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GNU POC has been decommissioned, since these smart cards are no longer current and GNU PG provides more current support.

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GNU POC is a program for managing passwords on smartcards. Each password is stored together with a description on the card. All data on the card is stored encrypted so others won't be able to get your passwords by reading the card.

POC encrypts using Blowfish or Rijndael (AES) with a 192 or 256 bit key (depending on the security level selected by the user). Other algorithms can be added easily.


POC needs a CT-API library. I use the one by Carlos Prados ( for TOWITOKO readers. - POC was developted under Debian GNU/Linux but should work on other Unix-like systems where a CT-API library is available (Maybe you need to modify the configure script if you use another library than the one by Carlos Prados.)


POC can be found on, or one of the mirrors.


You are welcome to contribute to POC's development. You can do that either by codeing or donating cards which you'd like to see supported in next releases. Contact me at: <>

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