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D.4.10.5 The affix Element

Parent: format or numberFormat or stringFormat
Contents: empty

Possibly this element could have dateTimeFormat as a parent in a more diverse corpus.

This defines a suffix (or, theoretically, a prefix) for a formatted value. It is used to insert a reference to a footnote. It has the following attributes:

Attribute: definesReference

This specifies the footnote number as a natural number: 1 for the first footnote, 2 for the second, and so on.

Attribute: position

Position for the footnote label. Always superscript.

Attribute: suffix

Whether the affix is a suffix (true) or a prefix (false). Always true.

Attribute: value

The text of the suffix or prefix. Typically a letter, e.g. a for footnote 1, b for footnote 2, ... The corpus contains other values: *, **, and a few that begin with at least one comma: ,b, ,c, ,,b, and ,,c.