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D.3.1 Metadata

Metadata ⇒
    int[n-data] int[n-variables] int[offset]
    vB0(byte*64[source-name] int[x])

A data source has n-variables variables, each with n-data data values.

source-name is a 32- or 64-byte string padded on the right with zero bytes. The names that appear in the corpus are very generic: usually tableData for pivot table data or source0 for chart data.

A given Metadata’s offset is the offset, in bytes, from the beginning of the member to the start of the corresponding Data. This allows programs to skip to the beginning of the data for a particular source; it is also important to determine whether a source includes any string data (see SPV Legacy Member Data).

The meaning of x in version 0xb0 is unknown.