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1.4.3 Special Form Syntax

     (keyword component ...)

A parenthesized expression that starts with a syntactic keyword is a special form. Each special form has its own syntax, which is described later in the manual.

Note that syntactic keywords and variable bindings share the same namespace. A local variable binding may shadow a syntactic keyword, and a local syntactic-keyword definition may shadow a variable binding.

The following list contains all of the syntactic keywords that are defined when MIT/GNU Scheme is initialized:

access and begin
case cond cons-stream
declare define
define-integrable define-structure define-syntax
delay do er-macro-transformer
fluid-let if lambda
let let* let*-syntax
let-syntax letrec letrec-syntax
local-declare named-lambda non-hygienic-macro-transformer
or quasiquote quote
rsc-macro-transformer sc-macro-transformer set!
syntax-rules the-environment