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If you want the latest version, you can use the CVS:

  $> export CVS_RSH="ssh"
  $> cvs -z3 co osip
  $> ./
    Note that you must have libtool, autoconf & automake to be able
    to run the script.

If you have downloaded the archive, run the following command instead:

  $> tar -xvzf libosip2-X.X.X.tar.gz


As usual, run the following on unix platforms:

  $> ./configure 
  $> make
  # make install

A specific README located in the "./help" directory exists
for each supported platforms. This is the definitive place
to find informations about specific platforms.

Note that osip is developped on a i386 linux and other architecture
might be broken. Reports if one appears broken.

A nice way would also be:

  $> tar -xvzf libosip-0.X.X.tar.gz
  $> mkdir linux-build
  $> cd linux-build
  $> ../libosip-0.X.X/configure
  $> make
  # make install

Here is a list of options you can give to the 'configure' command line:

configure --disable-mt             ==> disable any thread support,
flags: "-UOSIP_MT"

configure --disable-debug          ==> disable debug.

configure --disable-trace          ==> disable the trace in the logfile.

configure --prefix=/your/local     ==> install in '$prefix' (default is /usr/local)

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