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14.15 XML Support

MIT/GNU Scheme provides a simple non-validating XML parser. This parser is believed to be conformant with XML 1.0. It passes all of the tests in the "xmltest" directory of the XML conformance tests (dated 2001-03-15). The parser supports XML namespaces; it doesn’t support external document type declarations (DTDs), and it doesn’t yet support XML 1.1. The output of the parser is a record tree that closely reflects the structure of the XML document.

MIT/GNU Scheme also provides support for writing an XML record tree to an output port. There is no guarantee that parsing an XML document and writing it back out will make a verbatim copy of the document. The output will be semantically identical but may have small syntactic differences. For example, entities are substituted during the parsing process.

The purpose of the XML support is to provide a mechanism for reading and writing simple XML documents. In the future this support may be further developed to support a standard interface such as DOM or SAX.

The XML support is a run-time-loadable option; to use it, execute

(load-option 'xml)

once before running any code that uses it.