GNU Proxyknife

Introduction to GNU Proxyknife

This is a web page about GNU Proxyknife, which is a program mainly used to validate free proxies for the users behind firewall. Tt can be customed to change the validating process as you like. GNU/Linux or Unix based system with posix thread lib is required to run it.

Downloading Proxyknife

Proxyknife can be found on [via http] and [via FTP]. It can also be found on one of our FTP mirrors.


Proxyknife documentation can be found at You may also find more information about Proxyknife by looking at /usr/local/share/doc/proxyknife/ or /usr/local/share/proxyknife/doc/ or by looking at man pages (man proxyknife at the shell prompt) on your system.

Mailing Lists

Announcements about Proxyknife and most other GNU Software are made on <>.

There is also a special list used for reporting bugs, <>. For details on submitting a bug report, please see the section Report a Bug below.

To subscribe yourself to the bug list, please see the web interface at

Report a Bug

If you think you have found a bug in GNU Proxyknife, then you should send as complete a report as possible to <>.