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Table of Contents

  1. What is Pipo-BBS ?
  2. Supported Platforms
  3. Why is it called Pipo ?
  4. Obtaining GNU Pipo-BBS
  5. Getting help with GNU Pipo-BBS
  6. Further information

What is Pipo ?

Pipo is a BBS (Bulletin Board System).
The features of GNU Pipo-BBS include:

Features Coming Soon

Supported Platforms

Pipo-BBS is known to run on these operating systems regardless of the machine type (with a few hacks):

Why is it called Pipo ?

The name "pipo" is the French for the English "foo" or "bar".

It was suggested as a name for Atlantis-BBS implementation before a theme was found. French programmer put ``Pipo'' constantly when they talk about computer stuff. Take a look at this French site which makes fun of computer related things.

I don't think this word has a real meaning. But the users of the Atlantis-BBS have proposed it and voted for it as the name of the code.

Obtaining GNU Pipo-BBS

See the software page for information on obtaining GNU Pipo-BBS and other GNU software.

Getting Help with GNU Pipo-BBS

Information on getting help with GNU software in general is available at the Get Help with GNU Software page.


There is no manual available at the moment. If you want to do one, you're welcome to!
You can read the files in the bbs/DOC/ directory of the release, which give quite a lot of information.


You can find a FAQ online by pressing the <h> key after login on the Atlantis-BBS

Mailing Lists

There is no mailing-lists for Pipo, but you can ask any question about the code by going into the island Pipo-Code on the Atlantis-BBS.

The Atlantis BBS

This BBS is running under the GNU Pipo-BBS code. It is located in Marseille, France. Anyone can create an account on this BBS just by giving his or her name and e-mail address.

Here are the different things related to Atlantis BBS:

Further Information

More information is available on:

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