19 Invoking pspp-output

pspp-output is a command-line utility accompanying PSPP. It supports multiple operations on SPSS viewer or .spv files, here called SPV files. SPSS 16 and later writes SPV files to represent the contents of its output editor.

SPSS 15 and earlier versions instead use .spo files. pspp-output does not support this format.

pspp-options may be invoked in the following ways:

pspp-output detect file

pspp-output [options] dir file

pspp-output [options] convert source destination

pspp-output [options] get-table-look source destination

pspp-output [options] convert-table-look source destination

pspp-output --help

pspp-output --version

Each of these forms is documented separately below. pspp-output also has several undocumented command forms that developers may find useful for debugging.