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 The GNU oSIP library is an implementation of SIP - rfc3261.

 Email      :
 License    : LGPL (
 Home Page  :
 Download   :

"The GNU oSIP library" is part of the "GNU project".
You can check for more information about
being part of the "GNU project".

For information, look at:


Latest version:
Home page:  
Online Documentation:

       Supported Platforms:

The library is known to compile on various platform:
  *  GNU/Linux
  *  MacOSX (Darwin)
  *  OpenBsd 3.1/3.2  // (FreeBSD&NetBSD should also work)
  *  Windows NT/95/2000 (VC++6.0 or cygwin)
  *  Solaris
  *  HP-Unix.
  *  VxWorks.
  *  Some embedded systems with linux.
  *  WinCE (report to be possible)

For more informations about compilation, please look in
the ./help directory.

       Test Programs:

The library contains some built-in test for the parser. To quickly test
the parser, type: (Note that some tests MUST fail!)

  $> make check

Watch out the ./src/test/CHECK file for more informations.

       Contact Informations:

For more information on the SIP stack, or any contributions,
you can contact the author at <>.

A Mailing list is available for support: <>.
You can subscribe by writing to: <>
with a subject set to "subscribe".

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