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D.2.5 Fonts

Fonts ⇒ 00 Font*8
Font ⇒
    byte[index] 31
    string[typeface] float[size] int[style] bool[underline]
    int[halign] int[valign]
    string[fgcolor] string[bgcolor]
    byte[alternate] string[altfg] string[altbg]
    v3(int[left-margin] int[right-margin] int[top-margin] int[bottom-margin])

Each Font represents the font style for a different element, in the following order: title, caption, footer, corner, column labels, row labels, data, and layers.

index is the 1-based index of the Font, i.e. 1 for the first Font, through 8 for the final Font.

typeface is the string name of the font. In the corpus, this is SansSerif in over 99% of instances and Times New Roman in the rest.

size is the size of the font, in points. The most common size in the corpus is 12 points.

style is a bit mask. Bit 0 (with value 1) is set for bold, bit 1 (with value 2) is set for italic.

underline is 1 if the font is underlined, 0 otherwise.

halign specifies horizontal alignment: 0 for center, 2 for left, 4 for right, 61453 for decimal, 64173 for mixed. Mixed alignment varies according to type: string data is left-justified, numbers and most other formats are right-justified.

valign specifies vertical alignment: 0 for center, 1 for top, 3 for bottom.

fgcolor and bgcolor are the foreground color and background color, respectively. In the corpus, these are always #000000 and #ffffff, respectively.

alternate is 01 if rows should alternate colors, 00 if all rows should be the same color. When alternate is 01, altfg and altbg specify the colors for the alternate rows.

left-margin, right-margin, top-margin, and bottom-margin are measured in multiples of 1/96 inch.

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