GNU Octave Version 5

Summary of important user-visible changes

February 23, 2019

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General improvements


Matlab compatibility

Nonlinear Equations

Several default solver options have been changed to be Matlab compatible. This may result in existing code producing different results.

Graphic objects

Legacy functions

The following functions have been declared legacy functions which means they are obsolete and should not be used in any new code. Unlike deprecated functions, however, their removal from Octave has not yet been scheduled.

Function Replacement
findstr strfind
flipdim flip
isdir isfolder or dir_in_loadpath
isequalwithequalnans isequaln
isstr ischar
setstr char
strmatch strncmp or strcmp
strread textscan
textread textscan

Deprecated functions and properties

The following functions and graphics properties have been deprecated in Octave 5 and will be removed from Octave 7 (or whatever version is the second major release after 5):

Removed functions and properties

The following functions and properties were deprecated in Octave 4.2 and have been removed from Octave 5.

Alphabetical list of new functions added in Octave 5