/o-port?: Ports
identifier=?: SC Identifiers
identifier?: SC Identifiers
if: Conditionals
if: Booleans
ignore-error: Condition Handling
ignore-errors: Condition Handling
imag-part: Numerical operations
image/destroy: Images
image/fill-from-byte-vector: Images
image/height: Images
image/width: Images
image?: Images
implemented-primitive-procedure?: Primitive Procedures
inexact: Numerical operations
inexact->exact: Numerical operations
inexact?: Numerical operations
init-file-pathname: Miscellaneous Pathnames
initial-offset: Structure Definitions
input: Subprocess Options
input-buffer-size: Subprocess Options
input-buffer-size on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
input-line-translation: Subprocess Options
input-port->parser-buffer: Parser Buffers
input-port-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
input-port-open?: Ports
input-port-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
input-port-type?: Textual Port Types
input-port/char-ready?: Textual Input Port Operations
input-port/discard-chars: Textual Input Port Operations
input-port/peek-char: Textual Input Port Operations
input-port/read-char: Textual Input Port Operations
input-port/read-string: Textual Input Port Operations
input-port/read-substring: Textual Input Port Operations
input-port?: Ports
int: Windows Types
integer->char: Characters
integer-ceiling: Numerical operations
integer-divide: Numerical operations
integer-divide: Fixnum Operations
integer-divide-quotient: Numerical operations
integer-divide-quotient: Fixnum Operations
integer-divide-remainder: Numerical operations
integer-divide-remainder: Fixnum Operations
integer-floor: Numerical operations
integer-round: Numerical operations
integer-truncate: Numerical operations
integer-truncate: Numerical operations
integer?: Numerical operations
interaction-i/o-port: Ports
interaction-i/o-port: Prompting
intern: Symbols
intern-soft: Symbols
internal-time/seconds->ticks: Machine Time
internal-time/ticks->seconds: Machine Time
interpreter-environment?: Top-level Environments
invoke-restart: Restarts
invoke-restart: Establishing Restart Code
invoke-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
invoke-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
invoke-restart: The Named Restart Abstraction
invoke-restart-interactively: Restarts
invoke-restart-interactively: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
invoke-restart-interactively: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
invoke-restart-interactively: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
invoke-restart-interactively: The Named Restart Abstraction
invoke-restart-interactively: The Named Restart Abstraction
iota: Construction of Lists

keep-matching-items: Filtering Lists
keep-matching-items!: Filtering Lists
kernel32.dll: Windows Foreign Procedures
keyword-constructor: Structure Definitions

lambda: Entry Format
lambda: Static Scoping
lambda: Additional Notations
lambda: Procedure Call Syntax
lambda: Lambda Expressions
lambda: Lexical Binding
lambda: Definitions
lambda: Internal Definitions
lambda: Sequencing
lambda: Procedures
last-pair: Cutting and Pasting Lists
lcm: Numerical operations
leading: Strings
leading: Strings
length: Implementation restrictions
length: Selecting List Components
length+: Selecting List Components
let: Environment Concepts
let: Lexical Binding
let: Dynamic Binding
let: Definitions
let: Internal Definitions
let: Sequencing
let: Iteration
let*: Environment Concepts
let*: Lexical Binding
let*: Definitions
let*: Internal Definitions
let*: Sequencing
let*-syntax: Syntactic Binding Constructs
let-syntax: Syntactic Binding Constructs
letrec: Environment Concepts
letrec: Lexical Binding
letrec: Definitions
letrec: Internal Definitions
letrec: Internal Definitions
letrec: Sequencing
letrec-syntax: Syntactic Binding Constructs
line-end: Regular S-Expressions
line-start: Regular S-Expressions
link-variables: Top-level Environments
list: Entry Format
list: Construction of Lists
list: Construction of Lists
list: Miscellaneous List Operations
list: Construction of Vectors
list: String Ports
list->stream: Streams
list->string: Strings
list->vector: Construction of Lists
list->vector: Construction of Vectors
list-copy: Construction of Lists
list-copy: Association Lists
list-deletor: Filtering Lists
list-deletor: Filtering Lists
list-deletor: Association Lists
list-deletor!: Filtering Lists
list-deletor!: Filtering Lists
list-deletor!: Association Lists
list-head: Cutting and Pasting Lists
list-ref: Selecting List Components
list-search-negative: Searching Lists
list-search-positive: Searching Lists
list-tabulate: Construction of Lists
list-tail: Selecting List Components
list-tail: Cutting and Pasting Lists
list-transform-negative: Filtering Lists
list-transform-positive: Filtering Lists
list?: Selecting List Components
list?: Association Lists
list?: 1D Tables
load-bitmap on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
load-option: Red-Black Trees
load-option: Weight-Balanced Trees
load-option: Format
load-option: Parser Language
load-option: XML Support
local-decoded-time: Decoded Time
local-host: Miscellaneous Pathnames
log: Numerical operations
long: Windows Types

magnitude: Numerical operations
make-1d-table: 1D Tables
make-apply-hook: Application Hooks
make-bit-string: Construction of Bit Strings
make-cell: Parameters
make-char: Character implementation
make-circular-list: Miscellaneous List Operations
make-condition: Condition Signalling
make-condition: Condition Signalling
make-condition: Simple Condition Instance Operations
make-condition-type: Condition Types
make-datum-weak-eq-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-datum-weak-eqv-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-decoded-time: Decoded Time
make-directory: File Manipulation
make-entity: Application Hooks
make-ephemeron: Ephemerons
make-eq-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-equal-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-eqv-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-graphics-device: Opening and Closing of Graphics Devices
make-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-hash-table*: Construction of Hash Tables
make-hash-table-type: Construction of Hash Tables
make-hash-table-type*: Construction of Hash Tables
make-initialized-list: Construction of Lists
make-initialized-vector: Construction of Vectors
make-key-ephemeral-eq-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-key-ephemeral-eqv-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-key-weak-eq-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-key-weak-eqv-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-list: Construction of Lists
make-list: Miscellaneous List Operations
make-object-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-object-hasher: Object Hashing
make-parameter: Parameters
make-parser-macros: Parser-language Macros
make-pathname: Components of Pathnames
make-polar: Numerical operations
make-port: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
make-port-type: Textual Port Types
make-primitive-procedure: Primitive Procedures
make-procedure-arity: Arity
make-random-state: Random Numbers
make-rb-tree: Red-Black Trees
make-record-type: Records
make-rectangular: Numerical operations
make-rectangular: Numerical operations
make-root-top-level-environment: Top-level Environments
make-settable-parameter: Parameters
make-string: Strings
make-string-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-strong-eq-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-strong-eqv-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-symbol-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-syntactic-closure: SC Transformer Definition
make-synthetic-identifier: SC Identifiers
make-textual-port: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
make-textual-port-type: Textual Port Types
make-top-level-environment: Top-level Environments
make-unsettable-parameter: Parameters
make-vector: Construction of Vectors
make-weak-eq-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-weak-eqv-hash-table: Construction of Hash Tables
make-wt-tree: Construction of Weight-Balanced Trees
make-wt-tree-type: Construction of Weight-Balanced Trees
make-xml-!attlist: XML Structure
make-xml-!element: XML Structure
make-xml-!entity: XML Structure
make-xml-!notation: XML Structure
make-xml-declaration: XML Structure
make-xml-document: XML Structure
make-xml-dtd: XML Structure
make-xml-element: XML Structure
make-xml-external-id: XML Structure
make-xml-name: XML Names
make-xml-nmtoken: XML Names
make-xml-parameter-!entity: XML Structure
make-xml-processing-instructions: XML Structure
make-xml-qname: XML Names
make-xml-unparsed-!entity: XML Structure
map: Mapping of Lists
map: *Parser
map*: Mapping of Lists
map-window on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
match: *Parser
match-parser-buffer-char: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-char-ci: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-char-ci-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-char-in-set: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-char-in-set-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-char-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-not-char: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-not-char-ci: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-not-char-ci-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-not-char-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-string: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-string-ci: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-string-ci-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-string-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-substring: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-substring-ci: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-substring-ci-no-advance: Parser Buffers
match-parser-buffer-substring-no-advance: Parser Buffers
max: Numerical operations
measure-interval: Machine Time
member: Searching Lists
member-procedure: Searching Lists
memq: Searching Lists
memv: Searching Lists
merge-pathnames: File Ports
merge-pathnames: Operations on Pathnames
merge-sort: Miscellaneous List Operations
merge-sort!: Modifying Vectors
microcode-id/operating-system: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
microcode-id/operating-system-name: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
microcode-id/operating-system-variant: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
min: Numerical operations
modulo: Numerical operations
month/long-string: External Representation of Time
month/max-days: Decoded Time
month/short-string: External Representation of Time
move-window on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
move-window on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
muffle-warning: Condition Signalling
muffle-warning: Condition Handling
muffle-warning: Restarts
muffle-warning: Invoking Standard Restart Code

name->char: Characters
named: Structure Definitions
named-lambda: Lambda Expressions
named-lambda: Definitions
named-lambda: Sequencing
NaN: Flonum Operations
nearest-repl/environment: REPL Environment
negative?: Numerical operations
newline: Output Procedures
nil: Booleans
ninth: Selecting List Components
noise: *Parser
not: Booleans
not-char: *Matcher
not-char-ci: *Matcher
notification-output-port: Ports
notification-output-port: Condition Handling
nt-file-mode/archive: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/compressed: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/directory: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/hidden: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/normal: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/read-only: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/system: File Manipulation
nt-file-mode/temporary: File Manipulation
null-xml-name-prefix: XML Names
null-xml-name-prefix?: XML Names
null-xml-namespace-uri: XML Names
null-xml-namespace-uri?: XML Names
null?: Selecting List Components
null?: Selecting List Components
null?: Streams
number->string: Numerical input and output
number-wt-type: Construction of Weight-Balanced Trees
number?: Numerical operations
numerator: Numerical operations

object-hash: Object Hashing
object-hashed?: Object Hashing
object-unhash: Object Hashing
odd?: Numerical operations
open-binary-i/o-file: File Ports
open-binary-input-file: File Ports
open-binary-input-file: File Ports
open-binary-output-file: File Ports
open-binary-output-file: File Ports
open-dib: DIB procedures
open-i/o-file: File Ports
open-input-bytevector: Bytevector Ports
open-input-file: File Ports
open-input-file: File Ports
open-input-string: String Ports
open-output-bytevector: Bytevector Ports
open-output-bytevector: Bytevector Ports
open-output-file: File Ports
open-output-file: File Ports
open-output-string: String Ports
open-output-string: String Ports
open-output-string: String Ports
open-tcp-server-socket: TCP Sockets
open-tcp-stream-socket: TCP Sockets
or: Conditionals
or: Booleans
os/hostname: Miscellaneous OS Facilities
output: Subprocess Options
output-buffer-size: Subprocess Options
output-buffer-size on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
output-line-translation: Subprocess Options
output-port-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
output-port-open?: Ports
output-port-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
output-port-type?: Textual Port Types
output-port/discretionary-flush-output: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/flush-output: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/fresh-line: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/write-char: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/write-string: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/write-substring: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/x-size: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port/y-size: Textual Output Port Operations
output-port?: Ports

pair?: Pairs
pair?: Selecting List Components
pair?: Weak Pairs
param:default-pathname-defaults: Operations on Pathnames
param:flonum-printer-cutoff: Numerical input and output
param:print-with-maximum-readability?: Output Procedures
param:printer-list-breadth-limit: Output Procedures
param:printer-list-depth-limit: Output Procedures
param:printer-radix: Output Procedures
param:printer-string-length-limit: Output Procedures
param:reader-fold-case?: Input Procedures
param:reader-radix: Input Procedures
parameterize: Dynamic Binding
parameterize: Ports
parameterize: File Ports
parameterize: File Ports
parameterize: Output Procedures
parameterize*: Parameters
parse-namestring: Filenames and Pathnames
parser-buffer-pointer-index: Parser Buffers
parser-buffer-pointer-line: Parser Buffers
parser-buffer-pointer?: Parser Buffers
parser-buffer-position-string: Parser Buffers
parser-buffer-ref: Parser Buffers
parser-buffer?: Parser Buffers
parser-macros?: Parser-language Macros
partition: Filtering Lists
partition!: Filtering Lists
pathname-absolute?: Operations on Pathnames
pathname-as-directory: Operations on Pathnames
pathname-as-directory: Working Directory
pathname-default: Operations on Pathnames
pathname-default-device: Components of Pathnames
pathname-default-directory: Components of Pathnames
pathname-default-name: Components of Pathnames
pathname-default-type: Components of Pathnames
pathname-default-version: Components of Pathnames
pathname-device: Components of Pathnames
pathname-directory: Components of Pathnames
pathname-host: Components of Pathnames
pathname-name: Components of Pathnames
pathname-new-device: Components of Pathnames
pathname-new-directory: Components of Pathnames
pathname-new-name: Components of Pathnames
pathname-new-type: Components of Pathnames
pathname-new-version: Components of Pathnames
pathname-simplify: Filenames and Pathnames
pathname-type: Components of Pathnames
pathname-version: Components of Pathnames
pathname-wild?: Operations on Pathnames
pathname=?: Operations on Pathnames
pathname?: Operations on Pathnames
peek-char: Input Procedures
peek-char on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
peek-parser-buffer-char: Parser Buffers
peek-u8: Input Procedures
port-type/operation: Textual Port Types
port-type/operation-names: Textual Port Types
port-type/operations: Textual Port Types
port-type?: Textual Port Types
port/input-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
port/input-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
port/operation: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
port/operation-names: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
port/output-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
port/output-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
port/set-input-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
port/set-input-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
port/set-output-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
port/set-output-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
port/state: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
port/type: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
port/with-input-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
port/with-input-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
port/with-output-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
port/with-output-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
port?: Ports
positive?: Numerical operations
pp: Output Procedures
predicate: Structure Definitions
primitive-procedure-name: Primitive Procedures
primitive-procedure?: Procedure Operations
print-procedure: Structure Definitions
procedure: Booleans
procedure-arity: Arity
procedure-arity-max: Arity
procedure-arity-min: Arity
procedure-arity-valid?: Arity
procedure-arity?: Arity
procedure-environment: Procedure Operations
procedure-of-arity?: Arity
procedure?: Procedure Operations
process-time-clock: Machine Time
promise-forced?: Promises
promise-value: Promises
promise?: Promises
prompt-for-command-char: Prompting
prompt-for-command-expression: Prompting
prompt-for-confirmation: Prompting
prompt-for-evaluated-expression: Prompting
prompt-for-expression: Prompting
pwd: Working Directory

quasiquote: Quoting
quasiquote: Lists
quick-sort: Miscellaneous List Operations
quick-sort!: Modifying Vectors
quote: Quoting
quote: Lists
quotient: Numerical operations
quotient: Numerical operations
quotient: Numerical operations

random: Random Numbers
random-state?: Random Numbers
rational?: Numerical operations
rationalize: Numerical operations
rationalize->exact: Numerical operations
rb-tree->alist: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/copy: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/datum-list: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete-max!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete-max-datum!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete-max-pair!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete-min!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete-min-datum!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/delete-min-pair!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/empty?: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/equal?: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/height: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/insert!: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/key-list: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/lookup: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/max: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/max-datum: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/max-pair: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/min: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/min-datum: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/min-pair: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree/size: Red-Black Trees
rb-tree?: Red-Black Trees
read: Overview
read: External Representations
read: Lists
read: Symbols
read: Symbols
read: Symbols
read: Ports
read: Input Procedures
read-bytevector: Input Procedures
read-bytevector!: Input Procedures
read-char: Ports
read-char: Input Procedures
read-char: Input Procedures
read-char: Input Procedures
read-char on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
read-char-no-hang: Input Procedures
read-delimited-string: Input Procedures
read-line: Input Procedures
read-only: Structure Definitions
read-parser-buffer-char: Parser Buffers
read-string: Input Procedures
read-string on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
read-string!: Input Procedures
read-substring on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
read-substring!: Input Procedures
read-u8: Ports
read-u8: Input Procedures
read-xml: XML Input
read-xml-file: XML Input
real-part: Numerical operations
real-time-clock: Machine Time
real?: Numerical operations
receive: receive (SRFI 8)
record-accessor: Records
record-constructor: Records
record-keyword-constructor: Records
record-modifier: Records
record-predicate: Records
record-type-descriptor: Records
record-type-field-names: Records
record-type-name: Records
record-type?: Records
record?: Records
redisplay-hook: Subprocess Options
reduce-left: Reduction of Lists
reduce-right: Reduction of Lists
reference-barrier: Reference barriers
regsexp-match-string: Regsexp Procedures
regsexp-search-string-forward: Regsexp Procedures
remainder: Numerical operations
remainder: Numerical operations
remove: Filtering Lists
remove!: Filtering Lists
rename-file: File Manipulation
resize-window on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
resize-window on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
resource-id: Windows Types
restart/effector: The Named Restart Abstraction
restart/interactor: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
restart/interactor: The Named Restart Abstraction
restart/name: The Named Restart Abstraction
restart?: The Named Restart Abstraction
retry: Restarts
retry: Invoking Standard Restart Code
retry: Invoking Standard Restart Code
reverse: Miscellaneous List Operations
reverse!: Miscellaneous List Operations
round: Numerical operations
round->exact: Numerical operations
rsc-macro-transformer: SC Transformer Definition
run-shell-command: Subprocess Procedures
run-synchronous-subprocess: Subprocess Procedures
runtime: Machine Time

safe-accessors: Structure Definitions
save-bitmap on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
sc-macro-transformer: SC Transformer Definition
scheme-subprocess-environment: Subprocess Options
second: Selecting List Components
seq: Regular S-Expressions
seq: *Matcher
seq: *Parser
sequence: Sequencing
set!: Top-Level Definitions
set!: Assignments
set-apply-hook-extra!: Application Hooks
set-apply-hook-procedure!: Application Hooks
set-background-color: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-background-color on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-background-color on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-border-color on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-border-width on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-car!: Pairs
set-cdr!: Lists
set-cdr!: Pairs
set-cdr!: String Ports
set-cell-contents!: Parameters
set-current-input-port!: Ports
set-current-output-port!: Ports
set-current-parser-macros!: Parser-language Macros
set-entity-extra!: Application Hooks
set-entity-procedure!: Application Hooks
set-ephemeron-datum!: Ephemerons
set-ephemeron-key!: Ephemerons
set-file-modes!: File Manipulation
set-file-times!: File Manipulation
set-font on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-font on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-foreground-color: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-foreground-color on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-foreground-color on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-hash-table-rehash-size!: Resizing of Hash Tables
set-hash-table-rehash-threshold!: Resizing of Hash Tables
set-hash-table/rehash-size!: Resizing of Hash Tables
set-hash-table/rehash-threshold!: Resizing of Hash Tables
set-input-buffer-size on textual input port: Textual Input Port Operations
set-input-port-blocking-mode!: Blocking Mode
set-input-port-terminal-mode!: Terminal Mode
set-interaction-i/o-port!: Ports
set-internal-border-width on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-line-width on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-mouse-color on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-mouse-shape on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
set-notification-output-port!: Ports
set-output-buffer-size on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
set-output-port-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
set-output-port-terminal-mode!: Terminal Mode
set-parser-buffer-pointer!: Parser Buffers
set-port/state!: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
set-record-type-unparser-method!: Custom Output
set-textual-port-state!: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
set-trace-output-port!: Ports
set-window-name on win32-graphics-device: Custom Operations for Win32 Graphics
set-working-directory-pathname!: Working Directory
set-xml-!attlist-definitions!: XML Structure
set-xml-!attlist-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-!element-content-type!: XML Structure
set-xml-!element-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-!entity-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-!entity-value!: XML Structure
set-xml-!notation-id!: XML Structure
set-xml-!notation-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-declaration-encoding!: XML Structure
set-xml-declaration-standalone!: XML Structure
set-xml-declaration-version!: XML Structure
set-xml-document-declaration!: XML Structure
set-xml-document-dtd!: XML Structure
set-xml-document-misc-1!: XML Structure
set-xml-document-misc-2!: XML Structure
set-xml-document-misc-3!: XML Structure
set-xml-document-root!: XML Structure
set-xml-dtd-external!: XML Structure
set-xml-dtd-internal!: XML Structure
set-xml-dtd-root!: XML Structure
set-xml-element-attributes!: XML Structure
set-xml-element-content!: XML Structure
set-xml-element-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-external-id-id!: XML Structure
set-xml-external-id-uri!: XML Structure
set-xml-parameter-!entity-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-parameter-!entity-value!: XML Structure
set-xml-processing-instructions-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-processing-instructions-text!: XML Structure
set-xml-unparsed-!entity-id!: XML Structure
set-xml-unparsed-!entity-name!: XML Structure
set-xml-unparsed-!entity-notation!: XML Structure
seventh: Selecting List Components
sexp: *Matcher
sexp: *Parser
shell-file-name: Subprocess Options
short: Windows Types
signal-condition: Error System
signal-condition: Condition Signalling
signal-condition: Condition Signalling
signal-condition: Condition Signalling
signal-condition: Condition Handling
signal-condition: Condition Handling
signal-condition: Condition Handling
signal-condition: Condition Handling
signed-integer->bit-string: Integer Conversions of Bit Strings
simplest-exact-rational: Numerical operations
simplest-rational: Numerical operations
sin: Numerical operations
singleton-wt-tree: Construction of Weight-Balanced Trees
sixth: Selecting List Components
soft-link-file: File Manipulation
sort: Miscellaneous List Operations
sort!: Modifying Vectors
source->parser-buffer: Parser Buffers
sqrt: Implementation restrictions
sqrt: Numerical operations
standard-error-handler: Condition Handling
standard-error-handler: Condition Handling
standard-error-hook: Condition Handling
standard-print-method: Custom Output
standard-unparser-method: Custom Output
standard-warning-handler: Condition Handling
standard-warning-handler: Condition Handling
standard-warning-hook: Condition Handling
store-value: Restarts
store-value: Invoking Standard Restart Code
store-value: Invoking Standard Restart Code
stream: Streams
stream->list: Streams
stream-car: Streams
stream-cdr: Streams
stream-first: Streams
stream-head: Streams
stream-length: Streams
stream-map: Streams
stream-null?: Streams
stream-pair?: Streams
stream-ref: Streams
stream-rest: Streams
stream-tail: Streams
string: Strings
string: *Matcher
string: Windows Types
string*: Strings
string->decoded-time: Time-Format Conversion
string->file-time: Time-Format Conversion
string->list: Strings
string->nfc: Strings
string->nfd: Strings
string->number: Numerical input and output
string->parser-buffer: Parser Buffers
string->symbol: Symbols
string->uninterned-symbol: Symbols
string->universal-time: Time-Format Conversion
string->vector: Construction of Vectors
string->xml: XML Input
string-any: Strings
string-append: Strings
string-append*: Strings
string-builder: Strings
string-ci: Regular S-Expressions
string-ci: *Matcher
string-ci<=?: Strings
string-ci<?: Strings
string-ci=?: Strings
string-ci=?: Strings
string-ci>=?: Strings
string-ci>?: Strings
string-compare: Strings
string-compare-ci: Strings
string-copy: Strings
string-copy!: Strings
string-count: Strings
string-downcase: Strings
string-end: Regular S-Expressions
string-every: Strings
string-fill!: Strings
string-find-first-index: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-last-index: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-next-char: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-next-char-ci: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-next-char-in-set: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-previous-char: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-previous-char-ci: Searching and Matching Strings
string-find-previous-char-in-set: Searching and Matching Strings
string-foldcase: Strings
string-for-each: Strings
string-hash: Strings
string-hash: Symbols
string-hash-ci: Strings
string-hash-mod: Construction of Hash Tables
string-head: Strings
string-in-nfc?: Strings
string-in-nfd?: Strings
string-is-xml-name?: XML Names
string-is-xml-nmtoken?: XML Names
string-joiner: Strings
string-joiner*: Strings
string-length: Implementation restrictions
string-length: Strings
string-lower-case?: Strings
string-map: Strings
string-match-backward: Searching and Matching Strings
string-match-forward: Searching and Matching Strings
string-null?: Strings
string-pad-left: Strings
string-pad-right: Strings
string-padder: Strings
string-prefix-ci?: Searching and Matching Strings
string-prefix?: Searching and Matching Strings
string-ref: Storage Model
string-ref: Strings
string-replace: Strings
string-search-all: Searching and Matching Strings
string-search-backward: Searching and Matching Strings
string-search-forward: Searching and Matching Strings
string-set!: Storage Model
string-set!: Strings
string-set!: Symbols
string-slice: Strings
string-splitter: Strings
string-start: Regular S-Expressions
string-suffix-ci?: Searching and Matching Strings
string-suffix?: Searching and Matching Strings
string-tail: Strings
string-titlecase: Strings
string-trim: Strings
string-trim-left: Strings
string-trim-right: Strings
string-trimmer: Strings
string-upcase: Strings
string-upper-case?: Strings
string-word-breaks: Strings
string-wt-type: Construction of Weight-Balanced Trees
string<=?: Strings
string<?: Strings
string=?: Equivalence Predicates
string=?: Equivalence Predicates
string=?: Strings
string=?: Strings
string=?: Symbols
string=?: Symbols
string=?: Construction of Hash Tables
string=?: Construction of Hash Tables
string>=?: Strings
string>?: Strings
string?: Strings
strong-hash-table/constructor: Construction of Hash Tables
sublist: Cutting and Pasting Lists
substring: Strings
substring->parser-buffer: Parser Buffers
substring?: Searching and Matching Strings
subvector: Cutting Vectors
subvector->list: Construction of Lists
subvector-fill!: Modifying Vectors
subvector-move-left!: Modifying Vectors
subvector-move-right!: Modifying Vectors
symbol->string: Storage Model
symbol->string: Equivalence Predicates
symbol->string: Equivalence Predicates
symbol->string: Symbols
symbol-append: Symbols
symbol-hash: Symbols
symbol-hash-mod: Symbols
symbol<?: Symbols
symbol?: Symbols
syntax-rules: Pattern Language
system-clock: Machine Time
system-global-environment: Environment Variables
system-library-directory-pathname: Miscellaneous Pathnames
system-library-pathname: Miscellaneous Pathnames

t: Booleans
tan: Numerical operations
tcp-server-connection-accept: TCP Sockets
template: Entry Format
temporary-directory-pathname: File Manipulation
temporary-file-pathname: File Manipulation
tenth: Selecting List Components
textual-i/o-port-type?: Textual Port Types
textual-input-port->parser-buffer: Parser Buffers
textual-input-port-type?: Textual Port Types
textual-output-port-type?: Textual Port Types
textual-port-operation: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
textual-port-operation-names: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
textual-port-state: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
textual-port-type: Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports
textual-port-type?: Textual Port Types
textual-port?: Ports
the-environment: Top-level Environments
there-exists?: Reduction of Lists
third: Selecting List Components
thunk?: Arity
time-zone->string: External Representation of Time
time-zone?: Decoded Time
top-level-environment?: Top-level Environments
trace-output-port: Ports
trailing: Strings
trailing: Strings
transform: *Parser
tree-copy: Pairs
true: Booleans
truncate: Numerical operations
truncate->exact: Numerical operations
type: Structure Definitions
type: Structure Definitions
type-descriptor: Structure Definitions

u8-ready?: Input Procedures
uint: Windows Types
ulong: Windows Types
unbind-variable: Top-level Environments
unchecked: Windows Types
unhash: Object Hashing
unhash-object: Object Hashing
unicode-char?: Unicode
unicode-code-point?: Unicode
unicode-scalar-value?: Unicode
universal-time->file-time: Time-Format Conversion
universal-time->global-decoded-time: Time-Format Conversion
universal-time->global-time-string: Time-Format Conversion
universal-time->local-decoded-time: Time-Format Conversion
universal-time->local-time-string: Time-Format Conversion
unparser/set-tagged-pair-method!: Custom Output
unparser/set-tagged-vector-method!: Custom Output
unquote: Quoting
unquote: Lists
unquote-splicing: Quoting
unquote-splicing: Lists
unread-char: Input Procedures
unsigned-integer->bit-string: Integer Conversions of Bit Strings
use-pty?: Subprocess Options
use-value: Restarts
use-value: Invoking Standard Restart Code
user-homedir-pathname: Miscellaneous Pathnames
user-initial-environment: Initial and Current Environments
user-initial-environment: Environment Variables
user-initial-environment: REPL Environment
user32.dll: Windows Foreign Procedures
ushort: Windows Types

valid-hash-number?: Object Hashing
valid-object-hash?: Object Hashing
values: Continuations
values: *Parser
vector: Construction of Vectors
vector->list: Construction of Lists
vector->list: Construction of Vectors
vector->string: Construction of Vectors
vector-binary-search: Selecting Vector Components
vector-copy: Construction of Vectors
vector-eighth: Selecting Vector Components
vector-fifth: Selecting Vector Components
vector-fill!: Modifying Vectors
vector-first: Selecting Vector Components
vector-fourth: Selecting Vector Components
vector-grow: Construction of Vectors
vector-head: Cutting Vectors
vector-length: Implementation restrictions
vector-length: Selecting Vector Components
vector-map: Construction of Vectors
vector-ref: Storage Model
vector-ref: Selecting Vector Components
vector-second: Selecting Vector Components
vector-set!: Selecting Vector Components
vector-seventh: Selecting Vector Components
vector-sixth: Selecting Vector Components
vector-tail: Cutting Vectors
vector-third: Selecting Vector Components
vector?: Selecting Vector Components

warn: Condition Signalling
warn: Condition Signalling
warn: Invoking Standard Restart Code
weak-car: Weak Pairs
weak-cdr: Weak Pairs
weak-cons: Weak Pairs
weak-hash-table/constructor: Construction of Hash Tables
weak-pair/car?: Weak Pairs
weak-pair?: Weak Pairs
weak-set-car!: Weak Pairs
weak-set-cdr!: Weak Pairs
where: Prompting
windows-procedure: Windows Foreign Procedures
with-current-parser-macros: Parser-language Macros
with-current-unparser-state: Custom Output
with-input-from-binary-file: File Ports
with-input-from-file: File Ports
with-input-from-port: Ports
with-input-from-string: String Ports
with-input-port-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
with-input-port-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
with-interaction-i/o-port: Ports
with-notification-output-port: Ports
with-output-port-blocking-mode: Blocking Mode
with-output-port-terminal-mode: Terminal Mode
with-output-to-binary-file: File Ports
with-output-to-file: File Ports
with-output-to-port: Ports
with-output-to-string: String Ports
with-output-to-truncated-string: String Ports
with-pointer: *Matcher
with-pointer: *Parser
with-restart: Error System
with-restart: Restarts
with-restart: Establishing Restart Code
with-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
with-simple-restart: Restarts
with-simple-restart: Restarts
with-simple-restart: Establishing Restart Code
with-simple-restart: Finding and Invoking General Restart Code
with-timings: Machine Time
with-trace-output-port: Ports
with-working-directory-pathname: Working Directory
withdraw-window on x-graphics-device: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
within-continuation: Continuations
word: Windows Types
working-directory: Subprocess Options
working-directory-pathname: Working Directory
write: External Representations
write: Symbols
write: Symbols
write: Ports
write: String Ports
write: String Ports
write: Output Procedures
write: Error Messages
write-bytevector: Output Procedures
write-char: Entry Format
write-char: Ports
write-char: Output Procedures
write-char on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
write-condition-report: Condition Handling
write-condition-report: Condition State
write-condition-report: Simple Condition Instance Operations
write-dib: DIB procedures
write-line: Output Procedures
write-restart-report: The Named Restart Abstraction
write-shared: Output Procedures
write-simple: Output Procedures
write-string: Output Procedures
write-string: Format
write-substring: Output Procedures
write-substring on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
write-to-string: String Ports
write-u8: Ports
write-u8: Output Procedures
write-xml: XML Output
write-xml-file: XML Output
wt-tree/add: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/add!: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/delete: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/delete!: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/delete-min: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/delete-min!: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/difference: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/empty?: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/fold: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/for-each: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/index: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/index-datum: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/index-pair: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/intersection: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/lookup: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/member?: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/min: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/min-datum: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/min-pair: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/rank: Indexing Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/set-equal?: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/size: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/split<: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/split>: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/subset?: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/union: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree/union-merge: Advanced Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees
wt-tree?: Basic Operations on Weight-Balanced Trees

x-character-bounds/ascent: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-character-bounds/descent: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-character-bounds/lbearing: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-character-bounds/rbearing: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-character-bounds/width: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-close-all-displays: Utilities for X Graphics
x-font-structure/all-chars-exist: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/character-bounds: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/default-char: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/direction: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/max-ascent: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/max-bounds: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/max-descent: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/min-bounds: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/name: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-font-structure/start-index: Custom Operations on X Graphics Devices
x-geometry-string: Utilities for X Graphics
x-graphics/close-display: Utilities for X Graphics
x-graphics/open-display: Utilities for X Graphics
x-open-display: X Graphics Type
x-size on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations
xcons: Pairs
xml-!attlist: XML Structure
xml-!attlist-definitions: XML Structure
xml-!attlist-name: XML Structure
xml-!attlist?: XML Structure
xml-!element: XML Structure
xml-!element-content-type: XML Structure
xml-!element-name: XML Structure
xml-!element?: XML Structure
xml-!entity: XML Structure
xml-!entity-name: XML Structure
xml-!entity-value: XML Structure
xml-!entity?: XML Structure
xml-!notation: XML Structure
xml-!notation-id: XML Structure
xml-!notation-name: XML Structure
xml-!notation?: XML Structure
xml->string: XML Output
xml->wide-string: XML Output
xml-declaration: XML Structure
xml-declaration-encoding: XML Structure
xml-declaration-standalone: XML Structure
xml-declaration-version: XML Structure
xml-declaration?: XML Structure
xml-document: XML Structure
xml-document-declaration: XML Structure
xml-document-dtd: XML Structure
xml-document-misc-1: XML Structure
xml-document-misc-2: XML Structure
xml-document-misc-3: XML Structure
xml-document-root: XML Structure
xml-document?: XML Structure
xml-dtd: XML Structure
xml-dtd-external: XML Structure
xml-dtd-internal: XML Structure
xml-dtd-root: XML Structure
xml-dtd?: XML Structure
xml-element: XML Structure
xml-element-attributes: XML Structure
xml-element-content: XML Structure
xml-element-name: XML Structure
xml-element?: XML Structure
xml-external-id: XML Structure
xml-external-id-id: XML Structure
xml-external-id-uri: XML Structure
xml-external-id?: XML Structure
xml-name->symbol: XML Names
xml-name-local: XML Names
xml-name-prefix: XML Names
xml-name-string: XML Names
xml-name-uri: XML Names
xml-name=?: XML Names
xml-name?: XML Names
xml-nmtoken?: XML Names
xml-parameter-!entity: XML Structure
xml-parameter-!entity-name: XML Structure
xml-parameter-!entity-value: XML Structure
xml-parameter-!entity?: XML Structure
xml-processing-instructions: XML Structure
xml-processing-instructions-name: XML Structure
xml-processing-instructions-text: XML Structure
xml-processing-instructions?: XML Structure
xml-qname-local: XML Names
xml-qname-prefix: XML Names
xml-qname?: XML Names
xml-unparsed-!entity: XML Structure
xml-unparsed-!entity-id: XML Structure
xml-unparsed-!entity-name: XML Structure
xml-unparsed-!entity-notation: XML Structure
xml-unparsed-!entity?: XML Structure
xml-uri: XML Names
xmlns-uri: XML Names

y-size: Textual Port Primitives
y-size on textual output port: Textual Output Port Operations

zero?: Numerical operations
zero?: Numerical operations

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