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The 'mll2html' user manual.

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                  mll2html has been decommissioned at the author's suggestion, since it was specifically for use on gnu.org, and now the sysadmins are using other software. mll2html - reformats, in HTML, a text file containing mailing lists descriptions.


                  mll2html [-c|--convert] [options] <source_file> <template-file> [dest-file]
                  mll2html --version
                  mll2html --license
                  mll2html --help


                  The mll2html purpose is to reformat a text file, containing description of mailing-lists, in a more convenient HTML file. It was part of the job list for the FSF (http://www.fsf.org/) WEB server, from which it was removed since the FSF use this software.
                  source-file is the text file containing the mailing-lists description. It has the following structure, which was deduced from a file provided by the FSF.
                  The first lines constitute the head section. They contains the title, date of update, authors, copyrights, etc. ...
                  With the first line beginning with a star (*) begins the general sections. They contain general information about the mailing lists. They are divided in items which each begins with a line beginning with a star. Stars and following spaces before the first character are ignored. This line contains the title of the item.
                  When there is more than one line beginning with a star, then come the mailing-list sections. They are also divided in items. Each item begins with lines beginning with one or more stars, eventually followed by spaces (both stars and spaces are ignored). This lines contain the name of the list, the address of the corresponding newsgroup, e-mails, URL's, ...
                  template-file is a file containing the structure of the output file, that is, it is simply copied to the output file, with following tag's replaced by the given values :

                  For each FTP, HTTP and NEWS address (whatever respectively begins with ftp://, http:// and news:// ) in source-file, a hypertext link is generated pointing to the given address. A hypertext link is also generated for e-mail addresses (whatever contains a @ followed by a .). Links are generated even after the $_END_$ tag.
                  A template file can contain one or more of this tags, and a tag can be put more that once.
                  dest-file is the output file, in HTML (if none given, then the standard output is used).

                  Options can take following values :

                  mll2html --version prints the version of the software. Because this software uses Epeios libraries, you see the version of the sources from the software itself, and the version of the sources of the used Epeios libraries.
                  mll2html --license prints the license of the software.
                  mll2html --help prints a help message about how to use the software.

                  Return values

                  mll2html returns following values upon completion :


                  Reporting bugs

                  Report bugs to Claude SIMON (csimon@webmails.com).


                  mll2html was developed by Claude SIMON (csimon@webmails.com).

                  Standard conformance

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