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22 Function Index

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(variable): Miscellaneous Functions

ABS: Miscellaneous Mathematics
ACOS: Trigonometry
ANY: Set Membership
ARCOS: Trigonometry
ARSIN: Trigonometry
ARTAN: Trigonometry
ASIN: Trigonometry
ATAN: Trigonometry

CDF.BERNOULLI: Discrete Distributions
CDF.BETA: Continuous Distributions
CDF.BINOM: Discrete Distributions
CDF.CAUCHY: Continuous Distributions
CDF.CHISQ: Continuous Distributions
CDF.EXP: Continuous Distributions
CDF.F: Continuous Distributions
CDF.GAMMA: Continuous Distributions
CDF.GEOM: Discrete Distributions
CDF.HYPER: Discrete Distributions
CDF.LAPLACE: Continuous Distributions
CDF.LNORMAL: Continuous Distributions
CDF.LOGISTIC: Continuous Distributions
CDF.NEGBIN: Discrete Distributions
CDF.NORMAL: Continuous Distributions
CDF.PARETO: Continuous Distributions
CDF.POISSON: Discrete Distributions
CDF.RAYLEIGH: Continuous Distributions
CDF.T: Continuous Distributions
CDF.T1G: Continuous Distributions
CDF.T2G: Continuous Distributions
CDF.UNIFORM: Continuous Distributions
CDF.VBNOR: Continuous Distributions
CDF.WEIBULL: Continuous Distributions
CDFNORM: Continuous Distributions
CFVAR: Statistical Functions
CONCAT: String Functions
COS: Trigonometry
CTIME.DAYS: Time Extraction
CTIME.HOURS: Time Extraction
CTIME.MINUTES: Time Extraction
CTIME.SECONDS: Time Extraction

DATE.DMY: Date Construction
DATE.MDY: Date Construction
DATE.MOYR: Date Construction
DATE.QYR: Date Construction
DATE.WKYR: Date Construction
DATE.YRDAY: Date Construction
DATEDIFF: Time and Date Arithmetic
DATESUM: Time and Date Arithmetic

EXP: Mathematics

IDF.BETA: Continuous Distributions
IDF.CAUCHY: Continuous Distributions
IDF.CHISQ: Continuous Distributions
IDF.EXP: Continuous Distributions
IDF.F: Continuous Distributions
IDF.GAMMA: Continuous Distributions
IDF.LAPLACE: Continuous Distributions
IDF.LNORMAL: Continuous Distributions
IDF.LOGISTIC: Continuous Distributions
IDF.NORMAL: Continuous Distributions
IDF.PARETO: Continuous Distributions
IDF.RAYLEIGH: Continuous Distributions
IDF.T: Continuous Distributions
IDF.T1G: Continuous Distributions
IDF.T2G: Continuous Distributions
IDF.UNIFORM: Continuous Distributions
IDF.WEIBULL: Continuous Distributions
INDEX: String Functions
INDEX: String Functions

LAG: Miscellaneous Functions
LENGTH: String Functions
LG10: Mathematics
LN: Mathematics
LNGAMMA: Mathematics
LOWER: String Functions
LPAD: String Functions
LPAD: String Functions
LTRIM: String Functions
LTRIM: String Functions

MAX: Statistical Functions
MEAN: Statistical Functions
MEDIAN: Statistical Functions
MIN: Statistical Functions
MISSING: Missing Value Functions
MOD: Miscellaneous Mathematics
MOD10: Miscellaneous Mathematics

NCDF.BETA: Continuous Distributions
NCDF.CHISQ: Continuous Distributions
NMISS: Missing Value Functions
NORMAL: Continuous Distributions
NPDF.BETA: Continuous Distributions
NUMBER: String Functions
NVALID: Missing Value Functions

PDF.BERNOULLI: Discrete Distributions
PDF.BETA: Continuous Distributions
PDF.BINOM: Discrete Distributions
PDF.BVNOR: Continuous Distributions
PDF.CAUCHY: Continuous Distributions
PDF.EXP: Continuous Distributions
PDF.F: Continuous Distributions
PDF.GAMMA: Continuous Distributions
PDF.GEOM: Discrete Distributions
PDF.HYPER: Discrete Distributions
PDF.LANDAU: Continuous Distributions
PDF.LAPLACE: Continuous Distributions
PDF.LNORMAL: Continuous Distributions
PDF.LOG: Discrete Distributions
PDF.LOGISTIC: Continuous Distributions
PDF.NEGBIN: Discrete Distributions
PDF.NORMAL: Continuous Distributions
PDF.NTAIL: Continuous Distributions
PDF.PARETO: Continuous Distributions
PDF.POISSON: Discrete Distributions
PDF.RAYLEIGH: Continuous Distributions
PDF.RTAIL: Continuous Distributions
PDF.T: Continuous Distributions
PDF.T1G: Continuous Distributions
PDF.T2G: Continuous Distributions
PDF.UNIFORM: Continuous Distributions
PDF.WEIBULL: Continuous Distributions
PDF.XPOWER: Continuous Distributions
PROBIT: Continuous Distributions

RANGE: Set Membership
REPLACE: String Functions
RINDEX: String Functions
RINDEX: String Functions
RND: Miscellaneous Mathematics
RPAD: String Functions
RPAD: String Functions
RTRIM: String Functions
RTRIM: String Functions
RV.BERNOULLI: Discrete Distributions
RV.BETA: Continuous Distributions
RV.BINOM: Discrete Distributions
RV.CAUCHY: Continuous Distributions
RV.CHISQ: Continuous Distributions
RV.EXP: Continuous Distributions
RV.F: Continuous Distributions
RV.GAMMA: Continuous Distributions
RV.GEOM: Discrete Distributions
RV.HYPER: Discrete Distributions
RV.LANDAU: Continuous Distributions
RV.LAPLACE: Continuous Distributions
RV.LEVY: Continuous Distributions
RV.LNORMAL: Continuous Distributions
RV.LOG: Discrete Distributions
RV.LOGISTIC: Continuous Distributions
RV.LVSKEW: Continuous Distributions
RV.NEGBIN: Discrete Distributions
RV.NORMAL: Continuous Distributions
RV.NTAIL: Continuous Distributions
RV.PARETO: Continuous Distributions
RV.POISSON: Discrete Distributions
RV.RAYLEIGH: Continuous Distributions
RV.RTAIL: Continuous Distributions
RV.T: Continuous Distributions
RV.UNIFORM: Continuous Distributions
RV.WEIBULL: Continuous Distributions
RV.XPOWER: Continuous Distributions

SD: Statistical Functions
SIG.CHISQ: Continuous Distributions
SIG.F: Continuous Distributions
SIN: Trigonometry
SQRT: Mathematics
STRING: String Functions
STRUNC: String Functions
SUBSTR: String Functions
SUBSTR: String Functions
SUM: Statistical Functions
SYSMIS: Missing Value Functions

TAN: Trigonometry
TIME.DAYS: Time Construction
TIME.HMS: Time Construction
TRUNC: Miscellaneous Mathematics

UNIFORM: Continuous Distributions
UPCASE: String Functions

VALUE: Missing Value Functions
VARIANCE: Statistical Functions

XDATE.DATE: Date Extraction
XDATE.HOUR: Date Extraction
XDATE.JDAY: Date Extraction
XDATE.MDAY: Date Extraction
XDATE.MINUTE: Date Extraction
XDATE.MONTH: Date Extraction
XDATE.QUARTER: Date Extraction
XDATE.SECOND: Date Extraction
XDATE.TDAY: Date Extraction
XDATE.TIME: Date Extraction
XDATE.WEEK: Date Extraction
XDATE.WKDAY: Date Extraction
XDATE.YEAR: Date Extraction

YRMODA: Miscellaneous Functions

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