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Data Structures

struct  _PedFileSystem
 Structure describing file system. More...
struct  _PedFileSystemOps
struct  _PedFileSystemType
 Structure describing type of file system. More...


typedef _PedFileSystem PedFileSystem
typedef _PedFileSystemOps PedFileSystemOps
typedef _PedFileSystemType PedFileSystemType


int ped_file_system_check (PedFileSystem *fs, PedTimer *timer)
 Check fs file system for errors.
int ped_file_system_clobber (PedGeometry *geom)
 This function erases all file system signatures that indicate that a file system occupies a given region described by geom.
int ped_file_system_close (PedFileSystem *fs)
 Close file system fs.
PedFileSystemped_file_system_copy (PedFileSystem *fs, PedGeometry *geom, PedTimer *timer)
 Create a new file system (of the same type) on geom, and copy the contents of fs into the new filesystem.
PedFileSystemped_file_system_create (PedGeometry *geom, const PedFileSystemType *type, PedTimer *timer)
 This function initializes a new file system of type type on a region described by geom, writing out appropriate metadata and signatures.
PedConstraint * ped_file_system_get_copy_constraint (const PedFileSystem *fs, const PedDevice *dev)
 Get the constraint on copying fs with ped_file_system_copy() to somewhere on dev.
PedConstraint * ped_file_system_get_create_constraint (const PedFileSystemType *fs_type, const PedDevice *dev)
 This function returns a constraint on the region that all file systems of a particular type fs_type created on device dev with ped_file_system_create() must satisfy.
PedConstraint * ped_file_system_get_resize_constraint (const PedFileSystem *fs)
 Return a constraint, that represents all of the possible ways the file system fs can be resized with ped_file_system_resize().
PedFileSystemped_file_system_open (PedGeometry *geom)
 This function opens the file system stored on geom, if it can find one.
PedFileSystemTypeped_file_system_probe (PedGeometry *geom)
 Attempt to detect a file system in region geom.
PedGeometryped_file_system_probe_specific (const PedFileSystemType *fs_type, PedGeometry *geom)
 Attempt to find a file system and return the region it occupies.
int ped_file_system_resize (PedFileSystem *fs, PedGeometry *geom, PedTimer *timer)
 Resize fs to new geometry geom.
PedFileSystemTypeped_file_system_type_get (const char *name)
 Get a PedFileSystemType by its name.
PedFileSystemTypeped_file_system_type_get_next (const PedFileSystemType *fs_type)
 Get the next PedFileSystemType after fs_type.
void ped_file_system_type_register (PedFileSystemType *fs_type)
void ped_file_system_type_unregister (PedFileSystemType *fs_type)

Detailed Description

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