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Older news of the GNU polyxmass project.
The GNU polyxmass project is
an official package of the GNU project

the polyxmass software suite -
The massists' programTM


New packages for all the libraries, GUI modules and data. A number of nice bug fixes in the foundation libraries. Further, the polyxedit module has been enhanced with annotation features that are pretty flexible and powerful. Check them and report bugs!


New packages for all the libraries and modules. Great work done these last days. Check them all out and report bugs! The manual was  both corrected in some places and very much updated with a number of descriptions pertaining to the new functionalities recently added to the different packages. The link to this manual is ready in the left margin of this window.


New package polyxedit version 0.6.3 that corrects a bug in the sequence editor.


New packages: libpxmchem version 0.6.1 and polyxdef polyxcalc polyxedit (version 0.6.2 for the three). See their respective page for detailed explanations. Happy polyxmass'ing!


Updated package polyxdef  in which a small but nasty bug impeded users from making brand new polymer chemistry definitions. Grab it at its page !


Updated packages polyxmassdata (much improved user manual), polyxcalc (fixed a bug) and polyxedit (user interface improvement).


Big leap forward with the user manual! Check it on the left menu. New Mac OS X page, thanks to the endeavour of Mark Tracy who made it possible to install the polyxmass software suite on Mac OS X with the Fink porting environment. Check the page link on the menu. Further, a number of changes where performed in the various packages of the polyxmass software suite that allow the installation of the whole suite in arbitrary locations without the need to have root priviledges. See the new user manual that explains in detail the filesystem hierarchy. All the packages are now at version 0.6.0. Check them all from their respective page!


Started writing the polyxmass' documentation. Preliminary work is available in the menu on the left. The file is also released in the latest polyxmassdata package. Note that, while this document is already large (more than 90 pages), it is not finished.


polyxmass presented in a talk given at the World Libre Software Meeting, Metz, France (


polyxmass was present at the 51st ASMS Conference - Montréal, Québec, Canada (June 8--12)
Thank to all participants who demonstrated interest for

You may download the presentation in any of two formats:
  • an OpenOffice.Org  format file here (this free computer office suite is available for GNU/Linux, MS-Windows and other operating systems; you may need to select the download option from the contextual menu if the file downloads as pure text in your browser)
  • a PDF format file here


The version 0.5.0 is finally available for you to test. Install all the modules in the following order:
polyxmassdata, libpxmutils, libpxmchem, polyxdef, polyxcalc and polyxedit.
Please, test this software suite, and report bugs (see below for the address).

Note that the previous polyXmas project is discontinued as the current polyxmass project brings all the features previously implemented and more.


First of all, polyxmass has been reviewed in three journals (same article): Linux Magazine (english edition, - n°26) and Linux Magazine (french edition, - n°49) and Linux Magazine (german edition, october 2002,!

While this review refers to the monolithic version of polyXmass, they certainly describe well what polyxmass (new version) is and aims to be.


Thanks to my dear friend Hélène Hein for the original idea of the polyxmass logo. The logos were first designed in sodipodi as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and exported from there as Portable Network Graphics (png) files. The font Times (roman face) was used for the "Poly" and the font URW Zapf Chancery was used for the 'x'.

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