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This project has been decommissioned. This web page is kept here for historical purposes only.

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Introduction to GNU Phantom.Home

GNU Phantom.Home is a computer controlled home automation system.

GNU Phantom.Home uses a simple electronic circuit that you build (the circuit diagram is included, and can be completed by even a novice with minimal electronics experience... or get a friend to do it :) ). The device (Phantom.Home.Controller) is connected to a parallel port on your computer. You can use/control (i.e. turn on or off) almost any 120V home appliance with the GNU Phantom.Home system! And you can control almost ANY device at ANY voltage with a little bit of modification to the Phantom.Home.Controller circuit. Imagine... being able to feed your couch potato needs by controlling all the lights and venting (fans) in a room right from your trusty PC! Examples and sample setups are included in the GNU Phantom.Home package.

Downloading GNU Phantom.Home

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