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The GNU oSIP stack

libosip2 Version 2.2.1 More...


 How-To initialize libosip2.
 How-To parse URI.
 How-To parse SIP message.
 How-To manage transactions.
 How-To manage dialogs.
 How-To use the sdp negotiator.

Detailed Description

libosip2 Version 2.2.1

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What is oSIP

libosip2 implements the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP -rfc3261-) libosip2 is LGPL (COPYING). Please understand the licencing details before using it!

What is SIP

SIP is an IP telephony protocol made by the IETF. It is an effort to create a simple (telephony is never simple) and powerfull protocol for next generation telephony systems.

SIP features

SIP is not just about telephony. It's much more that what you expect from phones. SIP means mobility, video, textual call informations, file exchange, instant messaging, presence support and much more!

oSIP is free software

As oSIP is LGPL, you still have the choice to implement propriatory application and link with oSIP. For the benefit of the community (and for your own benefit), please consider implementing your application in GPL.


Thanks to all the contributors and to all bug reporters. Enjoy osip!
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