2.4.5 mklabel

Command: mklabel label-type

Creates a new disk label, of type label-type. The new disk label will have no partitions. This command (normally) won’t technically destroy your data, but it will make it basically unusable, and you will need to use the rescue command (see Related information) to recover any partitions. Parted works on all partition tables. 1

label-type must be one of these supported disk labels:

  • aix
  • amiga
  • bsd
  • dvh
  • gpt
  • loop (raw disk access)
  • mac
  • msdos
  • pc98
  • sun


(parted) mklabel msdos

Create an MS-DOS disk label. This is still the most common disk label for PCs.



Everyone seems to have a different word for “disk label” — these are all the same thing: partition table, partition map.