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14.12.2 Constructors and Accessors for Textual Ports

The procedures in this section provide means for constructing ports, accessing the type of a port, and manipulating the state of a port.

procedure: make-textual-port port-type state

Returns a new port with type port-type and the given state. The port will be an input, output, or I/O port according to port-type.

procedure: textual-port-type textual-port

Returns the port type of textual-port.

procedure: textual-port-state textual-port

Returns the state component of textual-port.

procedure: set-textual-port-state! textual-port object

Changes the state component of textual-port to be object. Returns an unspecified value.

procedure: textual-port-operation textual-port symbol

Returns the operation named symbol for textual-port. If textual-port has no such operation, returns #f.

procedure: textual-port-operation-names textual-port

Returns a newly allocated list whose elements are the names of the operations implemented by textual-port.

obsolete procedure: make-port port-type state
obsolete procedure: port/type textual-port
obsolete procedure: port/state textual-port
obsolete procedure: set-port/state! textual-port object
obsolete procedure: port/operation textual-port symbol
obsolete procedure: port/operation-names port

These procedures are deprecated; use the procedures defined above.