Welcome to the web page of the pexec program!

The main purpose of the program pexec is to execute the given command or shell script (e.g. parsed by /bin/sh) in parallel on the local host or on remote hosts, while some of the execution parameters, namely the redirected standard input, output or error and environmental variables can be varied. This program is therefore capable to replace the classic shell loop iterators (e.g. for ~ in ~ done, in bash) by executing the body of the loop in parallel. Thus, the program pexec implements shell level data parallelism in a barely simple form. The capabilities of the program is extended with additional features, such as allowing to define mutual exclusions, do atomic command executions and implement higher level resource and job control. See the complete manual for more details. See a brief Hungarian description of the program here.

The actual version of the program package is 1.0rc8.

You may browse the package directory here (for FTP access, see this directory). See the GNU summary page of this project here. The latest version of the program source package is pexec-1.0rc8.tar.gz. Here is another mirror of the package directory.

Please consider making donations to the author (via PayPal) in order to help further development of the program or support the GNU project via the FSF.

(C) 2007, 2008, 2009; Pal, Andras (apal.nosp@m.{szofi.net|users.sf.net|szofi.elte.hu})